13 Ways You Can Use A Swiffer Sweeper Beyond Cleaning The Floor

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Swiffer Sweepers were released in 2001 and quickly became an incredibly important tool in the household cleaning arsenal, especially for those of us with hardwood floors. The Swiffer Sweeper is perfect for picking up dust, dirt, and pet hair from hardwood, linoleum, or tile floors. However, as we’ve gotten to know Swiffer, though, it’s become clear it is a versatile cleaning tool that can be used for so much more than floors. So here are some ways to use Swiffer around your house, besides cleaning floors:

Dust Surfaces

Use a Swiffer to quickly and easily dust surfaces around your home, including furniture, shelves, and decor.

Clean Electronics

If you realize Yellowstone is looking a little dusty on the TV screen, grab a Swiffer dry cloth and gently clean the TV so you can watch the Dutton family drama, minus the dust. Also works for laptop screens and computer monitors!

Clean Vents and Air ducts

These are an easy place to overlook, but dust and pet hair can accumulate in vents and ducts and lead to respiratory issues. When it comes time to clean them out, a Swiffer gives the necessary reach to clean vents and air ducts.

Clean Baseboards

The long handle of the Swiffer Sweeper makes it easy to clean baseboards and other hard-to-reach areas without back strain.

Dust Blinds and Curtains

Some of us start our spring cleaning by giving the blinds a good dusting and Swiffer removes dust and allergens quickly.

Clean Pet Hair

We love our pets, but their hair can be a downright nuisance. A Swiffer Sweeper can help keep it under control by picking up pet hair from furniture and other surfaces.

Clean Mirrors

If there are fingerprints and toothpaste remnants dotting your mirror, grab a Swiffer, glass cleaner, and a microfiber cloth, like in this TikTok hack. Spritz the mirror with the cleaner, tuck the cloth into the four holes on the Swiffer, and scrub down the mirror like a pro.

Prep Walls for Painting

If you’re looking to gussy up your living room with a fresh coat of paint, it’s important to clean your walls before busting out the roller and brushes. That way dust bunnies don’t end up permanent fixtures in your paint.

Remove Cobwebs on the Ceiling

If your friendly neighborhood spiders have been building webs in the corners of your house, grab the Swiffer to swat them away without needing to haul out the step ladder.

Polish Plant Leaves

Cleaning the cobwebs off your succulents and philodendrons is important for plant health and Swiffer dry cloths make it easy to swipe them clean and get those leaves back to photosynthesizing.

Dust Your Car’s Interior

There’s no reason to keep Swiffers for indoor use only, especially when cars have the strange ability to get dusty, too. Grab a Swiffer dry cloth and dust off the dashboard, console, door handles and anything else that needs it.

Dust Light Fixtures

Luckily, a Swiffer makes it easy to reach the upper and lower corners without straining your back.

Clean Ceiling Fans

One of the most difficult spots in the house to clean is a little easier with a Swiffer with the extender. Pull out the extender arm as far as it goes and wrangle the fan for cleaning.

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