14 Jaw-Dropping Videos And Images From Last Night’s Devastating Tornado In New Orleans

Just before 9 p.m. on Tuesday night, a tornado ripped through the New Orleans metro area, killing one person and leaving thousands without power.

Debris in front a home damaged by a tornado
Gerald Herbert / AP

The tornado was part of a storm system that stretched from Texas to Mississippi. The storm is expected to affect more than 65 million people from Florida to Michigan on Wednesday.

A car turned upside down on top of damaged property as people sift through the wreckage in the background
Gerald Herbert / AP

1. Cameras captured the storm sweeping over New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward.


2. Most of the tornado's damage was centered in the Arabi neighborhood in St. Bernard Parish, located just outside of New Orleans.


3. Videos posted to social media show tornado clouds forming as the storm reaches Arabi...


4....where the powerful tornado swept through residential neighborhoods.

5.A group in nearby Chalmette watched the storm in shock...

6....while other video shot in Chalmette shows the storm swirling through an eerie purple sky.

7.A video taken from a boat in the nearby Mississippi River revealed the size of the massive tornado.

8.More footage shot from the Mississippi River shows a cruise ship passing through a sky illuminated by the storm.

9.Firefighters and EMS were deployed to rescue residents after the storm passed, and 300 members of the National Guard are expected to arrive in St. Bernard Parish on Wednesday to assist.

A man carrying a dog as he and others walk by a firetruck
Gerald Herbert / AP

10.Video posted on Tuesday night shows fallen trees and power lines decimated by debris.

11."We have homes that were lifted up and put back down on the street," St. Bernard Parish president Guy McInnis told CNN.

A pickup truck on its side in front of a destroyed home
Gerald Herbert / AP

12.The true extent of the damage became more apparent in Wednesday morning's daylight.

13.Drone video shows homes leveled by the powerful tornado.

14.Some of the homes in St. Bernard Parish were still undergoing repairs following damage caused by Hurricane Ida, which swept through Louisiana in August 2021.

If you want to help those affected by the storms in New Orleans, check out this list of organizations seeking donations and aid.