These 12 Designer Items — Including Bottega Veneta and Gucci — Are Miraculously Over 70% Off

Laura Reilly

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As a shopping editor, much of my work week involves trawling top retail sites to catch unexpected deals. Sometimes, the deals are so good that I’m tempted to keep them all to myself, as though hoarding savings through sales will somehow make the deal even better — honestly, IDK, even I don’t understand the urge.

But because that would go against the oath all shopping editors take upon accepting the position to let readers in on the best, most fashionable things money can buy, I’ve instead assembled all of the week’s wildest deals right here for maximum shopping ease. Ta.

I can scarcely even touch on the rest of the list without first shouting from the rooftop that the two hottest brands on the planet can be found for $200 or less. Bottega Veneta and Gucci are both quietly selling massively discounted sunglasses that we’re buying now and wearing all summer.

But now that I’ve got that off my chest, here’s another thing I need to sound off on: Margiela TABIS are 70 percent off, too. Those in the know understand how constantly in-demand these weird-o boots are in the fashion community (they’re the Birkin bags of shoes), so the fact they’re $359 today is… whoa. Sizing for the most discounted style is very limited, but these flats, low heels, and denim boot versions have a few more to choose from at a slightly lower but still cracking discount.

Another cool, affordable thing from an expensive brand, this Givenchy sports bra for 70 percent off is our ticket into the French fashion house minus the extra zeroes usually required for entry. Similarly, this heart palpitating-ly chic Balenciaga box bag at under $1,000 (while not quite 70 percent off) is an investment opportunity that’s impossible not to include.

If that figure is giving you the wrong kind of feeling in your chest, this Danse Lente bag is only $114, a rare low price we’re attributing to the tragic news of retailer Need Supply’s bankruptcy. Read: You won’t find this deal again.

Taking a page out of Kelly Ripa’s book, we’re shopping a Stine Goya dress (like the one she wore earlier this week), for a cool $300 off and, while we’re at it, we’re adding this (also bankruptcy-priced) Sies Marjan dress to our carts to own a piece of fashion history.

And a couple of contemporary-casual designer pieces to round us off: an effortless Sandro jumpsuit that’s $400 off, celeb-loved Re/Done jeans (in tons of sizes) for less than $80, a t-shirt from British darling designer Wales Bonner for less than anything on this list, and, another on-sale crown jewel, an NYC-iconic Sandy Liang fleece for under $180.

Givenchy Logo Sports Bra


Shop now: $149 (Originally $495);

Sies Marjan Andy Cowl Neck Satin A-Line Midi Dress


Shop now: $269 (Originally $895);

Bottega Veneta 55mm Square Sunglasses


Shop now: $130 (Originally $430);

Stine Goya Steffi Dress


Shop now: $126 (Originally $420);

Sandy Liang Fred Fleece


Shop now: $179 (Originally $595);

Gucci Unisex GG0238S 47mm Sunglasses


Shop now: $200 (Originally $535);

Sandro Paris Aviator Style Jumpsuit


Shop now: $156 (Originally $520);

Maison Margiela x SSENSE Exclusive Green Tie-Up Tabi Boots


Shop now: $359 (Originally $1,195);

Wales Bonner Carl Van Vechten Print Short-Sleeve T-Shirt


Shop now: $67 (Originally $225);

Re/Done High Rise Loose Jeans Worn Black


Shop now: $79 (Originally $265);

Balenciaga Tool Shoulder Bag Black


Shop now: $958 (Originally $2,395);

Danse Lente Small Tote


Shop now: $114 (Originally $375);

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