12 Interviewers Who Tried To Embarrass A Female Celeb, But Just Ended Up Embarrassing Themselves

We, as a society, love exploiting and embarrassing women for content. And unfortunately, talk show hosts and interviewers are, like, experts at this.

woman saying you're gona walk home with more than just a trophy tonight. I think lots of men
woman saying you're gona walk home with more than just a trophy tonight. I think lots of men


But a lot of the time, thankfully, it backfires. And they're the ones who end up looking like absolute fools.

So here are 12 times when an interviewer tried their hardest to embarrass a female celeb and ended up coming off as ignorant, rude, entitled, or just low-key desperate:

1.Back in 2008, during an appearance on a radio station, a teenage Taylor Swift was forced to play Twister with the adult male hosts.

taylor on the floor playing twister

After a SUPER awkward intro where the main DJ continually commented on how grown up Taylor looked, and literally said, "our little girl's no longer a little girl," he asked her if she had ever heard of the game Twister since she's "kinda young."

sliderko / Via youtube.com

Taylor attempted to combat the inane questions and comments with jokes.

taylor saying, there's no such thing as twister
sliderko / Via youtube.com

She even tried telling him she wasn't exactly game-ready, but he kept pushing her.

taylor saying she's not ready and wearing a dress and the host saying it'll be fine

Taylor then asked the hosts, rightfully so, if they had been making other musicians play Twister all day. They replied that they made Cowboy Crush do it (which, of course, is an all-girl band). She then asked if they had refused, to which one of them said, "of course not."

sliderko / Via youtube.com

2.During the 1999 Academy Awards pre-show, Joan Rivers told Mariah Carey that people said she gained weight.

mariah questioning that people said she gained weight

Mariah was minutes away from performing her and Whitney Houston's Oscar-nominated song "When You Believe" in front of millions of people. So this interview wasn't just embarrassing. It was honestly cruel.

NBCUniveral / Via youtube.com

Mariah handled it like a champ though, and fired right back at Joan.

mariah saying, if joan rivers says it, then it has to be true
NBCUniveral / Via youtube.com

3.In 2017, Graham Norton kept asking Cara Delevingne inappropriate questions while her dad was in the audience.

graham: cara, you were having sex and then cara cuts him off saying, my father is here by the way. sorry dad

Graham brought up a time when she was having sex on a plane — something they had been talking about backstage. And even though Cara was visibly uncomfortable — clearing her throat, scratching her neck, and stammering — he wouldn't let up.

BBC / Via youtube.com

She even straight-up said she was embarrassed, but Graham continued pushing.

graham: so you were having sex on a plane and someone was watching you
BBC / Via youtube.com

Seeing just how uncomfortable Cara was, actors Jessica Hynes and Martine McCutcheon tried to shift focus by declaring they were the ones on the plane with her.

jessica raising her hand saying, it was me

Women supporting women. We love to see it.

BBC / Via youtube.com

4.In 2007, while she was promoting her movie, Why Did I Get Married?, Janet Jackson was very rudely asked about the completely unrelated (and four years old at the time) Super Bowl incident when Justin Timberlake exposed her breast.

anchor asks, hey janet, anything happen to you at a super bowl

Tyler Perry, who was also being interviewed about the film, quickly stepped in and deflected the question, saying that he hoped the Jets would make it to the Super Bowl that year.

CBS / Via youtube.com

The anchor didn't take the hint and kept asking questions, blaming her, and only her, for what happened.

anchors and the actors being interviewed

At this point, Tyler became visibly upset, shifting in his seat. He, again, deflected, this time complimenting Janet on her acting abilities.

CBS / Via youtube.com

Then, in THE MOST disgusting part of the interview, that same anchor jokingly asked if Janet was wearing "iron suspenders."

anchor asking if it was so bad that she now has to wear iron suspenders

When Tyler once again attempted to shift focus back to the movie, the anchor asked if there were any wardrobe malfunctions in the film.

CBS / Via youtube.com

5.In a 2012 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen badgered Taylor Swift to reveal her dating history.

Ellen: you were here with your boyfriend zac efron last time, how's he doing? taylor: we never dated

During the interview, Ellen insisted several times, like to an annoying degree, that Taylor and Zac Efron were dating.

Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via youtube.com

Then, when Taylor refused to tell Ellen who her song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" was about, Ellen handed her a bell and instructed her to ring it when the person's picture appeared on screen.

taylor: i don't know if i'm gonna do this. this is the one thing that I have. It's the one shred of dignity that i have

When Taylor protested, Ellen took the bell and rang it for her, which made Taylor super uncomfortable. She told Ellen, "This makes me feel so bad about myself." Ellen finally eased up when Taylor literally yelled at her to stop.

Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via youtube.com

6.While promoting Jennifer's Body on ET in Canada, Megan Fox had to sit through ridiculously misogynistic comments and questions.

interview: I don't know if there's a man alive who's not in love with you in some way. Megan: you're a silly man you're a silly man in a checkered shirt

After the interviewer posited that every man alive was in love with her, Megan tried to laugh it off with a joke.

Corus Entertainment / Via youtube.com

But, the guy kept going, insisting that every conversation she had with a man must end with that man flirting with her.

interviewer saying every situation must end with flirting
Corus Entertainment / Via youtube.com

Megan responded that she didn't socialize with a lot of people and called herself a "recluse."

interview: see now I think you're flirting with me

She then squinted for a split second, and the interviewer replied, "See, now I think you're flirting with me."

Corus Entertainment / Via youtube.com

7.While promoting The Avengers in Russia, Scarlett Johansson was scrutinized for wanting to...eat.

interviewer: aren't you on a diet, no?

When Scarlett told the interviewer that she was excited to "tour the cuisine" in Russia, she automatically assumed that Scarlett was on some sort of diet.

Enigma / Via youtube.com

Scarlett quickly clapped back and made it clear that there was no rumored "diet" preventing her from eating.

Scarlett: no are you kidding me? Bring it on, I want the caviar
Enigma / Via youtube.com

8.In her 2000 appearance on The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Mariah Carey was forced to defend a wardrobe choice.

Rosie: American Music Awards, hello trampy dress

At the start of the interview, Rosie showed a picture of Mariah at the American Music Awards and called her dress "trampy."

Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution / Via youtube.com

Before she let the conversation get any further, Mariah rolled her eyes and interrupted Rosie, declaring, "I have something to say!" Mariah went on to explain that she could wear whatever she wanted.

mariah saying that if she wasnts to show her body in a dress, she's gonna do it

Rosie then attacked Britney Spears' outfit at the AMAs, calling it "trampy" as well, to which Mariah responded, "She's a nice girl."

Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution / Via youtube.com

9.At a press conference promoting her movie Battleship, Rihanna was asked about her personal life.

interviewer saying things are going great in rihanna's career, should they be expecting to see ashton kutcher with her
On Demand Entertainment / Via youtube.com

Before the interviewer even finished, Rihanna commented on the ridiculous question.

rihanna: wow, how disappointing was that question
On Demand Entertainment / Via youtube.com

10.While appearing on a Denver morning show to promote her movie Skeleton Twins, Kristen Wiig was asked for nudity advice.

host asking kristen if she recommends for him to do the news fully nude?

The host thought that Kristen appeared nude in Skeleton Twins when, in reality, he was thinking of an entirely different Kristen Wiig-led movie. So he not only asked her an extremely inappropriate question but he was also just flat-out wrong.

Nexstar Media Group / Via youtube.com

11.During a 2004 interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah asked Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen their clothing size.

closeup of the twins

Right around the time of the twins' appearance on the show, there were rumors that Mary-Kate had an eating disorder, and the media was anything but kind about it.

CBS / Via youtube.com

Oprah asked the twins about the rumor, but as Ashley was explaining how rumors just "come with the territory," Oprah interrupted her to ask what size they were.

closeup of ashley asking after oprah asked what size they were

Ashley was clearly shocked by the incredibly rude and insensitive question.

CBS / Via youtube.com

When both Mary-Kate and Ashley said they didn't know their exact size since they're very petite (they're both just over five feet tall) and had to get their clothes taken in most of the time, Oprah condescendingly made fun of them.

oprah smirking and asking, oh you're not sure
CBS / Via youtube.com

12.And finally, while Sandra Bullock was promoting her movie The Proposal on The Today Show, Matt Lauer couldn't stop talking about her "nude" scene.

matt: the major thing that's changed since you were here.. i have no seen you naked

Matt literally started the interview by telling Sandra how excited he was that she appeared nude in the film. He repeated it multiple times and even joked it was his screen saver.

(I have to note that it's only implied that Sandra Bullock's character is naked. She doesn't actually show anything).

NBC / Via youtube.com

Sandra held her composure and made jokes until he moved on. But his last question brought her nakedness right back into the conversation.

matt: did i mention you have a nude scene. Sandra: pretty much from the time you opened your mouth, yeah
NBC / Via youtube.com

Then when the interview was over, Sandra joked that she was never coming back.

matt: come back more often. Sandra: no not after this interview

She was completely deadpan when she said it, so I'd like to think she wasn't actually joking.

NBC / Via youtube.com

The National Eating Disorders Association helpline is 1-800-931-2237; for 24/7 crisis support, text “NEDA” to 741741.