13 Easy Hairstyle Ideas to Wear With Glasses

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Thanks to a wide assortment of stylish frames (and the growing realization that almost nobody has absolutely perfect vision), the world of glasses has come a long way in recent years. More than ever, glasses are an accessory to showcase—or even style—an entire look around. But with great power comes great responsibility, and as new eyewear trends emerge, we glasses-wearers suddenly have a whole new realm of hairstyling to consider.

Whether you have a lofty prescription, blue light lenses to ease eye strain when looking at your devices, or choose to wear clear-lensed frames strictly for the vibe, a new look for your hair type and style await. And contrary to popular belief, finding a look that fits your frames may not be as tough as it seems.

Fortunately, as their popularity grows, eyeglasses are also becoming more and more commonplace among both the street style set and celebrities on the red carpet, providing inspiration for days. From Elle Fanning to Cate Blanchett, some of the most stylish celebs have demonstrated that glasses can be a seamless element of any look, no matter the occasion.

With that in mind, we rounded up 13 of the best—and easiest—hairstyles with glasses to get you started. To top it off, we shopped out similar frames for every budget so you can emulate these on-point looks. (Pro tip: We love all of these hairstyles with sunglasses too.)

Cate Blanchett’s bold pink aviator frames and loose, ’70s-esque hair prove once again why she’s transcended fashion-icon status.

Rose Gold Aviators

Stella McCartney Aviator-Style Rose Gold-Tone Optical Glasses ($195)

Rose gold is a little more classic than bright pink but just as unexpected.

Pairing oversize frames with this classic half-up hairstyle feels slightly preppy but in the best way.

Brown Acetate Frames

Warby Parker Percey Eyeglasses in Chestnut Crystal ($95)

Light brown is a fun twist on the ever-popular tortoise frame.

Elle Fanning's simple topknot keeps the focus on her quirky clear frames and bold floral jacket.

Oversize Clear Frames

Linda Farrow Oversize Hexagonal Titanium Glasses ($496)

These frames may be bold, but in versatile rose gold and clear acetate, they go with nearly every look.

Round metal frames give long, natural curls an '80s edge.

Round Frames

Saint Laurent Round-Frame Tortoiseshell Acetate and Silver-Tone Glasses ($405)

The tortoise pattern helps these frames blend in beautifully with any hair color.

No time to style your hair? Throw on a wide-brim hat—just try it on first to make sure it feels comfortable against the arms of your glasses.

Tortoise Aviators

Givenchy Aviator-Style Tortoiseshell Acetate Optical Glasses ($270)

Updating the aviator shape in tortoiseshell makes these frames worth the investment.

By pairing her bold frames with a minimalist hairstyle, Jennifer Lopez kept the focus on her beauty rather than her glasses.

Black Acetate Frames

Celine Eyewear Round acetate glasses ($290)

A thicker frame adds a "fashion" touch to these classic black frames.

A casual ponytail with face-framing pieces on either side is perfectly suited for Gigi Hadid’s low-maintenance pajama look.

Oversized Frames

Tom Ford Blue Light Blocking Optical Glasses ($470)

The slight cat-eye adds an extra layer of glam to these simple specs.

An elegant, clean updo lets eyewear shine, as Zendaya proves here in her ‘60s-inspired bun.

Cat-Eye Frames

Diff Lucy Blue Light Blocking Cat Eye Glasses ($85)

Not only does the cat-eye shape flatter everyone, but the lenses also help filter out blue light.

A little more unexpected than a topknot, a low bun is equally as elegant. Tuck the arms of your glasses underneath your hair to avoid creating a crease, as demonstrated in the photo here.

Flat-Top Frames

Loewe Flat-Top Acetate Glasses ($390)

These '80s-inspired frames aren't for the faint of fashion heart, but for those willing to take a risk, they make a serious style statement.

Elaine Welteroth does easy evening glamour with her gold aviator frames and pulled-back, side-parted ponytail, smartly paired with matching gold jewelry.

Metal Aviators

Prada Metal Aviator Glasses ($320)

Gold aviators are simple and timeless, but still make a statement.

Who says you can’t have bangs if you wear glasses? Julia Roberts offset her long waves with side bangs that perfectly complemented her thick tortoise frames.

Tortoise Wayfarers

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Tortoise Eyeglasses ($183)

You simply can't go wrong with this iconic frame in glasses form.

Model Liu Wen’s round metal frames and blunt bob are the ultimate fresh, fashion-forward pairing.

Round Metal Frames

Privé Revaux The Galileo Blue Light Glasses ($30)

Round metal frames are simple, stylish, and just the right amount of quirky.

Extra-long, straight strands pair nicely nearly any frame, but we love the barely there look of aviators.

Gold Aviators

The Book Club Blue Light Bored of the Flings Reading Glasses ($40)

These aviators add classic edge and blue-light protection—all for just $40.

Now that you have your new hairstyle and your new frames, here's how to clean your glasses in five simple steps.

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