12 Ideas for Storing Throw Blankets, Whether on Display or Tucked Away

Your throw blankets can also act as décor while being properly stored and out of the way until their next use.

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There are few experiences cozier than curling up with a blanket, especially in the colder months. A throw blanket not only keeps your feet snug but also adds a splash of warmth to your home décor, making your space feel inviting and comfortable.

Throw blankets make a perfect gift, whether handmade or thoughtfully selected from a store—and they are also one of the more irresistible home décor items to pick up while shopping. So, there is a good chance you have quite a few of them scattered throughout your house, and there is an even better chance that you need a creative and stylish way to store them.

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  • Mindy Godding, certified professional organizer, owner of Abundance Organizing, and president of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals

  • Sarit Weiss, certified professional organizer and owner of Neat & Orderly

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Blend Them Into Your Home Décor

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"Because blankets can add a fun pop of color or texture to any space, I love working them into the room design," says Mindy Godding, certified professional organizer, owner of Abundance Organizing, and president of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. "Blankets in hues that compliment your décor can be stored in the open—draped over a chair, bench, or bed. They make any space feel cozy and inviting.”

Display Them on Shelves

If you have a book shelf or display cabinet with open shelves, put your blankets on display. Fold them neatly and stack them to soften the feel of any room. This is a particularly great solution if you have handmade blankets or blankets with sentimental value that you’ll enjoy seeing every day.

Use a Large Basket or Bin

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"Tuck a sturdy basket next to your favorite reading chair or under the sofa table and fill it with cozy blankets," says Godding. "Baskets are also a great portable option. In my house, we keep a basket filled with fleece blankets next to the back door so it can be moved outside for evenings around the fire pit."

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Invest in Blanket Hangers

"Consider buying good quality/heavy duty pant-like hangers which can be used to hang blankets over the same way you normally would with pants," says Sarit Weiss, certified professional organizer and owner of Neat & Orderly. "Place the hangers on a rod in a linen closet or other storage closet."

Install a Towel Rack

A towel rack or shelf is a great way to store blankets, especially for people who live in small spaces, because it doesn’t take up any floor space. Fold or roll your blankets up neatly and stack them on a towel rack for a cozy addition to your home décor.

Hang Them on the Wall

Who says walls are only for hanging art? Blankets can add color, texture, and a whole lot of coziness to your home when hung on wall hooks. "This option is best for smaller, lightweight blankets that will resist stretching," says Godding.

Store Them Under the Coffee Table

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Some coffee tables are designed for storage, in which case you can store blankets folded nearly inside. Most coffee tables, however, don’t have built-in storage, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t helpful for storing blankets. Fold or roll up your blankets and store them beneath your coffee table (or side table) in either a slim basket or fabric bin. They’ll be easy to access and out of the way until you’re ready to get cozy.

Stack Them in a Dresser or an Armoire

If you have extra pieces of furniture sitting around in your garage or in a guest room, put them to good use. "Repurpose unused furniture pieces into unexpected blanket storage that is both functional and attractive,” says Goddard. You can also visit a local thrift store or antique shop to purchase a beautiful chest of drawers or dresser if you are looking to add another piece of storage to your home.

Display Them on a Ladder

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"Lean a decorative ladder against the wall and drape your blankets over the rungs to create a smart storage solution and beautiful piece of wall art," says Weiss. "Some have shelves to create more room for décor." If you have blankets for different seasons, changing up the blankets on your blanket ladder is a functional and subtle way to decorate for holidays.

Store Them in an Ottoman or Bench

"If you have extra space in a living room or bedroom or are ready to swap out your old coffee table, an ottoman with concealed storage within is a great option for many blankets," says Weiss. This is a great option if you’d prefer to store blankets out of sight until you’re ready to use them. "These multi-purpose furniture pieces are the modern replacement for old-fashioned blanket chests or trunks," says Godding.

Tuck Them Into a Shoe Rack

Over-the-door shoe racks and organizers can be used for more than just shoes; they are the perfect storage solution for lightweight blankets. Hang one over your closet door or on a closet rod and tuck folded blankets into the individual shelves. They’ll be easy to grab without disrupting any of the other folded blankets.

Use Under-Bed Storage Bins

The space under your bed makes for excellent storage, especially for blankets, which can easily be folded and stored flat. "Find a long, low bin with a lid that can slide easily under a bed for blanket storage," says Godding. "You'll be surprised how many can fit when flattened out like that," says Weiss.

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