Come With Me As We Reflect On The Queer Celebrity Couples Who Are Still In Love And Ones Who Called It Quits

As a card-carrying WLW member and pop culture fanatic, I loveeee to keep up with the messy love drama within our community. It's a great reminder that, straight, queer, or anything in-between, we all have to go through the ups and downs with this wild phenomenon call "love."


So, in honor of absolute love of this topic, let's take a look at the queer couples we still get to stan and those we lost along the way:

1.Still together: Kal Penn and his fiancé, Josh.

Kal Penn sits next to his fiancé, Josh, at a basketball game

The couple has been together for 11 years! Kal decided to highlight his relationship in his new book You Can't Be Serious and told People that he's "really excited to share our relationship with readers," although Josh "[doesn't] love attention and [shies] away from the limelight."

James Devaney / Getty Images

2.Broken up: Grimes and Chelsea Manning.

Grimes wears a latex blazer and Chelsea Manning wears a dark suit

They dated for four months after Grimes split from Elon Musk. The two were even reportedly living together before sources said they had been "broken up for a while.”

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images / Ismael Quintanilla / Getty Images for SXSW

3.Still together: Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni.

Christine Marinoni and Cynthia Nixon wears a brightly colored patterned blouse

The couple has been together for 18 years and share an adorable son named Max.

Bruce Glikas / Bruce Glikas / WireImage

4.Broken up: Braunwyn Windham-Burke and Victoria Brito.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke wears a sheer blouse and Victoria Brito wears a brightly colored short sleeve shirt

They dated for less than a year, and though sources said the breakup was "mutual," Braunwyn "fell hard, fell fast, and loved Vic with her whole heart."

Jennifer Graylock / Getty Images for eBay

5.Still together: Andrew Rannells and Tuc Watkins.

Andrew Rannells and Tuc Watkins wear dark suits

They've been together for three years! The two fell in love while performing in the hit play The Boys in the Band, with Andrew telling the Daily Beast, "I remember standing next to Tuc and not knowing him super well, but looking at him and thinking, ‘Ah, fuck. This is going to happen, isn’t it?’"

Rodin Eckenroth / WireImage

6.Broken up: Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd.

Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd wear dark suits

They were married for five years before filing for divorce. However, the message echoed in both of their public statements was that the decision was "not a lack of love but rather the two of us growing in different directions and wanting very different things for ourselves."

Stefanie Keenan / WireImage

7.Still together: Madison Bailey and Mariah Linney.

Mariah Linney wears a floral button up shirt with a dark suit and Madison Bailey wears a strapless dark gown

They've been dating for two years and adorably met through TikTok, where they're both now featured heavily on one another's accounts.

Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images for Dior

8.Broken up: Tommy Dorfman and Peter Zurkuhlen.

Tommy Dorfman wears a strapless floral gown and Peter Zurkuhlen wears a dark suit

The couple was married for five years before divorcing after Tommy transitioned and explained to her ex-husband that she wanted to date women. However, Tommy has since explained that the two are "better off as friends."

Cindy Ord / Getty Images for GLAAD / Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

9.Still together: Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli.

Lauren Morelli wears a one sleeve dark dress and Samira Wiley wears a dark suit with a cropped blazer

They've been together for eight years! The couple met on the set of Orange Is the New Black, and though Lauren was married to a man at the time, she saw Samira's audition tape and "immediately had a crush on her."

Rachel Murray / Getty Images for Christian Siriano

10.Broken up: Elliot Page and Emma Portner.

Elliott Page wears a dark suit and Emma Portner wears a high neck blazer

They were married for three years before Elliot went through his transition. However, Emma has been nothing but supportive during Elliot's journey, and the two have remained "close friends."

Lionel Hahn / Getty Images / Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

11.Still together: Alexandra Hedison and Jodie Foster.

Alexandra Hedison wears a light colored blouse under a sparkly blazer and Jodie Foster wears a short sleeve dark dress

They've been married for eight years! Though the couple is very private about their relationship, the two do show their support for one another during special occasions, like when Alexandra gave Jodie a shoutout in February 2021 when the Golden Globe nominations were announced. "Every day I’m a proud wife but today you get a special shout out," she wrote on Instagram. "I’ll have to show you my phone for you to see this but still."

Axelle / FilmMagic

12.Broken up: Luke Evans and Rafael Olarra.

Rafa Olarra wears a light colored sweater and Luke Evans wears a suede jacket

They dated for less than a year, after which Luke explained their breakup to the Times as "it is what it is."

Bruce Glikas / WireImage

13.Still together: Noah Galvin and Ben Platt.

Noah Galvin wears a light colored blazer with matching shorts and Ben Platt wears a dark suit

They've been dating for two years! Ben adorably gushed over Noah, telling People that his boyfriend helped him overcome the "fear and apprehension" he had about starring in Dear Evan Hansen.

Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

14.Broken up: Brad Walsh and Christian Siriano.

Brad Walsh and Christian Siriano wear dark suits

They were together for 11 years before divorcing. The designer said of the split, "It's nobody's business, and I don't want to discuss, but that's what's up."

Taylor Hill / FilmMagic

15.Still together: Alex and Wanda Sykes.

Alex Sykes wears a sheer dark gown and Wanda Sykes wears a dark suit with lace sleeves

They've been together for 12 years and got married in matching wedding dresses in 2008.

Arturo Holmes / FilmMagic

16.Broken up: Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry.

Sara Gilbert wears a light colored shirt under a dark blazer and Linda Perry wears a dark suit

They were married for six years before sadly divorcing due to "irreconcilable differences."

Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images for Chrysalis Butterfly Ball

17.Still together: Beanie Feldstein and Bonnie Chance Roberts.

Beanie Feldstein wears a brightly colored dress and Bonnie Chance Roberts wears dark suit pants with a plaid blazer

They've been dating for four years and just recently got engaged after Bonnie proposed!

Steve Granitz / WireImage

18.Broken up: Lena Waithe and Alana Mayo.

Lena Waithe wears a dark suit and Alana Mayo wears a strapless dark gown

They were married for two years before divorcing, but have said that they have "nothing but support for one another."

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

19.Still together: Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson wears a wool button up shirt and Justin Mikita wears a light colored jacket

They've been together for 10 years and are expecting their second baby soon!

Amy Sussman / Getty Images

20.Broken up: Troye Sivan and Jacob Bixenman.

Troye Sivan wears a brightly colored leather suit and Jacob Bixenman wears a sheer button up shirt and patterned jeans

They were together for four years before quietly splitting up as the singer flew to Australia to self-isolate with his family during the pandemic while Jacob stayed in Los Angeles.

Elisabetta Villa / Getty Images for H&M

21.Still together: Robin Roberts and Amber Laign.

Amber Laign and Robin Roberts

They've been together for 16 years! The couple just celebrated Amber completing radiation treatment for her breast cancer this past July. "Proud of her and all fellow Thrivers for your grit and grace during a challenging time. This is indeed my #mondaymotivation🙏🏾," Robin wrote on Instagram.

J. Merritt / Getty Images for GLAAD

22.Broken up: Taryn Manning and Anne Cline.

They were engaged for two months. Sadly, sources told Us Weekly that Taryn

They were engaged for two months. Sadly, sources told Us Weekly that Taryn "only said 'yes' because her ex, Anne, put her on the spot."

Paras Griffin / Getty Images

23.Still together: Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor.

Sarah Paulson wears a sparkly gown and Holland Taylor wears a dark suit

They've been together for seven years! Sarah has described Holland as the "love of my life. The one. The only one."

Taylor Hill / FilmMagic

24.Broken up: JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew.

JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew wear matching baseball jerseys

The couple dated for less than six months. They first broke up in 2021 as JoJo explained that the relationship ended due to a case of “right person, wrong time.” However, they did reconcile for a bit in May of this year before Kylie confirmed their breakup months later. “I don’t like drama, and it makes me really, really anxious, so I don’t really wanna talk about it for a while,” Kylie explained during an Instagram Live. "It’s not deep, I promise. Everything’s fine. Not everything has to be messy and gross because it’s not, and I just want to clear the air.”

Jerritt Clark / GC Images

25.And finally, still together: Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer.

Kristen Stewart wears a dark blazer with matching shorts and Dylan Meyer wears a pinstripe button up blouse under a paisley patterned suit

They've been dating for three years! The couple adorably met back in 2013 on a movie set before reconnecting six years later at a friend's birthday party. Kristen explained that, the day after they reconnected, it was "like all bets were off."

Angela Weiss / AFP via Getty Images