The 12 Best Trellises of 2023 for a More Successful (and Prettier) Garden

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Grow healthier flowers, fruits, and vegetables with our top picks.

<p>Better Homes & Gardens / Alli Waataja</p>

Better Homes & Gardens / Alli Waataja

Want to take your garden to the next level? Trellises are more than just garden accessories—they can actually make or break the success of your garden.

“Trellises keep plants off of the ground and increase air circulation around the plant, helping to reduce risk of fungal infection and deter pests,” explains Nancy Trautz-Awot, horticulture specialist at Burpee Gardening, a leading seed and plant company based in Warminster, Pennsylvania.

“Vining and climbing plants also tend to have higher yields when grown on a trellis, and vegetables will grow larger and more evenly,” Trautz-Awot adds. To find the best trellises, we sought out a variety of options, keeping in mind dimensions, materials, and more.

Best Overall: Scendor 48” H x 16” W Trellis 2-Pack

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Why You Should Get It

  • This pack of two iron trellises is an excellent value for such a sturdy and thoughtful design.

Keep in Mind

  • Heavy vegetables may overwhelm these trellises.

Multipacks mean you’re likely to get some sort of a deal—in this case, it’s two excellent trellises for under $100. These trellises mix clean, minimalist lines with a few ornate details and an iron frame for stability. The structures are further supported by six-inch ground spike inserts.

Each trellis is 5.6 pounds, which is on the lightweight side. This means you can probably lift and move them fairly easily on your own. But because of this, they’re most appropriate for flowers and smaller vegetables (something like a cucumber may be too heavy).

Price at time of publish: $70

Product Details: Dimensions: 0.2 x 16 x 48 inches | Material: Metal

Best Budget: Uwioff Trellis for Potted Plants 4-Pack

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Why You Should Get It

  • The green plastic blends into the background, reducing visual clutter and letting your plants shine.

Keep in Mind

  • These can only be used with potted plants.

The best trellises don’t need to be big and fancy. Sometimes a small, affordable option does the job. These cute mini trellises are made from durable green plastic, which blends in with the surroundings and reduces visual clutter. You can easily stack them together for taller plants, or place them side by side for wider ones.

Because of their size (10.2 x 6.1 x 2.2 inches), they can only support one potted plant at a time. You snag them in packs of four, six, or 12. Just keep in mind that they are only suitable for potted plants.

Price at time of publish: Starts at $9

Product Details: Dimensions: 10.2 x 6.1 x 2.2 inches | Material: Plastic

Best Splurge: Frontgate New York Botanical Garden Alix Trellis Collection

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Why You Should Get It

  • These beautiful designs taken from the New York Botanical Garden archives allow you to build your dream setup.

Keep in Mind

  • The pieces have to be attached to a surface, requiring more installation.

If anyone knows about plants, it’s the folks at the New York Botanical Garden. They’ve teamed up with Frontgate to create the best trellises worth splurging on. The collection includes a center panel, side panel, arch, planter box, and pot ring, in styles taken from the NYBG archives. Use them all together or mix and match them to make them work for your garden.

Every piece is made from cast aluminum with a hand-applied finish. They must be installed on a wall in order to use them, so there’s more assembly required than with most. If that doesn’t work for your space, you’re better off with a freestanding option.

Price at time of publish: Starts at $39

Product Details: Dimensions: Center panel: 36 x 61 inches, Side panel: 18-½ x 60-½ inches, Arch: 36 x 18-½ inches, Planter Box: 24 x 8 x 6-½ inches, Pot ring: 7-½ x 8-½ inches  | Material: Cast aluminum

Best Metal: Achla Designs FT-30 Freestanding Lattice Wrought Iron Garden Trellis

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Buy at

Why You Should Get It

  • Freestanding and foldable, this minimalist trellis offers flexibility for renters and those with small backyards.

Keep in Mind

  • No instructions are included, making assembly more complicated.

Don’t have the space required for the garden of your dreams? This is the best trellis for you. As a freestanding trellis, you can move it around as needed and even fold it up like an accordion in the off-season. That said, wall brackets are included if you want to secure the trellis beyond the two-pronged stakes, or you can snag a wall-mounted trellis of the same design.

In addition, we love that wrought iron is sealed with a durable powder coating that has a little bit of texture for climbing plants to grab onto as they grow. Heads up: Assembly may take a little longer than anticipated, as no instructions are included in the box.

Price at time of publish: $88

Product Details: Dimensions: 0.5 x 36 x 95 inches | Material: Iron

Best Wood: Arlmont & Co. Minakumari 59” W x 30” D Wood Arbor

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Why You Should Get It

  • The classic design is made out of weather-resistant wood from responsibly managed forests.

Keep in Mind

  • The structure comes with metal anchors for concrete, but longer stakes (not included) are needed to put it directly on the ground.

As timeless as a wooden trellis can look, this one works overtime as an arbor to elevate your walkway or entrance while creating opportunities for your climbing plants to grow. The structure is made out of Chinese cedar wood sourced from responsibly managed forests. It’s been pre-stained with a weather-resistant plant guard, though you can always stain it darker if desired.

Though certainly lightweight, foot-long metal anchors meant to go into concrete are included to help maintain stability. If you’d prefer to install the arbor directly into the ground, you’ll need to purchase longer stakes separately.

Price at time of publish: $197

Product Details: Dimensions: 83 x 59 x 30 inches | Material: Wood

Best Arched: Giantex 7.2ft Metal Garden Arbor Trellis

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Why You Should Get It

  • Most steel trellises are more ornate, but this one has a clean design that allows the plants to take center stage.

Keep in Mind

  • The eight included ground stakes may not be enough to keep it secure.

The rails along this trellis are less ornate than many steel options and equally effective at creating the ideal environment for climbing plants to grow. At 7.2 feet high, even taller people can comfortably walk through.

This trellis clocks in at 14.5 pounds of steel, which is on the lighter side. Steel is already durable, and even more so when it’s spray-treated like this arch is. Eight ground stakes are included for stability, but some recommend further support as a precaution to prevent tipping.

Price at time of publish: $130

Product Details: Dimensions: 47 x 17.5 x 86 inches | Material: Steel

Best with Planter Box: Best Choice Products Wood Planter Box & Diamond Lattice Trellis, Set of 2

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Buy at

Why You Should Get It

  • Optional locking wheels make it easy to move these trellis/planters around for more or less sun exposure.

Keep in Mind

  • The structures are on the shorter side, so possibly not ideal for plants that need tons of room.

A trellis-planter box combination is a two-for-one situation, and we love that this one comes in a set. The trellis part is 38 inches high with a classic lattice to provide structural support for climbing plants, while the planter box is 10 inches deep and equipped with drainage holes.

They’re made out of fir wood, which is naturally weather-resistant, and finished with an attractive walnut stain. You can install the included wheels (with locks) for easy mobility that’s especially helpful when you need more or less sun exposure. These are pretty short for trellises, so keep that in mind if you have plants that need lots of room to spread out.

Price at time of publish: $130

Product Details: Dimensions: 25.1 x 11 x 48 inches | Material: Wood

Best for Tomatoes: Gardener's Supply Company Elevated Bamboo Tomato Planter and Trellis

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Why You Should Get It

  • This aesthetically appealing trellis doubles as a planter—ideal for tomato plants.

Keep in Mind

  • It’s pricey considering that it accommodates only one plant.

At once a planter, trellis, and decor piece, this structure is made from bamboo with hemp rope and a replaceable coir insert (ideal for retaining moisture and promoting air-pruning of roots). The three tiers of bamboo rings provide almost 40 inches of support, while the 12-inch deep basket is 10 centimeters off the ground to help support solid drainage.

Part of the beauty of bamboo is how it develops a silvery patina over time. If you do like the light brown color though, you can maintain it with polyurethane. The one con? It’s pricey for just one plant.

Price at time of publish: $80

Product Details: Dimensions: 16.5 x 53.9 inches | Material: Bamboo, hemp fiber, and coir

Best for Cucumbers: VivoSun Trellis Netting

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Why You Should Get It

  • This flexible netting is a great deal for the cost considering it can be reused again and again.

Keep in Mind

  • You have to handle it carefully in and out of the packaging to prevent tangles.

Made out of heavy-duty braided polyester, this trellis netting is designed to support the weight of plants like cucumbers. While not fancy, its pliability is useful when you want to direct their growth in a certain direction.

The price is too good to resist, especially because the netting can be used over and over again. It can also easily be stored away once the growing season is over since it’s compact and foldable. Just be careful when folding it up—the netting gets easily tangled around itself.

Price at time of publish: Starts at $8

Product Details: Dimensions: Varies | Material: Polyester

Best for Roses: Dura-Trel 76 in. x 28 in. White Vinyl PVC Cambridge Trellis

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Buy at

Why You Should Get It

  • The PVC vinyl material is UV protected and won’t crack, peel, or fade over time.

Keep in Mind

  • The stark white PVC look might not be for everyone.

Is there anything more timeless than a white trellis draped with roses? The best trellis for this purpose is made with UV-protected PVC vinyl, which means you don’t need to worry about cracking, peeling, or fading—just hose it off whenever it needs a spruce. Two ground anchors are included, so you can choose whether to lean it against a wall or set it up to be freestanding.

The grid itself is large with plenty of room for roses to climb in and out. The only potential downside is that the stark white PVC is a very specific look that probably won’t be for everyone.

Price at time of publish: $47

Product Details: Dimensions: 28 x 76 x 2 | Material: Vinyl

Best for Privacy: Zippity Outdoor Products Enclo Privacy Screens

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Buy at

Why You Should Get It

  • These trellises double as privacy screens that can hide unsightly garbage cans or air conditioners.

Keep in Mind

  • Assembly is challenging and time consuming.

From trash cans to air conditioning systems, this set of two trellises is specifically designed to hide unsightly necessities by adding charming curb appeal to your yard. They are made out of recycled PVC-turned-vinyl for low-maintenance durability, while the stakes that go into the ground are made of metal. If you’d prefer for it to be freestanding on a hard surface, the stakes are optional.

The advertised assembly time is 45 minutes, but it can take longer because you have to configure the lattice yourself. Once that’s done, you can install them together with the included joiner clips or separately.

Price at time of publish: $170

Product Details: Dimensions: 36 x 1.5 x 57.5 inches | Material: Recycled PVC vinyl

Best Adjustable: Glant Lattice Fence

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Why You Should Get It

  • The price is a steal when you buy in multiples, and the willow creates a charmingly rustic look.

Keep in Mind

  • The wood can be more delicate than desired.

When you’re trying to fill a huge space, the standard options for the best trellises probably won’t cut it, which is where an adjustable trellis comes in. This one is made out of willow, giving it a rustic look that blends in perfectly with many outdoor spaces.

It expands from 11 x 47 inches up to 22 x 120 inches. With so much sizing flexibility, you can use it as a fence or divider. You can snag them in singles or packs of two or four. The downside is that the willow might be a bit more fragile than other materials, as wood can be very dry.

Price at time of publish: Starts at $24

Product Details: Dimensions: 22 x 120 inches max | Material: Willow

The Bottom Line

Our pick for the best trellis is the SCENDOR 48” H x 16” W Trellis 2 Pack because of its impressive value, versatility, and durability. For those with smaller plants who are operating on a stricter budget, we like the UWIOFF Trellis for Potted Plants. And if aesthetics are important to you, the Frontgate New York Botanical Garden Alix Trellis Collection is the best trellis because it’s beautiful and the different pieces can be used together to build your dream trellis.

What to Know About Trellises Before Shopping


It’s always a good idea to measure the space you plan to put your trellis before you commit. You want to make sure it isn’t too big and won’t overwhelm your space, but it’s even more important that it’s not too small for your plants, according to Trautz-Awot. This is especially relevant if you’re planning to grow produce as opposed to flowers. “A trellis that is too small will collapse under the weight of larger and heavier plants like squash and melons,” she explains.


The most common materials for trellises are wood, plastic, and metal. Wood is the most popular because of its affordability, but “it’s important to use the correct wood because some can be susceptible to rot,” Trautz-Awot says. Rot-resistant woods include cedar and cypress. Plastic is a more expensive choice, but it’s also incredibly durable. Metals are also popular, with several of the best trellises on this list made of iron. “Some would say these are not ideal as metal can heat up in the sun and ultimately lead to damage to your plant,” Trautz-Awot adds.

Your Questions, Answered

What plants need a trellis?

“They’re commonly found in vegetable gardens to support vine crops and in flower gardens to provide space for climbing,” shares Trautz-Awot. “Some plants, such as certain pea and bean varieties, require a trellis to grow.” For others, like cucumbers and black-eyed Susan vines, it’s a nice-to-have that can definitely help the plants thrive.

What is the difference between lattice and trellis?

Both can be used to support plants, which is why they’re often used interchangeably, but the difference between a lattice and a trellis is the construction. “A trellis is commonly made from wood assembled into a ‘V’ shape with lateral wood pieces providing additional support,” explains Trautz-Awot. “Lattice is made from strips of wood that cross over one another to create a square or diagonal pattern.”

Additionally, a trellis can usually stand on its own when placed in the ground, whereas some lattices may need additional support.

Where can you buy a trellis?

Many of the best trellises on this list, like the VIVOSUN Plant Trellis Netting, GLANT Lattice Fence, and Giantex 7.2ft Metal Garden Arbor Trellis are available at Amazon. You’ll also have luck at home improvement chains like Lowe’s and Home Depot, which carry trellises like the Achla Designs FT-30 Freestanding Lattice Wrought Iron Garden Trellis and Best Choice Products Set of 2 48in Wood Planter Box & Diamond Lattice Trellis.

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