13 Turkey Burgers That Will Make You Forget About Beef

13 Turkey Burgers That Will Make You Forget About Beef

Header image: Guacamole Turkey Burger

We constantly find ourselves asking the question why no love for the Turkey Burger? It’s cheap, lean and far healthier than its bovine equivalent. Unfortunately, everyone has probably had at least one bad experience with a turkey burger that’s as dry and flavorless as a hockey puck. So to disprove the myth that turkey burgers have to be bland, we’re giving you 13 recipes that are anything but boring.

1. Breakfast Turkey Burgers


A healthier alternative to the sausage egg and cheese, our version replaces fatty (and somewhat unhealthy) pork with homemade turkey sausage. It’s so flavorful that you’ll forget you’re eating turkey. Get our Breakfast Turkey Burger recipe.

2. Turkey Patty Melt


Want that patty melt taste with a little less guilt? Try our recipe for a turkey patty melt. The flavors are all there and you won’t miss the extra calories that are missing when you switch from beef to turkey. Make sure to follow our advice and use dark meat turkey, if you can find it. Get our Turkey Patty Melt recipe.

3. Guacamole Turkey Burgers


With Southwestern flavors, topped with healthy portion of guacamole, our turkey burger is the perfect recipe for a south of the border mid-week meal. While not explicitly stated in the recipe, this is best served with a tall margarita or cerveza. Get our Guacamole Turkey Burger recipe.

4. Chipotle Bacon Turkey Burgers


Given the mild natural flavor of turkey breast, the protein needs some strong flavors to truly shine. Boosted with umami thanks to soy sauce and anchovies (before you eww, just try it) and topped with chipotle ketchup, this burger is about as flavorful as they come. Get our Chipotle Bacon Turkey Burger recipe.

5. Green Chili Turkey Burgers

Based on a recipe from fitness author and genetic freak Mark Sisson, these turkey burgers are a great way to meet your protein goals for the day. You can also go with the original recipe and throw a fried egg on top for that extra nutritional boost. Get our Green Chili Turkey Burger recipe.

6. Fiendishly Tasty Bacon Turkey Burgers


Just because you’re making a turkey burger doesn’t mean it HAS to be a healthy one. This bacon turkey burger from Food52 is so rich, thanks to the generous amounts of bacon, that it might actually be more flavorful than a beef version. Get the recipe.

7. Bobby Flay’s Turkey Burgers

Food Network

Say what you want about Bobby Flay (is there actually anything bad to say about Bobby?) but the man does know how to cook. We think you’ll really enjoy his version of the turkey burger. The goat cheese and Meyer lemon honey mustard combo is a real winner. Get the recipe here.

8. Tasty Turkey Burgers


This is your basic, go-to Turkey Burger recipe. No fancy ingredients are required but when something’s right, there's no need to add anything extra. We have a feeling that this recipe from Food.com will become one of your “whatever’s left in the fridge” staples. Get the recipe here.

9. Buffalo Turkey Burgers with Buffalo Blue Cheese Sauce

Recipe Runner

If you’re a believer of the fact that everything is better with buffalo sauce, then this recipe from Recipe Runner is for you - it’s got buffalo flavor in spades. Perfect for game night or any night. Get the recipe here.

10. Roasted Jalapeno Cheddar Turkey Burgers with BBQ Aioli

How Sweet Eats

How do you elevate a normal turkey burger, often of the dry variety, to something you actually look forward to eating? Use turkey that’s 94-95% lean instead of the 98% lean stuff. The extra fat will add some much needed moisture and flavor. Get the recipe here.

11. Turkey Burgers with Tomato Jam, Olives and Feta

Bon Appetit

For a Mediterranean take on the turkey burger, try this recipe from the kitchen of Bon Appetit featuring feta, olives, and garlic. While the recipe calls for Tomato Jam, you could easily substitute one of your favorite Mediterranean condiments. Get the recipe here.

12. Thai Turkey Burgers with Crispy Kale


If the streets of Bangkok were filled with burger vendors, we imagine this is what they would be serving. From Epicurious, this burger is packed with traditional Thai flavors like lemongrass and fiery Thai chili’s. Since it’s spring, skip the boiling step and throw these burgers on the grill. Get the recipe here.

13. Perfect Turkey Burgers

Food Network

With a bold claim that this recipe is for the “Perfect Turkey Burger”, we had our doubts. Based on the stellar reviews, this turkey burger from the Food Network may actually hold that title - assuming, you haven’t made one of ours already. Get the recipe here.

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