14 Times I Was Too Busy Looking At A Horror Movie Character's Outfit To Be Scared

Movies have given us some of the most beautiful and iconic fashion over the years.

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But I feel like the horror genre often gets overlooked when it comes to praising costume design in film, which sucks because horror has some pretty incredible fashion moments.

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So, here are 14 of my favorite outfits from horror movies:

1.Casey Becker's "Getting Ready to Watch a Video" Sweater In Scream

Casey on the phone

Drew Barrymore's 10-minute scene in Scream is one of the most memorable openings of any horror movie. And I'd like to think it's due, in part, to her absolutely iconic cream-colored, rib-knit sweater. The overly long sleeves that hang over her fingers make it look oh so cozy. And it's paired perfectly with her dried blood-colored lipstick. It's fall personified.

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2.Helen Shivers's “Croaker Queen” Parade Dress in I Know What You Did Last Summer:

Helen in the parade

Sarah Michelle Gellar's satiny green cowl neck dress is a standout — and so versatile — whether she's perched inside of a giant fake clam atop a parade float or running from a murderous hook-wielding fisherman down an alleyway. She might as well ask the killer, "You're really going to kill me when I look this good?"

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3.Emerald's Coyote Jersey and Jean Shorts in Nope:

Emerald in

Every look that Keke Palmer wears in Nope should be on this list because they're all equally the coolest outfit I've ever seen, but I feel like this one embodies her character the most. Nope's costume designer Alex Bovaird said that "everything [Emerald] has is borrowed from [her brother] or stolen from somebody she slept with the night before," which results in these hodgepodge outfits that are "random [and] accidentally cool."

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4.Glen's "Why Would Anybody Want to Kill Me?" Top in A Nightmare on Elm Street:

Glen on the phone

Both the 2010 remake of Elm Street and the Scream franchise have paid homage to Glen's nonspecific cropped sports jersey. All movies should, to be honest, because if men started wearing crop tops again, maybe the world would be a slightly better place.

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5.Kirby's "I Was Fucking Right" Blazer in Scream 4:

Kirby on the phone

Hayden Panettiere's Kirby became a fast fan favorite. And it's no wonder — she commands every scene she's in, partly because she's smarter than everyone else in the room and knows it, and partly because of her structured jackets with exaggerated shoulders. I'm super excited to see her in the next Scream movie, but even more excited to see how her fashion has evolved after 10 years.

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6.Candyman's Fur Coat in Candyman:


I'm not saying Tony Todd invented fashion when he wore this, but just look at this thing. It's ankle-length and fur-lined, and he looks cool as hell. I don't know if ghosts get cold, but I guess he needs something to hide his bee-infested ribcage.

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7.Kristen's Plaid Button-Up in The Strangers:

Kristen in her kitchen

Plaid button-ups were huge in 2008. You couldn't walk into a Forever 21 without seeing an entire wall of them! So, it's really no surprise that the trend popped up in the home invasion horror movie The Strangers on Liv Tyler's character. But, this plaid's different — it's a ~look~, yes, but it's symbolic, too. It really works with the whole "we're doing this because you were home" theme of the movie, where this plaid shirt's a symbol of the everyman, or everywoman, meant to give us the feeling that something like this could happen to anyone. It could even happen to you!

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8.Ma's Ombré Purple Cardigan in Ma:

Ma at a truck window

Imagine the thought that the wardrobe department put into choosing this specific sweater. Ma's a little behind on the times, but she's trying her hardest to be cool with a bunch of teens, so, of course, she would be wearing a piece of ombré clothing — a very early 2010s trend — in 2019. I can totally picture her finding it in the young adult section of TJ Maxx and thinking, "This is what the kids are wearing."

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9.Jennifer Check's GAP Kids Velour Heart Hoodie in Jennifer's Body:

Jennifer walking down the hall

Megan Fox wears this for mere seconds during a quick montage, yet this is the outfit people wear when they dress up as Jennifer for Halloween. Is it the contrast of her just-fed glow against the muted-toned students in mourning that makes it so iconic? Or, maybe the fact that a pink velour hoodie is THE epitome of '00s McBling style? I'm not sure, but no matter the reason, this scene and this LOOK are incredible.

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10.Laurie's Strode's Final Girl Look in Halloween And Halloween Ends:

Laurie in

There really is genius in simplicity, and nothing proves that more than the outfit Jamie Lee Curtis wears at the end of Halloween. The costume department could have gone sooo many different ways here but decided on a simple monochromatic look — a light blue collared button-up and dark wash high-waisted flared jeans. It's simple, but memorable. So memorable, in fact, that she wears it again at the end of Halloween Ends.

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11.Pam's Abstract Halter and Red Cut-Offs in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre:

Screenshot from

Pam is that cool friend in the friend group. She loves astrology, wears a loud jangly charm bracelet, and can have fun no matter where she goes. Oh, and her fashion sense is impeccable. Even on what appears to be the hottest day of all time based on the amount of sweat on every character's face, she manages to give us this very '70s middle-of-summer, I'll-read-you-your-horoscope-later fit.

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12.Judy's Self-Referential Shirt in Sleepaway Camp:


Judy is the quintessential '80s mean girl, and we love her for that. We also love her hot pink "Judy" shirt, because how else will people know how much she loves herself?

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13.Jesse's Metallic Two-Piece Set in Neon Demon:

Jesse modeling

I honestly don't remember much about this film EXCEPT the costuming, especially this metallic blue Emporio Armani outfit Elle Fanning wears in the opening shot. With other pieces from designers like Saint Laurent, Giles, and Marina Hoermanseder, Neon Demon's probably the most high-fashion-infused movie I've ever seen.

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14.And finally, Elaine's Pink Tea Room Look in The Love Witch:

Closeup of Elaine

Watching this movie is like watching a technicolor fashion show from the '60s. Anna Biller, the writer and director, dressed actor Samantha Robinson in either vintage clothing or pieces she sewed herself. This INCREDIBLE tea room dress is vintage Gunne Sax, and I will never get over how beautiful it is!

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What are your favorite looks from horror? LMK in the comments!

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