12 Cemeteries to See Before You Die

By nature, cemeteries are otherworldly places. The second you pass through the front gates, it’s like you’ve come to a ghostly port between the land of the living and the world of the dead. There are the faceless names, history book dates, and loving epitaphs about people who lived through times you only vaguely remember or only know from reading and watching movies.

When a piece of land holds thousands of years of extinguished life inside its soil, the place can remind you of how especially strange it is to be breathing and walking around on top of it. Shrines so elaborate they could just as easily be found in a museum can cause you to think about how wealth, fame, and power look once you’ve turned to dust. Bizarre burial traditions and even stranger interment locations make you wonder in awe at how vastly different perceptions of death are across the planet. And then there are just those beyond-beautiful places that squeeze so much serenity out of some landscaping that they stop resembling graveyards and start feeling like a romantic place to have a date.

Cemeteries are curious places, indeed, and these are among the most surreal.