12 Instagram Travel Photographers You Need to Follow


A picture’s worth a thousand likes. (Photo: Thinkstock)

By Matt Long

I love getting lost in great travel imagery. Fortunately, there’s Instagram, the perfect platform to do just that. As you can imagine, I’ve spent quite a lot of time trolling the social network, bouncing around from account to account in search of great, awe-inspiring travel photographers. And, as a result, I’m also a big Instagrammer myself.

I’ve definitely found some great ones — and not by just searching “best travel photographers on Instagram.” I did some deep creeping. Some are professionals and some aren’t, but all have one thing in common: a fierce love not only of travel but also of sharing that love with the world.

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Here are the 13 travel photographers I think you should follow now. Naturally, this list has just my personal choices, and it’ll probably change over time. But right now, I’m thankful that these Instagrammers have welcomed the Instagram community into their daily lives and global adventures.

1. @Bloggeries


Rob is the brains behind the travel blog and YouTube channel Stop Having a Boring Life, and he definitely practices what he preaches: His life is anything but dull. Follow him for fun, quirky, and always-interesting travel photos from all corners of the globe.

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2. @TheVagabondish


The Vagabondish has been a leader in the travel community for years. That may be because Mike Richards, the face behind the name, lives up to his rep: He gets out there. A great hodgepodge of experiences, this account never fails to disappoint.

3. @LeahTravels


Leah is a professional with exceptional photos on her site, and that absolutely translates to her Instagram account. Her photos are beautiful but also well thought out, obviously designed to provide all of us with some great, artistic, and well-executed shots to drool over.

4. @StoryTravelers


I’ll admit it: Sometimes I feel inferior when I look at Caspar’s amazing photos on Instagram. They aren’t just well composed; they’re beautiful. He definitely has an eye.

5. @Lozula


This account will change the way you look at the world. Equal parts travel writer and photographer, Laurence has a unique perspective, and his photos deliver every time. He is consistently amazing.

6. @MrsOAroundWorld


Two words: luxury travel. There are a lot of luxury travelers out there, but Mrs. O is one of my favorites. Her images are beautiful and aspirational; they make you want to go to the places she’s been.

7. @ReiseFreunde


All social media platforms introduce us to folks around the world, but Instagram is especially intimate. I love seeing how people in other countries, like Instagrammer extraordinaire Angie, experience the world. Check out her account for artistic and thoughtful images from every corner of the planet.

8. @PhotoJBartlett


Jeff’s stunning photos aren’t just photos, they’re works of art. Enough said.

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9. @MichaelTurtle


Michael is one of a rare breed of human: excellent writer and excellent photographer. His photos tell stories that have just as much of an impact as his well-crafted prose.

10. @TravelsInTranslation


I’ve been a big fan of Beth’s for a long time, for one simple reason: She makes me want to visit places I’ve never been to. That’s the core of what great travel storytelling should be, and her photos in particular demonstrate her keen ability to transport followers to anywhere in the world.

11. @NicoleTravelBug


A prolific traveler and writer, Nicole seeks adventure and luxury wherever she goes — and she almost always finds it. Her account follows her experiences, and it’s quite addicting to join her on her journey.

12. @BaldHiker


Paul is a social media legend. He is huge on Twitter, but his Instagram feed is just as entertaining. It’s colorful and fun; deciding whether to follow him is a no-brainer.

So, what are you waiting for? I highly suggest you start following these 12 Instagrammers right now—and start scrolling.

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