12 Things Pia Baroncini Did to Look as Beautiful as Possible on Her Wedding Day

For fashion girls, Pia Baroncini—LPA's designer and creative director—is pretty much the ultimate, well, everything. Not only are we obsessed with her unapologetic attitude when it comes to life and style (check out her new podcast, Pia's Pod, and you'll understand), but she also has damn fabulous beauty aesthetic. We're equally big Pia fans over here in the WWW beauty sector, so when she wed now-husband Davide Roberto Baroncini this past August in Pasadena, California, we were intrigued. Not only because wedding style and beauty are fascinating in and of themselves, but also because we also know Baroncini is a high-key beauty lover, regularly sharing her favorite products and treatments on Instagram.

Not only did we pour over her day-of wedding look, but we also wanted to dive deep into her wellness- and beauty-centric wedding prep. So we asked her! Baroncini shared with us that while there was a lot of prep, treatments, and diligence involved in the lead-up to her wedding day, she already follows a pretty steadfast protocol when it comes to health, wellness, and beauty.

Thus, her wedding prep ultimately ended up being a faster, more furious version of what she was already doing—Pia 2.0, if you will. "I really wanted to look like myself—that was the goal. Not some weird alternate-universe Pia who only ever looked that way on her wedding," she explains. "I'm deep into heath and wellness, so honestly, I just did my usual health stuff."

Curious as to what, exactly, "stuff" entails? Ahead, we're sharing 12 wellness and beauty practices Pia Baroncini did leading up to her wedding day in order to feel and look as beautiful (and herself) as possible. Plus we've added every essential product she mentions, in addition to product suggestions that replicate some of the more spendy or less-attainable treatments. Keep scrolling!

1. Supplements

"I should have cut out alcohol (still should), but I need to enjoy my damn life," Baronicini laughs. Instead, shes tells us she took a lot of Moon Juice supplements, especially SuperYou ($49) and SuperHair ($60), along with Hum Nutrition's Skin Heroes Pre + Probiotic Clear Skin Supplement ($40) and the brand's Flatter Me Digestive Enzyme Supplement ($25).


Moon Juice SuperYou Daily Stress Management ($49)

Moon Juice SuperHair Daily Hair Nutrition ($60)

Hum Nutrition Skin Heroes Pre + Probiotic Clear Skin Supplement ($40)

Hum Nutrition Flatter Me Digestive Enzyme Supplement ($25)

2. Sugar- and Carb-Free Diet + Cleanse/Fast

"I'm allergic to wheat and don't care for the negative effects sugar has on my body, so I just kept to my usual clean diet," Baroncini explains. "No carbs, no sugar; I did the Owl Venice cleanse and my usual quarterly ProLon fast. I eat clean, and whenever I feel sluggish I fix it with the OWL cleanse or the ProLon fast, which is a bio-hack I use to hopefully prevent auto-immune and Alzheimer's. However, it also really, truly gives me an incredible amount of energy and focus—I did both in the month leading up to the wedding."


OWL Venice Reset Organic Cleanse Program ($270)

3. No-B.S. Fitness

"I did so much Hot 8 Yoga—the sculpt or barre classes—and I have a Peloton bike at home," Baroncini shares.


Manduka eKO Mat ($44)

Peloton Basics Package ($2245)

4. Maintaining Daily Skincare

"My skincare is always the same—a Biologique Recherche routine with some Dr. Barbara Sturm and a lot of Serum C with micro-needling."


Biologique Recherche Creme Masque Vernix ($0)

Prices as noted on the Shop Rescue Spa website

Biologique Recherche Serum Fluide VIP O2 ($0)

Prices as noted on the Shop Rescue Spa website

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum ($300)

Melanie Simon Skincare Serum C ($200)

Ora Face Microneedle Dermal Roller System 0.5mm ($30)

5. Brow Maintenance

"My eyebrows were done by Jared Bailey of Benefit Cosmetics," Baroncini tells us. "I've been going to Benefit to get my eyebrows done for 10 years—any location will do; he trained everyone to do the best natural brows ever. I rarely do my eyebrows—maybe like once or twice a year, and only with Jared. He came to the house and did my momma and my bridesmaid (who had never had her eyebrows done) a few days before the wedding."


Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil Ultra Fine Shape & Define ($24)

6. Hair Gloss

"I got a gloss from Nina at Mare Salon. I NEVER do anything to my hair, but Nina is THE BEST at color—literally any color—so I had her do a gloss with a slight brown tint so I could just be soft and shiny."


DP Hue Gloss+ Semi-Permanent Hair Color and Deep Conditioner ($35)

7. An A+ Spray Tan

"I only EVER, EVER, EVER get a spray from Ana Marshall. Ana is the BEST—she comes to your house and is a dream. I had her do all the girls in my family the day before the wedding."


Beautycounter Countersun Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Mist SPF 30 ($39)

9. Regular Facials

"Before the wedding, I got facials from Cynthia Franco—she's the best ever and worth every penny. I met Cynthia through Jacquie Aiche (a god) and Cynthia's studio is in Jacquie's heavenly offices. I stopped by to say hi one day and had some intense cystic acne on my chin. Jacquie said 'I'm getting you a facial from Cynthia; she literally fucks your face.' Fast-forward two hours and I had been microneedled, peeled, light therapied—you name it. You just walk out of there with different skin."


Goldfaden MD Fresh-A-Peel ($85)

10. Nonsurgical Face-Lifts

"My mom and I did two rounds of Forma at Le Jolie Medi Spa before the wedding—it just completely sculpts your face—and for me, it really de-puffs a tiny double-chin thing I get insecure about but shouldn't."


Joanna Czech Facial Massager ($189)

11. Lymphatic Drainage

"I love getting lymphatic drainage with Anna at Ricari Studios, and I treat myself to a treatment when I can—especially before a trip when I know I'll be puffy or swollen. It dramatically increases circulation and prevents me from getting sick! So I went twice: a week prior and a couple days before the wedding."


Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Cellulite Body Brush ($35)

12. Botox + Tattoo Removal

"I did botox and tattoo removal with Dr. Payman Danielpour at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group," Baroncina shares. "I've been working on getting my tattoos removed for a year, and Dr. Pay happens to also do the BEST botox—so I did it a little a few weeks before in the off-chance I looked funky, but it was just perfect as usual. I had lots of movement, and it looked very natural. Dr. Pay did a little it in between my brows because my resting face is a FULL-BLOWN frown, and a few dots to lift up my brows a bit. (HI! I'M NOT TIRED.)"


Hanacure All-In-One Facial ($29)

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