13 Home Decor Items I Bought After Watching Kendall Jenner’s Home Tour

Maggie Griswold

There’s just something about celebrity home tours that gets me excited. I love sitting in my tiny apartment silently critiquing (and occasionally, but not often, praising) the way-out-of-my-budget decor styles of the rich and famous—and Kendall Jenner’s Architectural Digest home tour was one I could not wait to watch. The model opened up her cozy (Read: at least 20 times the size of my apartment.) Los Angeles home so we could all see exactly how she lives. And while I was so ready to criticize Kendall Jenner’s house (Sorry not sorry!), I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how she—and her team of interior designers—decorated the huge space.

Unlike Gigi...

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