12 Salons Teaching Dads to Style Their Daughters’ Hair

Here are 12 hair salons offering classes just for dads and daughters. (Photo: Getty)

With the popularity of viral YouTube videos featuring dads transforming their daughters’ locks up into neat ponytails with nothing more than a vacuum, and dads being more hands-on than ever, it’s no surprise that salons all over the country are creating classes to teach dads just how to care for their kids’ hair. These classes are a sort of combination of Hair 101 lecture and demo paired with an open mic night — all for the betterment of little, adorable heads.

If you’re one of the many parents still trying to find the hair instruction manual that the hospital was supposed to give out with each baby, don’t worry. Here are ten salons around the country ready, willing, and able to teach both parents the fine art of ponytails, braids, buns, and other general grooming techniques sure to set your little one at the head of the hair class:

Romika Salon in Miami Gardens, Florida

Salon owner Guy Oz is proud to offer free styling tutorials for any parent booking a child’s haircut at the salon. “I have 2 young daughters of my own, ages 4 and 11, so I know what it’s like for dads. I am very generous with my time teaching parents the right way to wash, condition, brush, and style the hair of their kids. It’s not just for happy parents, the kids feel better about it, too.” 

Yoni Kreger Salon in South Orange, New Jersey

The salon is new and has so far been offering private parental instruction, but will start offering 30-minute classes focusing on braids, buns, and everything in between, in October. “So much of the product sales I was doing in my salon was actually for a line of detanglers for little girls that I knew I had to offer some kind of instruction for parents, especially dads, to help get through difficult curls and tangles. I also have my own 5 year old little girl so I know it usually hurts when a parent doesn’t know what he or she is doing.”

John Roberts Spa in Ohio

With several salons around Ohio, John Roberts Spa is catering to a diverse crowd by offering Daddy & Me Styling classes. The classes are specifically for dads and daughters to attend together, learn tips and tricks, and enjoy the experience of bonding through a fun class.

Brenna Mader in Nashville, Tennessee

What happens when you get a former Miss Tennessee offering hair instruction for parents needing a little extra help? Some pretty happy and glam daughters. Booking a private hair tutorial with Brenna Mader is the holy grail of hair instruction for the glitter-loving, princess-dress-wearing little girls of the Nashville area. “The lessons can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on what I’m teaching and how many students I have,” she says. She can be booked directly for group styling events starting at $200 per hour.

The “Real Dads Can Braid” class. (Photo: Cozy’s Cuts For Kids)

Cozy’s Cuts for Kids Salons in New York City

Owner Cozy Friedman offers a “Real Dads Can Braid” class each month for $25, and the price of admission includes her branded SoCozy Detangler and a full size Styling Cream— not bad for dads trying to work their way through messy little girl hair, but also a popular option for parents with long-haired little boys too. “We introduced the ‘Real Dads Can Braid’ class in July. I came up with the idea because the most important thing to me has always been to make life easier for parents, and help make kids feel good.”

Envogue Salon in Denver, Colorado

The local Denver salon offers small, intimate group beer and braids classes for up six dads at a time. The class is geared towards dads who are simply too nervous to work on their daughters’ hair. For $55 dads learn the fine art of air while sipping beer as their daughters get done over and nosh on snacks and root beer. Not a bad idea for some quality time in general.

James Corbett Salon in New York City

“Teaching kids about hair is teaching them about expression, responsibility and confidence - it’s part of the whole ‘package of you’ that’s so important,” says salon owner and director James Corbett. His salon offers private instruction packages tailored just for parents for $85 per hour. His team of stylists work with moms and dads alike to tailor hair care for all hair types and tastes.

Conscious Coils in Portland, Oregon

The team at Conscious Coils Natural Hair Salon focuses on styling naturally curly and textured hair. They’ve been offering classes for classes for years and focus on the more intricate styling methods like corn rows, braids, and detangling. “With one-on-one attention, you will have the will be given undivided attention so you can learn the skills to help you gain confidence and improve your skill set,” their website boasts. Classes start at $25 per hour and the salon is located in the heart of downtown Portland. 

Monkey Dooz in Richland, Washington

While Monkey Dooz is a salon geared at kids, the classes they offer are more of a mommy (or daddy) and me variety. They advertise evening or Saturday morning classes with daughters to learn about mai-tai’s, topsy tails, braiding, updo’s, and poofs.

Kids’ Hair in Edina, Minnesota

Classes for dads are offered occasionally, inspired by Cozy Friedman’s work in New York City, and it’s not unusual to see the most masculine of men sitting down in the salon trying to work his way through learning braided pigtails. “The classes are free to the parents and kids and include pony tails, braids, and even pulling out tangles,” says Alyssa Hinderscheiz, stylist and trainer for Kids’ Hair.


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