The 14 Best Jeans for Flat Butts That Won’t Sag or Gape in the Rear

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The absolute best jeans for flat butts strike a magical feeling in your heart by lifting your bum and turning those plywood cheeks into a perky apple bottom. They’re comfortable, yet supportive, and won’t sag or gape in the rear as a reminder of what is (or isn’t) there. It’s a lot to ask from humble denim fabric, but that Goldilocks fit isn’t quite as rare as you might think. The key is all in knowing what details to look for when shopping.

Start with the back pockets. Jeans that feature extra detailing on the back pockets—zippers, welts, flaps, contrast stitching—help give the illusion of a fuller back. So does sanding (a treatment that lightens the color of your denim in strategic places) which acts in much the same way as face highlighter to lift your bum and make it appear larger than it really is.

Pocket placement is also important. Pockets that sit higher in the back make your butt look larger, while lower placement can help downplay larger assets. High-waist styles are more likely to have ideal pocket placement, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find mid- or even low-rise options that work as well. While you’re checking out those pockets, take a look at the yoke, or the V-shaped seam, at the rear of your jeans. Typically, the deeper the V, the rounder and fuller your butt will look.

Now that you know how to make your bum look as perky as a Kardashian’s rear (or at least not quite as flat), here are our top 14 picks for the best jeans for flat butts.

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The Best Jeans for Flat Butts at a Glance

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1. Levi’s Ribcage Straight Ankle Jeans


PureWow’s Senior Food Editor Katherine Gillen says these are basically the only jeans she wears. “[The Ribcage jeans are] like the only jeans I’ve found that don’t sag after a day’s wear. It’s as if they’re magically cut to make your butt look good no matter what. Honestly, most Levi’s pairs are great for my booty, but the Ribcage is definitely my favorite.” They’re actually many people’s favorite and a top seller from the brand because of the timeless fit and the fact that they come in a ton of gorgeous washes (and three inseam lengths), some with distressing and some not. Basically, a must-have pair that will last you for years to come.

$98 at Levi’s

$98 at Shopbop

$98 at Zappos

2. Cotton On Slim Straight Jeans

Cotton On

These classic straight-leg Cotton On jeans are a great pick for everyday wear and, according to reviews, give your bum a nice lift without a ton of obvious bells and whistles. The V-shaped yoke and fading around the rear both work to amp up your butt, as does the higher rise. And this is true for all the of five washes offered. “Look, I know it’s not a drastic booty-improvement, but I feel supported, lifted and …like myself,” writes Katie Stow, Deputy Editor at Mamamia. “These jeans fit me, are decent quality and make me kinda like what little I've got going on back there.” Most reviewers found these jeans fit true to size, but as there is very little stretch to the material, those who are between sizes may prefer to go with the larger of the two.

$60 at Cotton On

$60 at Macy’s

3. DL1961 Florence Instasculpt Skinny Jeans


These dark-wash skinnies are made with Instasculpt technology which helps to smooth your silhouette and, more importantly, lift your booty all while maintaining their shape through multiple washes and wears. Skinny jeans generally are also a fantastic choice for those with flatter bums because the super-tight fit will hug and emphasize whatever curves you do have. And these in particular have a very snug fit that’s also supremely comfortable, so you won’t be itching to take them off after a full day of wear. As one reviewer put it, “I slipped them on and lo and behold, my arse looked as neat and round as a dim sum.”

$199 at DL1961

$199 at Nordstrom

$178 at Bloomingdale’s

4. American Eagle Super High-Waist Flare Jeans

American Eagle Outfitters

Flares are another great option for boosting your booty. The tight fit at the top and kick at the ankle creates an hourglass illusion that makes your butt look fuller and higher. This AE pair is very stretchy (those who are between sizes might want to opt for the smaller) to really cling to your curves, but won’t lose shape over time. The deep V-shaped yoke and ideal pocket placement—higher on the rear and neither too wide nor to close—also work wonders for making your rear look perkier.

$50 at American Eagle

5. Good American Good ‘90s Jeans

Good American

Loose, ‘90s-style jeans have been trending for years now, but lots of extra fabric often drowns whatever curves you have in back and makes your butt look even flatter. However, this Good American pair manages to both fit the trend and boost your booty thanks to a tighter fit in the waist and hips and smart pocket/yoke placement. Some reviewers found they ran big, so you might want to consider going down a size for a tighter fit up top. P.S. They also come in a range of fun washes, including black, white and even diamond-adorned, if true blue isn’t your vibe.

$159 at Good American

6. MOTHER The Hustler Ankle Fray Jeans


A cropped flare is great for boosting your booty by crafting a semi hourglass shape. But this MOTHER pair has the added benefits of the ‘M’ stitching on the pockets, the high waist and the decently deep V-shape yoke. “These jeans are absolutely perfect,” raves one reviewer. “Waist is high and flattering, ... the dark wash is perfect (not too dark) and most importantly, the fabric is so stretchy and comfy.” And while MOTHER jeans don’t come cheap, they also last incredibly well and won’t stretch out or thin out even after years of wear. They also have an impressive petites range and have a long list of celebrity fans, including Meghan Markle and Reese Witherspoon.

$238 at Mother

$248 at Nordstrom

$238 at Shopbop

7. GAP High-Rise Cheeky Straight Jeans


This Gap style comes in both a Short inseam and a Petite cut, meaning you have even more options to try when searching for that perfect overall fit. (The Short inseam, 26 inches, comes in sizes 23 through 35, while Petites, 25.5 inches, are available in sizes 23 to 30.) In terms of bum lifting capabilities, these cropped straight-legs really live up to their Cheeky name with back pockets strategically placed to amp thing up. As one reviewer, Holly M. put it, “Great booty! These jeans really compliment your caboose.” The material is fairly rigid, which means it definitely won’t sag or gape over time, but may feel a bit tight at first.

From $70; $30 at GAP

8. Everlane The ’90s Cheeky Jeans


For those who love the look and feel of rigid, 100 percent cotton denim, this Everlane pair is absolutely worth checking out. The site calls out that the designers took special care to ensure all the back details work to boost your rear, including placing the pockets at a slight angle, emphasizing the V yoke and even using the large, contrasting brand tag to draw the eye up and create the illusion of a rounder, fuller backside. Per one reviewer, “[Everlane’s] ‘90s Cheeky is my favorite jean of all time. Love that it’s 100 percent cotton... and has a perfect “vintage” vibe. These fit great around the waist, not too tight, no gap in the back, look great on your butt and, once they’re worn-in, are super comfy to wear all day.” A note on sizing: Everlane recommends sizing down for this style, and notes that, while the jeans may feel snug at first, they will stretch a little bit with wear to conform to your figure.

$110 at Everlane

9. Agolde ‘90s Pinch Waist Jeans


PureWow readers and editors alike are obsessed with these Agolde jeans for their universally flattering cut. Seriously, these jeans are like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants pair in their ability to look fabulous on so many different body types, including flat bums. The higher waist and deep V yoke work together to make your waist look smaller and your butt larger (in all the best ways). The straight leg is also a perfect timeless silhouette that sits really well over both sandals and sneakers. If you’ve yet to test a pair for yourself, we cannot recommend these enough.

$208 at Revolve

from $188 at Agolde

$238 at Nordstrom

10. Madewell Kick Out Crop Jeans


PureWow editors are pretty well obsessed with Madewell denim, but the Kick Out Crop jeans are particularly beloved by Fashion Editor Abby Hepworth. “These jeans are so flattering and so cute and make my butt look incredible. They have a well defined V-shaped yoke, and the kick at the hem give me more of an hourglass figure,” explains Hepworth. She specifically calls out the Colleton wash, a darker indigo wash (“very trendy right now” she notes) with contrast stitching that does even more to lift the rear. They also come in four different inseam lengths, so you can get the correct proportions, no matter your height.

$128 at Madewell

11. Hudson Beth Mid-Rise Baby Bootcut Jeans


Hudson’s signature pocket flaps were a must-have style in the early aughts and now they’re back for round two thanks to the Y2K revival. This is fantastic news for the bitty bums out there, as those flaps add detail and volume to your rear in a supremely flattering way. The pointed shape works in much the same way as stitching to lift your cheeks, but had the bonus of additional fabric that quite literally adds to the volume in back. And the bootcut silhouette also helps give your bum a little lift by creating the illusion of curves, even where there are none.

$185 at Hudson

from $205; $124 at Amazon

12. Pistola Lana Pintuck Ultra Wide-Leg Jeans


Many wide-leg jeans run the risk of downplaying your rear as your curves get a little lost in all that material. But the cleve minds at Pistola have countered that problem by including two seams down the center of each leg starting just below the back pockets, which actually help define your curves, however small they may be. “These make my butt look surprisingly great,” writes on reviewer. “They are incredibly long—I’m 5-foot-9 and have to wear at least a one or two inch heel with them—but they’re so chic and flattering.” Other reviewers suggest this style runs a little large, so if you’re between two sizes you may want to go with the smaller. And for the petite crowd, because these jeans have a uniform wash and line all the way down the leg, they lend themselves way better to hemming and are much less likely to look oddly cropped.

$188 at Pistola

13. Reformation Pamela Ultra High-Rise Straight Leg Jeans


The challenge with most black wash jeans is that your butt tends to disappear within the dark fabric, especially if the thread and detailing are also done in black. But this Reformation pair works to emphasize your booty with well subtle contrast stitching. The pockets are tilted and placed high in back which, combined with the V yoke and two belt loops placed near the center of the back, work to give your booty a major boost, despite the dark material.

$168 at Reformation

14. Paige Harper Ankle Jeans


You can expect to see many more pairs of jeans with a slightly cropped wide leg and sailor pockets in front throughout the rest of 2024, but for those with flat butts, this Paige pair is going to be one of the most flattering options. Why, you ask? Much like the Pistola wide-legs above, these jeans have a pressed crease running down the back of each leg starting just below the back pockets. This helps give your bum some shape, despite all that material. Speaking of those back pockets, they are slightly smaller than your typical design, which, in combination with their higher placement on the bum, helps give you some lift.

$249 at Paige

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