12 Stunning Home Libraries That Will Make You Want to Cozy Up With a Good Book

From tranquil coves and attic nooks to stately rooms, these spaces prove anyone can build their own home library.

<p>James McDonald </p>

James McDonald

A home library might feel like a faraway dream—a luxury reserved for only a select few— but anyone can incorporate one into their home as long as there's an area you can partition for the cause. You can completely transform a corner nook, attic space, or unused room into a personal library.

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Getty Images

Whether petite or grand, eclectic or traditional, your library is a designated space for you to unwind, find refuge, and set aside the day's worries to flip through the pages of a good book. If you're toying with the idea of creating your own reading space, let these cozy home library ideas inspire you.

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Soulful Book Lounge

<p>Lindsay Brown</p>

Lindsay Brown

Saturated tones, contrasting textures, and thoughtfully plucked baubles make this elegant, bookish lounge feel like a true getaway. "We wanted this room to feel deep, soulful, and comforting," says interior designer Avery Cox. "Lots of layers, jewel toned colors, and upcycled furniture give this room an old soul feeling. Our client is a photographer, as well, and needed a place to display her vintage camera collection along with her significant accumulation of art books."

The result is an enticing space perfect for melting into a good book, sipping wine, and appreciating cherished possessions.

Dining Room Library

William Abranowicz
William Abranowicz

You don't need an extra room to create a library in your home. Take notes from Colleen Simmonds, who transformed this dining area into a multi-purpose room for eating and reading. She flanked a three-pane window with built-in bookshelves, filling the gap in between with a comfortable bench. The result? A does-everything room (with extra seating to boot).

Earthy, Autumnal Library

<p>Sharon Lomas</p>

Sharon Lomas

"Following the principles of biophilic design, I wanted to create a refuge at home—a cozy reading nook and calm retreat to read, reflect and just be," says Sharon Lomas, an interior designer and founder of A Story of Home.

Lomas was inspired by her favorite seasonal color palette—autumn in the United Kingdom's Lake District—which features rich tones of green. "I layered natural textures including a pure cotton throw, cotton velvet cushions, and sheepskin. Nature-inspired artwork and living greenery all help connect my space to nature to create a sanctuary at home," she says.

Small and Neutral Library

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Turn an unused corridor or hallway space into a walk-through library by building a bookcase into the wall, like Ore Studios did in this Washington home. The cubbies, filled with an assortment of cream-colored books and knick-knacks, don't overwhelm the small enclosure, which was set up to give the owners a moment of calm and quiet.

Paneled Greige Library

<p>Douglas Friedman</p>

Douglas Friedman

Here, handsome monochromatic paneling sets a neutral backdrop for a collection of books, trinkets, and vibrant artwork. Jessica Lagrange, founder of Jessica Lagrange Interiors, says she stained white oak in a custom greige color to get the look. "Capitalizing on the moody atmosphere created by the paneling, the textiles chosen are subdued in color, yet rich in texture," she says.

Airy and Bright Library

<p>Jenifer McNeil Baker</p>

Jenifer McNeil Baker

Home libraries often take the moody path, but a bright space flooded with light can feel equally inviting. "We wanted the architecture of the space to be the star, and with those windows, everything else in the room is really a backdrop," says Eddie Maestri, principal architect and owner of Maestri Studio. "The patterned drapery and Persian [rug] are a nod to the period of the home." The use of antique books further lend to a simple and understated look.

Home Office-Meets-Library

<p>Brad Ramsey Interiors & Paige Rumore</p>

Brad Ramsey Interiors & Paige Rumore

This multifunctional space serves as a library, sitting room, and home office, which is an option to consider if you're short on space. "The oversized fireplace with a pair of comfortable chairs in front of it encourages you to grab a book, light a fire and enjoy a cozy space to read," says Brad Ramsey, principal designer and founder of Brad Ramsey Interiors. "Tucked away from the main entertaining spaces in the house, it is the perfect quiet place whether you are needing to be productive or to steal away for some quiet time." And how great is that ladder?

Attic Reading Nook

<p>Lindsay Brown</p>

Lindsay Brown

Figuring out what to do with a small attic space can be tricky, but this little room had so much potential. Cox created a flex space from this attic's guest room; it now serves as a space for reading, playing, yoga, and office work.

"There is a small nook for one of [the owner's] children to draw or do homework while Mom works, and the window seat provides a sunny spot for the family dog or for our client to curl up and escape into a book," Cox says. "We were going for a soothing base color with citrusy pops of color to keep things fun and playful. By adding the custom built-in shelving, we were able to maximize the wall space on one end of the room, thus freeing up square footage for workouts and lounge furniture."

Tranquil Book Cove

<p>James McDonald </p>

James McDonald

Here's some inspiration to turn that odd corner or nook in your home into a peaceful cove brimming with books. This library-meets-drawing room, designed by Kate Guinness, isn't huge—but still feels like just the right size. Tall bookshelves and a large window maximize the space, and comfortable seating and lighting make it all the more welcoming. To elevate the tranquil ambience, Guinness' team "chose to paint this library in Ethereal Blue by Edward Bulmer Paint, a color that really lives up to its name."

European Reading Room

<p>Grey Crawford</p>

Grey Crawford

Interior designer Jeff Andrews says his goal with this space was to create a European-influenced collected and curated aesthetic. "While the home itself is new construction, everything in this space is vintage or antique, bringing a sense of history to the room," he says. "My favorite pieces in the room are the vintage peacock lamp and the wicker chairs, because they bring so much character and patina to the space."

Modest Azure Library

<p>Barr Joinery & Lucy Walters</p>

Barr Joinery & Lucy Walters

There's real charm in simplicity, and this handsomely designed space by Barr Joinery is proof. It features all the hallmarks of a home library: floor-to-ceiling bookcases, plush window seating, and an oversize chair with character that you can really sink into. Blue tones lend handsome flair, while providing a neutral backdrop to a collection of colorful bindings.

Equestrian-Themed Library

<p>Dustin Halleck</p>

Dustin Halleck

Wooden libraries and offices often get painted over, but there's something particularly noble and timeless about a mahogany library. "We kept the space from feeling too serious with a large horse portrait, which is a quirky play on a more traditional portrait you might have seen at one time," says Claire Staszak, owner of Centered by Design. "Sometimes flipping a traditional idea on its head can give a room its own personality and make it more memorable."