12 People Who Should Be Banned From Flying

We tried — we really have. We’ve posted numerous articles about travel etiquette (like this one; and this one; and this one). We’ve specifically outlined all the bad behavior that you shouldn’t engage in on flights. We’ve even posted pictures that easily illustrate the dos and don’ts of proper conduct on an aircraft.

Well, people are still traipsing through aircraft in their bare feet. They’re still being inconsiderate jerks to flight attendants and fellow passengers. And they’re still forgetting that they are not on a private jet, but flying with other people.

So now we’re getting real: it’s time to start banning people from the skies. With the help of Shawn Kathleen of Passenger Shaming — a social media campaign that posts pictures of bad flyers in hopes of shaming them into minding their airborne manners — we’ve identified 12 types of people who should be banned from flying for life without possibility of parole or stand-by. Here they are. And if you’re on this list, remember: you were warned.