12 Topo Chico Cocktails That Are Easy-Sipping and Oh-So Refreshing

Let us start by stating one undeniable, essential truth: Any cocktail can be a Topo Chico cocktail, if you want it to be. There is almost no type of boozy refreshment that can't be made lighter, brighter, and bubblier with the addition of the Texas-loved glass-bottle beverage. The sparkling mineral water happens to taste way more fizzy and bubbly than any other club soda or seltzer water we've ever tried, which is what makes it an above-average ingredient to add to any cocktail recipe that requires a boost of carbonation—and even some that don't, if you're looking to dilute in the name of being able to enjoy your cocktail longer without sacrificing any flavor. No watered-down drink vibes here.

While our hands-down favorite way to use Topo Chico in a cocktail is for topping off a Texas Ranch Water, there are tons of recipes that could benefit from a super bubbly finish, no matter if you're into tequila, bourbon, vodka, or gin. (Or mocktails!) It's hot down South a majority of the year, so you'll be able to enjoy these way beyond summertime. Here are 12 ways to make a tasty Topo Chico cocktail at home.