12 Budget-Friendly Home Decor Items That Are Actually Worth Buying At Target This Spring


One of the best things about spring cleaning is all the room it frees up for redecorating! Out with the old, in the new, as they say. We made a list of the 11 best home decor items at Target that will not only add a little extra flair and character to a space, but also won’t cost you hundreds of dollars. Check out our list below.

1. Brass Wall Clock

While smart phones provide the time with a simple glance, we mustn't forget the charm of an analog clock. This 14-inch Pleated Brass Round Analog Wall Clock with a gorgeous Antique Finish from Heart & Hand is the perfect addition to a wall that just needs a little something extra. Plus, it's on sale for $27.99! Hang it in a bedroom, living room kitchen, even a bathroom to add some character and dimension to the room.

2. Woven Storage Baskets

Some of the best home decor items are functional too. Like these Banana Leaf Storage Baskets from the brand Olivia & May. Settle these into a cozy corner in the living room and fill them with extra blankets, tuck them under an entry-way table and fill them with shoes, or use them in the bedroom as hampers. With tons of different ways to use these baskets, they'll not only upgrade your decor, but the functionality of your home, too. You can get a three pack of these stunning baskets for $100—grab them while they're still in stock!

3. Fun Candles

Everyone loves a candle—part of elevating a space is certainly elevating the smell of the space. While it's easy to pick a candle based off the scent, it's also easy to spend a little extra time picking out a candle that's visually appealing too. Like this funky blue candle from Opalhouse, which is only $10, or this ceramic sage green candle from Threshold, if that's more your vibe. Make your house smell good, and look good!

4. Plant Propagation Set

For anyone with a green thumb, this plant propagation set is the perfect item to add a little greenery to a space. Even if you struggle to keep house plants alive, don't be scared of this wall-hanging set, because you don't need to water these! Simply fill up the vials with water and place clippings of your favorite plants and watch them grow. You can get these propagation set from Magnolia for only $23.99! With gorgeous gold accents, it adds so much to a space!

5. Funky Throw Pillow

Sometimes all a room needs is a pop of color, and one way to do that is with funky throw pillows like this one! This Textured Tufted Square Throw Pillow by Opalhouse, designed with Jungalow, comes in two colors—rust and blue. Each has tons of fun textures and colors, and simply by tossing them on your couch or chair, the room gets an added layer of character. On sale for $25 right now, this is a great addition to any home.

6. Ceramic Lamp

Lamps provide crucial lighting for a space, but it's just as crucial to make sure the design of the lamp adds to the space, too. This 23-inch Farmhouse Ceramic Urn Pot Table Lamp is 40% off right now, and comes in six different colors, distressed black, distressed grey, earth brown, terracotta, light blue, and beige. The textured look of the base adds just as much depth to a room as it does light. Bring yours home today—or even get a matching set!

7. Statement Wallpaper

If you're feeling bold, go for an accent wall or bathroom with fun and colorful wall paper! Beige and neutral is out, and fun, vibrant, colors are in! Like this peel-and-stick Tropical Green wall paper from Opalhouse. Splash it on one wall in a bedroom or living area for a fun accent wall, or dedicate a whole bathroom or laundry room too it to really add some color to your life. Go big or go home, right? You can get a set of this wall paper for only $34, a much cheaper alternative to having it professionally done!

8. Woven Placemats

Instead of leaving your kitchen table clear of anything, set out some decorative placemats to make the whole room look more homey. Plus, it'll encourage you—and hopefully your family—to let less clutter gather there, making it easy to keep clean. These boho-chic woven placemats come in a set of 2 for only $10, and add so much character to a space. You can even take it one step further and set up a whole table-scape!

9. Floral-Printed Rug

Another way to add some depth and color to a room is with a colorful or printed rug. This Floral Block Printed Blue Rug from Threshold comes in three different sizes, 2' x 3', 5' x 7', and 7' x 10' depending on how big your space is. If you're more of a neutral furniture and decor kind of person, but are still looking for a pop of color, this rug could be the answer! The smallest size is only $25—budget friendly and stunning!

10. Unique Vases

Flower vases don't have to be clear! Try out a unique vase to hold your next bouquet of flowers, adding in a little extra pizazz to a space. Like this gold ribbed one from Threshold, which is only $25, or this modern and funky blue one, which is only $30. It could be your pop of color or a tie in to a color you've already picked for the room. Either way, it's a great deal, and it's an easy way to add a little character to any space.

11. Coffee Table Books

Home decor can be personalized, too! While these can sometimes be a little pricey if you think about them as a book, if you think of it more as a piece of art or decor, paying a little extra for a coffee table book about a topic that interests you is really worth the money. Like this stunning black-and-white Tom Ford book, which is currently 44% off. Whether it's the best beaches in America, foods from all over the world, or even a personalized, homemade coffee table book documenting your favorite memories, these are the perfect addition to your coffee- or end-table.

12. Full Length Mirror

The final item on our list is another functional decor moment: the Wooden Mirror with Ladder from Threshold. With this item, you're fulfilling the need for a mirror—which can really open up a space, btw—and making it easier to store your throw blankets, rather than leaving them a crumpled mess on the couch. This mirror and ladder combo is on sale for $60, so grab yours while it's still in stock!