14 Hilarious Fails From This Week

People of BuzzFeed, welcome to another bright and beautiful week in which to excel. And by "in which to excel," I of course mean "in which to read another list of funny tweets curated for you by me, Julia." Have fun!

1. This guy who has totally seen more than five movies before:

Twitter: @analogfilmnyc

2. This coworker situation:

Twitter: @ExodiacKiller

3. This two-second clip that will live on forever:

Fox / Via Twitter: @areonmo

4. This job title:

Twitter: @madelaine_lucas

5. People not knowing about leap years:

Twitter: @RahRahRaina

6. This interaction, from which I would also never recover:

Twitter: @NerdyPam

7. This person's husband:

Twitter: @CartoonsHateHer

8. This banana bread:

Twitter: @holdenfordfocus

9. This interaction:

Twitter: @benegotherit

10. This interior design choice:

Twitter: @ChappellTracker

11. Vacuum sealing your croissants:

Twitter: @TokyoDilf

12. This thrift store find:

Twitter: @imskytrash

13. This baking fail:

Twitter: @cecesdrvam

14. And finally, this unfortunate mug design:

Twitter: @prozacpapiii

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