12 Times Movies Completely And Totally Abandoned Reality, Reminding People They Are, In Fact, Just Movies

WARNING: Given the nature of the question being answered in this post, there are several SPOILERS AHEAD for various movies. Please proceed with caution!

With the latest installment in the Fast & Furious film series released, we've been prompted to reflect on some of the absolutely mind-boggling moments the franchise has brought us over the years.

Vin Diesel driving and saying "You right" in Fast & Furious

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You know, the moments when the filmmakers completely abandoned reality and you sit there in the theater asking yourself "...what on Earth is going on right now?!"

Because let's face it, the Fast & Furious films have become notorious for doing exactly that. Take this moment in Furious 7, for example, when an injured Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) flexes so hard that it makes his cast explode off. Then (with a still-broken arm), he is able to not only survive an ambulance crashing over a bridge, but he simply gets up, shakes it off, and carries on with his mission.

Or how about the time in Fast & Furious 6 when Dom (Vin Diesel) saves Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), because nothing screams "reality" like Dom defying the laws of physics for — you guessed it — FAMILY.

So that's why we recently took to the BuzzFeed Community to put a very important question out there: we asked fellow movie lovers to come together and share the exact moment that they realized a movie had completely abandoned reality (and maybe even lost the plot a little).

Joe Goldberg from "You" looking confused to the right and left

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So with that in mind, here are just a few of the most popular responses shared:

Editor's note: several of the following responses were also pulled from a Reddit thread by sringray23.

1.This cringe-worthy line in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is absolutely deserving of being mentioned:

A breakdown of the scene in Rise of Skywalker when Poe says "Somehow Palpatine Returned" looking defeated, as everyone around gasps and looks on in shock.
Lucasfilm Ltd. / Via youtube.com

"When Poe says, 'Somehow, Palpatine returned.' The way he said it just made an already bad line even worse."


"If even Oscar Isaac can't deliver that line well, you know something went wrong."


You can watch the scene here:

2.How about this Aston Martin 'trick' in Die Another Day? Well, it's a 'NO' from us!

A breakdown of the scene in which Q showing James Bond the Aston Martin that has "cloaking" capabilities in Die Another Day
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via youtu.be

"I love James Bond and enjoy Q's gadgets, but the disappearing Aston Martin just ruined it for me!"


You can watch the scene here:

3.Or how about this clip from The Martian (which, I'll admit, caught me off guard. I personally found this moment highly emotional, but after reading this submission, I can see how one might feel differently about the scene after reading the book!):

A spaceship shoots up into the atmosphere on Mars
TSG Entertainment / Via youtube.com

"I love The Martian. The movie was enjoyable and stuck pretty close to the book. However, I didn't like when Mark launched off of Mars to be rescued by his crew mates — this was when the movie abandoned the book and seemed way too unrealistic. I thought the rescue in the book was plenty dramatic while still staying fairly grounded, but the movie went unnecessarily over the top."


You can watch the scene here:

4.And when Dorothy thinks it's acceptable to say this in The Wizard of Oz:

A breakdown of the scene in which Dorothy arrives in an unknown land and say's 'I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore' in Wizard of Oz
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via youtu.be

"When Dorothy says, 'Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.'"


You can watch the scene here:

5.What about Barbara's scenes in Wonder Woman 1984?

When Diana first meets Barbara in Wonder Woman 1984
DC Films / Via youtu.be

"When we are supposed to believe Barbara is not attractive."


"'No, not Barbara! She's got glasses! And a ponytail! Ugh, she's got paint on her overalls!' What is that?"


You can watch the scene here:

6.Or — for fans of Sorry to Bother You — perhaps you'll remember the exact scene this entry is talking about:

A man sits, scared, in a dark room with his head wrapped in bandages
Annapurna Pictures

"f you’ve seen it, you know exactly when. It’s a huge spoiler, though. A jaw-dropping, WTF moment — not in a good way. I definitely lost A LOT of credit for when it comes to making a selection on movie nights after that one."


You can watch the trailer here:

7.And who could forget this...trick...in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

Breakdown of the scene in which Indiana Jones empties a fridge, climbs into it, and still survives a nuclear blast
Lucasfilm Ltd. / Via youtube.com

"Indiana Jones surviving a nuclear blast in a refrigerator."


You can watch the scene here:

8.Or what about this revelation in the sci-fi thriller The Signal?

A man stands on a precipice
IM Global / Via youtube.com

"The whole thing is about a group of friends where one of them gets abducted by aliens. The friend wakes up in a hospital having been experimented on and the whole movie is them running across Earth trying to escape the hospital people. But the main character realizes at the end he’s been on a different planet the whole time. So it’s revealed that he was abducted, too. It felt so stupid and cheap and I was like, 'I just watched this character spend the whole movie escaping just for him to be in outer space the whole time?!' I hated it and it was way too bizarre of an ending."


You can watch the scene here:

9.This moviegoer recalled a few Twister scenes that just felt pretty unrealistic:

Breakdown of the scene in Twister in which Jo and Bill see a tornado in the distance, then try to run to the barn, whilst the entire house is being pulled into pieces
Warner Bros / Via youtu.be

"Let me preface by saying it's an entertaining movie, but there are a lot of reality stretches. The statistical odds of intercepting that many tornadoes in a short period of time are pretty slim. Blowing debris causes little to no cuts or injuries. In reality, it would be like getting sandblasted by gravel and other objects. Also, they all have good cell reception in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma in 1996?! It wasn't like today when you see cell towers everywhere."


You can watch the trailer here:

10.And this fan lost it with Interstellar's bookcase scene (though, again, I'll be honest — Interstellar is one of my favorite films, so this one hurt me in the heart a little):

A man looks through a space in a bookcase
Legendary Pictures

"I was already giving this movie side eye, but the minute they started with the bookcase I wanted to flip a table. Seriously, I hated that movie. Matthew McConaughy's performance didn’t help either. All around 👎."


You can watch the scene here:

11.This key scene from Zack Snyder's Justice League had fans *running* for an exit:

Ezra Miller as The Flash and running with lightning bolts coming off of him, from Zack Snyder's Justice League
DC Films / Via youtu.be

"Any time The Flash was running."


You can watch the scene here:

12.And finally — not a movie, but — we'll take this submission for Once Upon A Time! The series actually brought in an array of WTF moments for this fan after bringing in Disney characters to the show:

Once Upon A Time Queen transitioning into another character with an outfit change and purple smoke encompassing

ABC Studios / Hulu / Via giphy.com

"When they brought in Frozen characters. Like, what? It was all classic fairytales and then all of a sudden it was just Disney movies. I watched one episode with the Frozen characters and then bailed on the series."


You can watch the scene here:

So there you have it! Films can take liberties sometimes and serve up key moments which defy a movie's reality, and these are the ones that stuck with our BuzzFeed Community (and Reddit users) the most! Were you surprised to see any of these moment's mentioned, or can you think of any scenes which should've made the list? Tell me in the comments!

Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity. H/T: Reddit.