13 Best Vintage Stores in the U.S.

I’ve been a devoted vintage clothing shopper since my teens. And for the past 30 years, whenever and wherever I’m traveling, I make a point of seeking out the best secondhand boutiques in the area.  

There are plenty of bad vintage stores out there, and even more mediocre ones. Excellent ones are increasingly hard to find.

So when a store is good — I mean, really good — it sticks with me. In most cases, this stick-with-it-ness is contingent on a combination of quality, prices, and curation. I’ve never shopped a vintage boutique that was truly great that didn’t have each of those three things in check.

The 13 stores on this list — made up of joints all over the country that I have personally visited or that come highly recommended by trusted fellow vintage sleuths — all have this trinity of greatness: superior product, reasonable prices, and a great overall selection.

Additionally, they each have a certain je ne sais quoi — a little something that makes them stand out from their peers. Perhaps they specialize in a certain era or style. Or maybe they have a stellar interior scheme or location. (Oftentimes a very good store could be in an unlikely place, and that is enough to elevate it to greatness.) Sometimes it’s the staff that makes a shop truly top-notch. 

From New York to San Francisco, read on to get the skinny on the best vintage shops out there. Perhaps it will even inspire a cross-country road trip

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