12 Top-Rated Niacinamide Products From Sephora For Blemishes, Redness, and More

Morgan Ashley Parker

Chances are niacinamide - a.k.a vitamin B3 - is already lurking in a cream or serum you love as it reduces excess oil (that can lead to breakouts), calms redness and other visible signs of irritation, and tackles stress that can lead to premature aging, too. But, while this ingredient is especially loved by people with oily skin for its hydration without clogging or accentuating pores, there are plenty of reasons to add it to your own beauty routine, no matter your skin type. It even pops up in eye creams that use it to brighten and tighten that area of the face, and it works on your scalp as well.

If even just one of those benefits sound interesting to you, check out the niacinamide products other Sephora shoppers are loving ahead, and decide which solutions deserve a spot in your current skin-care rotation.


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