13 Random-but-Useful Finds to Help You Stay Warm—No Matter What the Forecast Suggests

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That romantic vision of curling up on a nubby bouclé chair, swathed in a cashmere blanket and sipping cocoa by a roaring fire as snow gently patters on the window turns frosty real fast. As in, the second you step into sludgy ice water, soaking through your boots as you race to your commute, shoveling snow off your car with gnarled fingers that seem to be swelling through your gloves. It’s enough to make anyone dream of a Jamaican vacation—or anywhere less frigid.

We’re right there with you, which is why we turned to editors, readers and influencers to uncover their best-kept secrets for staying warm this winter. These random-but-useful finds will help you stay toasty, no matter where the day takes you.

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1. Orastone Rechargeable Hand Warmer


This cute little cube is so much more than a keychain—in roughly two minutes, it can heat up to 107 degrees F, providing instant warmth to frozen fingers. Plus, it has a built-in LED light, so you can easily find that glove that’s trapped in the abyss of your tote. We love the different designs it comes with and how effective it is at heating up our hands, though it is a bit of a pain to have to charge it after each outing.

$30; $18 at AMAZON

2. Mynt Heated Seat Covers for Cars


There’s no luxury quite like a warm seat on a chilly day—or when PMS cramps are in full force. These heated seat covers fit securely, warming up your bum in just a minute (to 104 degrees). It plugs right into the auxiliary power outlet, and it has an automatic shutoff feature, according to the brand.

$40 at Amazon

3. UGG Sheepskin Insoles


Behold, the warmth of UGGs without having to wear UGGs all the time. These sheepskin insoles slip right into your shoes or boots, providing added insulation (and coziness) while wicking away moisture.

$20/pair at Amazon

4. Bearaby Napper


You thought weighted blankets were just a fad? That’s because you haven’t tried Bearaby. The chunky knit designs of the classic Napper—which come in weights from 15 to 25 pounds—are an investment, but once you try one, you’ll understand why they’re worth every penny. That knit provides good airflow, so you’re warm without overheating, the weight is distributed evenly (no pockets of PVC beads tumbling around) and it’s just heavy enough to be soothing, not claustrophobia-inducing.

$279 at Bearaby

5. Hodeamy Heated Under-Desk Floor Mat


Is it just us, or are your feet always cold? This slim mat solves that problem, with eight heat settings—ranging from 80 degrees to a whopping 150 (uh, who needs it that hot?!). A rubber bottom keeps heat from transferring downward and damaging your floors, and the whole thing automatically shuts off after three hours.

$50; $39 at Amazon

6. Lululemon Merino Wool-Blend Knit Ear Warmer


Earmuffs are cute, but they’re bulky and slip off easily (or worse, squish your brain, inducing a headache 20 minutes into donning them). These ear warmers are snug without skewing too tight, keeping your ears warm as you jog, play pickleball or dash to drop-off. Oh, and it’s designed to double as eye mask, making it a travel must-have.

$19 at Lululemon

7. Bedsure Heated Mattress Pad


We’ve heard of heated blankets, sure, but what about a full-blown heated mattress pad? With more than 2,600 reviews giving it a 4.5-star rating, we had to know more. Bedsure’s pad features a 10-hour timer and four heat settings, with deep pockets that can fit queen size mattresses up to 18 inches deep.

From $67 at Amazon

8. Quince Cotton Cashmere Nursing Shawl


Yes, technically Quince offers an even warmer Mongolian cashmere shawl, but we prefer this looser-woven design for everyday use, since it’s a bit more breathable. It stills keeps you—and your baby—from shivering, and it can convert into a carseat or stroller cover, making it versatile to boot. (Plus, it’s ridiculously soft.)

$40 at Quince

9. Angoily Tea Cozy


A tea cozy so quaint it almost convinced our editor-in-chief to become a tea person? Why, yes. This insulated kettle cover helps keep your water warm longer, and it’s available in five floral prints perfect for channeling your inner coastal Grandma.

$14 at Amazon

10. Ember Temperature-Control Travel Tumbler


Your Stanley Tumbler just met its match. At 16 ounces, this is Ember’s largest temperature-controlled mug yet—and while it’s still a much smaller capacity than Stanley’s 40 ounces—it makes up for it with its to-the-degree warming precision. It can keep your drink at exactly the temp you like it all day, when it’s on its charging coaster, or for three hours on its own. Beyond that, the stainless steel insulation takes over, keeping it warm (if not at precisely the 121 degrees you prefer it).

$200; $160 at Amazon

11. Addtam Multi-Plug Outlet Extender and Surge Protector


All of these heated devices mean you’ll need outlets to plug them in—while competing with your bedside lamp, phone charger or laptop charger. Have it all with an outlet extender, like this one, which provides you with five outlets and four USB ports. Bonus: It can also function as a night light.

$20; $14 at Amazon

12. Big Match Lighter

Friends NYC

Name a more delightful way to light a candle, we’ll wait. This butane lighter is refillable and easy to use, but what our editors love about it is the sheer joy it brings people.

$9 at Friends NYC

13. Solo Stove 2.0

solo stove

As sleek as this portable fire pit is, that’s far from its only appeal. It uses 360-degree airflow technology to reduce smoke, weighs less than 20 pounds and features a removable ash pan for easy cleanup. So really, you have no excuse not to roast s’mores and sip hot toddies all winter long. (Just one thing to note: While we appreciate a less-smoky fire, we kind of miss the bonfire scent lingering on our clothes afterward.)

$225 at Amazon

$300; $250 at Solo Stove

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