13 Heated Cat Beds for Ultimate Kitty Comfort

Brie Dyas
·7 min read

Courtesy of Chewy

Even the coolest cats can get cold sometimes. For a safe and inexpensive way to keep your furry friend warm, look no further than a heated cat bed. Heated cat beds aren’t just for a cozier sleep, they are wonderful for senior cats and cats with arthritis (check with your veterinarian before using a heated cat bed to make sure it's an appropriate option for your kitty). There are two types: self-warming and corded.

Self-warming are usually made of plush material that keeps heat in, and then they're filled with an insulated material. They are also usually a smaller shape to encourage the cat to curl up. Self-warming beds basically “soak up” the cat’s body heat and create a cozy little nest for the best snoozes.

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Corded varieties have a built-in heating pad, but it’s not like a heating pad for humans. It only usually gets 10-15 degrees above the pet’s body temperature. Some specialty varieties go slightly higher as they’re geared more towards arthritic pets and heat therapy. Corded cat beds are generally activated by pressure. If you touch it, it’s not hot. But if the cat curls up, the weight activates the warming feature. With corded beds, look for a cord that’s long enough to reach an outlet. Using extension cords is not recommended. If your cat chews cords, a corded option isn't the best idea, but some varieties have extremely durable cord covers to protect the cord and your cat.

It's important to keep safety in mind when using a heated cat bed. Do not place the beds in a confined space, and always be sure your cat has enough space to be able to get up and leave the heated cat bed whenever he pleases. With that in mind, here are 15 options for heated cat beds, including both insulated and corded options.

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Cat Bed

This product has 25,467 ratings with an average of 4.7 stars. The self-warming effect is created by the design and material—faux shag fur mimics the feel of a mother's coat. While the bed is washable, let it air dry to maintain the plush texture. According to one reviewer, the small size (23x23 inches) is big enough for two kitties (or one small pup, like this snuggle bug pictured here).

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