13 Painfully Entitled Grooms Who Deserved To Hear "I Don't" On Their Wedding Day

You always hear stories about bridezillas, so we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the most entitled grooms, or groomzillas, they've ever witnessed. Here's what people shared:

1."I went to the US for my cousin's wedding. I met her groom and he asked what I do for a living. I said, 'Oh, right now I’m just at home with the kids.' Before I could get another word in, he said, 'Oh, so you’re a freeloader? Awesome. You must be loving the $500 plate we put out for you tonight, but I’m sure your gift won’t reflect that.' Then, he proceeded to tell the photographer, 'No photo for this one.' 1.) I was on maternity leave. 2.) Their envelope had $1000 in it. Thank god I went to meet him before putting their card in the card box. I went to the bathroom and made sure the gift reflected my freeloading personality. I'm never going to see him again in my life, so his idea of me doesn’t matter. Plus, I’d rather save some money and use it for my two kids. Moron."


2."Where to start? He refused to let the bride make a single choice in the wedding, including the dress and venue. Then, during the reception, the bartender fell and broke his leg. The bride is a first responder, so she instantly went into work mode. She made sure he was stable and conscious until the ambulance arrived. The groom was mad about it. She said he wouldn’t even let her pick their wedding song because he 'knew what they should dance to.' I can’t imagine this is a normal relationship. Oh wait, it’s me. I’m the bride. It sucks being married to him. He’s a control freak and I made a huge mistake. Too late now though because we have kids."


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3."My wife and I went to a wedding recently. We had some drinks in the same hotel on Saturday night while another wedding was going on. The other wedding's guests were absolutely tanked — a total mess. We arrived the following day about 1:00 p.m. and there was a guy in the bar bladdered off his nut from the night before. I then overheard (he was not a quiet man) him tell the barman that he was the groom from the previous night and his bride had already left him. He was not sure who to take on the honeymoon, and surely his trouble was worth a pint. The last part raised my suspicions about it just being a play for more booze, but the news kept coming via other wedding guests and the staff. It turns out he had shagged a bridesmaid on the wedding night, and the bride had left their room at 1:30 a.m. and gone home. The marriage was over before it began. I honestly don't get it."


4."I used to serve and bartend at weddings at a high-scale banquet center. One groom utilized his toast to tell his guests not to tip the staff, as he already paid the gratuity that was included in the bill to the venue. He was terrible to the staff and ignored his bride the whole night. When the photo booth was doing last calls, his bride asked for help finding him so they could do pictures. Staff found him doing coke in the parking lot, and the bride ended her wedding night crying. She was so sweet. I felt terrible she was marrying that a-hole."


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5."Before the wedding, the groom was not okay with the bride being walked down the aisle. He refused to stand at the end of the aisle and instead tried to insist that she needed to walk first alone and wait for him so that he could walk down the aisle last and have a grand entrance. They apparently compromised because they walked down the aisle last and together. He also stated before the wedding that the wedding weekend was 'about him and the boys.' She was excited to get her nails done, but when she showed them to him, he said they didn't look good and wouldn't match her outfit (they were a neutral color that matched). During the rehearsal, he gave no input, and instead sat down and shrugged."

"During the 'first look' photos before the ceremony, one of the first things he said to her was that she didn't look good and her makeup and hair did not look good. He kept pointing out her gray hairs that 'stood out' (they didn't; I had no idea she even had gray hairs). As a result, she was holding back tears throughout all the photos.

She was very worried that he wouldn't like her vows, but she put them together on her phone and they were very sweet as she read them off with sincerity. She told me beforehand that he would be doing his without notes because he considered himself a good public speaker. After she read her vows, he started his by turning to the audience and saying, 'I don't have anything to read off of because I at least tried to memorize mine.' Cue awkward laughter. Turns out he wasn't very good at memorizing whatever he was going to say. He did say one nice thing about her, but then I think he got stuck because he devolved into saying at least three times some variation of 'I vow to massage your [insert body part here] every night,' (which, also, I doubt he even massaged her feet that first night). He ended his vows by saying that it's very important for him to look good all the time and that he appreciates how she tries (tries!) to match that energy.

Half of her bridesmaids were his friends, and the assigned speech from one of the bridesmaids ended up being a girl who said, 'Ive been friends with [the groom] for a long time. I only hung out with [the bride] initially because he forced me to, but I guess I'm glad I got to know her.' Another bridesmaid took the mic unplanned to follow up with, 'The first time we hung out all together, she was with another guy and showed up covered in bruises. Oh, haha, should I not tell that story? Anyway..." It did not end well either.I left shortly after the first dance, but he also did not sit down with her during any of the dinner. He was barely with her unless it was for a photo, and supposedly there was screaming before the end of the night because she changed the playlist and he didn't approve.I hope she knows that whenever she's ready to leave, I'm here for her."


6."My friend married a dude we all couldn't stand, though we tried to warn her that he was high-maintenance. Whenever we'd ask her about wedding plans, she'd say, 'Oh I don't know, Steve is taking care of that.' ?!?! This included the FLOWER colors and arrangements and seating charts. I'm sorry, but how many dudes do you know who would give a crap about the flower arrangements at their wedding? My husband only cared what our food options were and if we could have a certain special beer from his home state served at the reception. This friend had NO say in most of her wedding plans other than what she wore on her body that day. To make matters worse, a different friend got married at the same venue the following year and good old Steve spent the whole time comparing the two weddings to anyone who would listen."


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7."I know a groom who believes in transactional relationships. He spends with his heart, but his mentality is that if he’s spent a certain amount, then he’s entitled to ask for it to be reciprocated...without a care for the other person's financial situation. He bought his wife-to-be a Louis Vuitton bag, Tiffany ring, and designer gown for their wedding day. So, he emailed his soon-to-be father-in-law a long list of demands. He wanted the FIL to greet each male wedding guest with a designer watch, and each female wedding guest with a designer clutch. He also said he needed a specific designer suit for their reception paid for, or else he wouldn't show."

"The entire list via email totaled up to what he had spent to the LAST CENT. I would have cancelled the wedding if I were the FIL. The FIL, instead, took out a loan. Their marriage is only two years old now and it’s still quite the transactional relationship. If he books a wine tour weekend for her birthday, then she has to spend and arrange the same kind of thing with the same price tag for his birthday, but with his interests in mind. Ridiculous."


8."My uncle. First, he guilted my (ex) aunt into having their wedding across the country where his family was, despite them living and having her family/their friends on the west coast. Because of this, their wedding guests were all his family and high school friends, and just a handful of her family members were there. He also completely let my grandmother (his mother) have her way over the entire ceremony/reception and insisted they get married in a church (my aunt was atheist and he hadn’t been to church in close to 10 years). He had a dry reception, but snuck off to drink in the bathroom, threw other people out of the wedding for covert drinking, and saw nothing wrong with the fact that my grandmother gifted him and the bride separate gifts His wife’s gift was a vacuum, and his was sports merchandise."


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9."Let’s talk about all grooms and their families who still believe in being entitled to a dowry in this century. My cousin in India has been divorced twice and he told his marriage suitor (who’s only been divorced once herself) that because she’s a divorcée, her family must purchase a car for them to have in their marriage in his name and 10 kgs of pure gold bricks. He told the family if she wasn’t a divorcée, then he’d be okay with just the car. Her family obliged! This was in 2021. He divorced her and kept everything. His father-in-law had a heart attack from his daughter now being a two-time divorcée and thinking about what he’ll have to give to the third suitor."


10."He slapped a bridesmaid's butt and said, 'It's okay. What the groom wants, the groom gets.'"


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11."My fiancé and I (I'm 23) got engaged in March 2022 and immediately set our wedding date for mid-July 2023 because we're both teachers. My only cousin (he's 36) got his girlfriend pregnant in October and then got engaged to her. This is his third engagement. He had the nerve to ask us to move our wedding because the baby is due at the very end of June and he won't be able to come to our wedding if we have it on the original day in July. He also has not set a date for his wedding, but still wants to get married before me because I'm so much younger than him. He wants us to delay our wedding to after whatever date he sets just so he can say he got married before me."


12."I went to a wedding last night and it started off great, but then a bunch of awkward crap happened. The DJ butchered the bridal party's names, and even the bride and groom's last name, when they did their entrance. During their first dance, the groom was visibly uncomfortable and kept saying 'I don’t dance,' and 'I don’t like to dance.' You could easily read his lips. Then, he disappeared for a majority of the evening. When he would make an appearance, he and bride would have some words and were visibly were fighting. Then, he’d walk off and go smoke. This happened on and off all night. I get that wedding days are stressful, but it’s still your special day and you should at least enjoy your first dance with your partner. It made me sad for the bride."


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13.And: "So, this was a very small and informal wedding I went to last summer. We were all dressed rather casual, and there was beer and board games. I was cozy. It could have been a bit more formal, but I wouldn't shame the wedding for just that. The couple already had their ceremony during Covid times and just wanted to celebrate again with those dear to them. However, it totally felt like I was at the groom's birthday party and not at their wedding. One issue was the guests. The bride's parents weren’t there, but the groom's parents, grandmother, and siblings with their partners all came. He also invited his friends from school and some online friends they shared, but there was not one friend that was only hers. My boyfriend was the only one there that knew her as long as her husband, so we kept her company at the beginning while people congratulated him but kind of ignored her."

"Later, before dinner, the groom stood for a small speech where he thanked everyone for being there and said to enjoy the food. We knew the bride was shy to speak in front of many people and didn’t really expect her to say a few words, but he could have at least let her stand next to him or shown a bit of affection. And, he definitely could have mentioned their marriage? It was absurd — like he had somehow forgotten why we were all there.

He had both his family and his friends around him, and while he did dance a bit with his bride, he mostly drank and played with his buddies. She was isolated and lonely during her own wedding, and understandably so upset about it all that she later disappeared for a while to cry her eyes out. From what I’ve heard, they talked it out. He is known for making decisions on her behalf and she has a history of almost always taking a backseat to him. I truly hope they can change that dynamic."


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