14 Female TV Characters Who Deserved WAY Better Than The Trash Finales Their Writers Gave Them

Recently, I rounded up examples of female TV characters who got terrible endings and deserved waaayyyy better. In the comments, the BuzzFeed Community shared even more.

Here are 14 of their top answers:

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1.Silver from 90210.

Screenshot from "90210"

"Losing her baby and finding out she has cancer in the finale? Awful. She was the first person who came to mind when I saw I the title of this [first] article."


Scott Humbert / ©The CW Network / courtesy Everett Collection

2.April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation.

Screenshot from "Parks and Recreation"

"Every single character who says they don't want kids ends up having kids, and it really pisses me off. April is a good example of this."


Colleen Hayes / ©NBC / courtesy Everett Collection

3.Bonnie Bennett from The Vampire Diaries.

Screenshot from "The Vampire Diaries"

"She was the heart and soul of The Vampire Diaries, always sacrificing everything for everyone else and saving the day. The writers could never let that poor woman be happy. 😭"


"Not one character on that show never would've survived if it weren't for Bonnie. They were helpless without her. When she was on the other side/secretly dead, all anyone could say was, 'Where’s Bonnie? We need her help!'

Every season, it felt like the writers were trying to come up with new ways to make her life hell. Then, she FINALLY found the happiness she deserved with Enzo, and they ripped that away, too. Disgraceful."


Annette Brown / ©The CW / Courtesy: Everett Collection

4.Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones.

Screenshot from "Game of Thrones"

"She did basically nothing but drink wine from a balcony for the last three seasons. Granted, that is essentially my dream life, but what a waste of Lena Headey's acting talent."


"Cersei is SUCH a compelling character (definitely largely owed to Lena's acting — Book Cersei is a lot less interesting until you get to her POV chapters). The show really watered her down to a flat comic book-esque villain, and it was a shame."


HBO / Via youtube.com

5.Kate Beckett from Castle.

Screenshot from "Castle"

"Not only did her character deserve more the last two seasons [in which she married Richard Castle but had a strained relationship with him, then she almost died in the finale], Stana Katic [the actor] deserved way more than what she was given toward the end! ABC placated Nathan Fillion's inflated ego, and it screwed that entire cast over.

#StillBitter 😑"


Byron Cohen/©ABC / courtesy Everett Collection

6.Bill Potts from Doctor Who.

Screenshot from "Doctor Who"

"They tortured that poor woman all season, only to have her finally fall in love and be happy, just to turn her into a Cyberman!!!! [Heather helps her live on as a Pilot, but she has to say goodbye to both the Doctor and human life.] I was and continue to be so upset about that."


BBC / Via HBO Max

7.Donna Noble from Doctor Who.

Screenshot from "Doctor Who"

"[To save her from the meta-crisis, the Doctor had to forcibly lock away all her memories of traveling with him.] I’m hoping they're about to fix what they did to Donna [when she returns in the upcoming specials]."


BBC / Via HBO Max

8.Jac Naylor from Holby City.

Screenshot of "Holby City"

"Nearly a year later, I'm still furious they killed her off. The show was ending anyway, so they could've let her have a happy ending after the years of heartache she'd suffered. But no, [the powers that be] gave us a horrible ending where she died, and her organs were shipped off around the country, conveniently to places her ex-colleagues were doing the operations.

Worse still, Rosie Marcel (who played Jac) was apparently open to her character being transferred over to Holby’s sister show, Casualty, which is set in the ER department of the same hospital."


BBC / Via youtube.com

9.Mia from Humans.

Screenshot from "Humans"

"She went through so much and was one of the biggest champions of the Synths' cause. When she reached out to help a human who'd fallen while attacking the Synths, another human struck her from behind. She called for peace while they killed her. I hated that she had to sacrifice herself to the angry mob on live TV just to get the other humans to have sympathy and recognize that the Synths were people, too. I so badly wanted to see her live happily ever after with her family."

Kristen Harris

AMC / Via youtube.com

10.Dr. Mina Okafor from The Resident.

Screenshot from "The Resident"

"The writers had her family burn to death in a house fire, her uncle die of a heart attack, and her mother be a narcissist. When Mina finally was getting a new life, she was accused of having a personal relationship with a colleague (when the whole hospital basically slept together), and her boss went out for her because she did the right thing (when no one else would).

She was isolated from all her friends during the last season. No one helped her when things got tough or congratulated her on her accomplishments. She was eventually almost deported, but she was sent back home where all she had was her narcissistic mother — no love of her life and no friends. She couldn't go back and practice medicine in Georgia. Then, afterwards, the man who supposedly loved her blamed her for leaving instead of spending time getting her help."


Fox / Via youtube.com

11.Mindy Lahiri in The Mindy Project.

Screenshot from "The Mindy Project"

"I always hated that she ended up with Danny. I much preferred Casey. They were perfect together and had great chemistry."


Jordin Althaus/©Hulu / courtesy Everett Collection

12.Haley Dunphy from Modern Family.

Screenshot from "Modern Family"

"Haley ending up with Dylan felt like nothing short of character assassination."


ABC / Via youtube.com

13.Cordelia Chase from Angel.

Screenshot from "Angel"

"She had such AMAZING character development throughout Buffy and Angel, and her ongoing arch was wasted."


"Joss [Whedon, the series creator] was such an arse. He didn't just kill her off, he destroyed her character completely and then killed her off. Screw that guy."


The WB / Via youtube.com

14.And finally, Deb Morgan from Dexter.

Screenshot from "Dexter"

"[After complications from a surgery to remove a bullet, she fell into a coma from a blood clot, and Dexter decided to take her off of life support.] It was the worst ending for her. She was amazing and didn't deserve such a shit show of a send off!"


"Of all the endings I could have imagined for Deb, what we got NEVER crossed my mind. That was some bullshit."


Showtime / Via youtube.com

Some responses have been edited for length/clarity.

Which TV characters in general do you feel deserved better endings? Why? Share your answers in the comments!