These 12 Moments From "Hart To Heart" Reminded Me Why Kevin Is One Of The Best Artists On The Planet

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Kevin Hart has another hit on his hand with Hart to Heart

Hart to Heart is two seasons in and has provided us with great moments. I will provide some of the most revealing and best moments the series has given us, or that really stuck with me.

1.Don Cheadle's Age

Peacock / Via

Before I tell you how this is the best moment in the show's history, I must say that Don Cheadle does not look no damn 56. The man who won me in Kendrick Lamar's "DNA" video and shined as Paul Rusesabagina in Hotel Rwanda being 56 in this clip is crazy.

But enough of that, Kevin Hart's "Damn" in this scene is so hilarious. The awkward silence after is what cracks me up even as I type this. The clip went viral and was the first big moment of this show.

2.Cameron Diaz Admits Why She Stepped Away From Acting

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz and Kevin were awesome in this exchange where Diaz details why she retired.

Diaz left Hollywood eight years ago to find her true happiness and told Hart that now she "felt whole."

Cameron left "the machine" in an honorable way and that's great within itself. She wanted to make her life more manageable, and that's what she's doing.

Hart, as an interviewer, shined showing that he truly listens. Diaz used the word "inertia" and Hart stopped to ask what that meant. The honesty at that moment from a host of his stature is very appreciated.

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3.Kevin Hart Calls Out Mark Wahlberg For Not Casting Him On Entourage

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg

Entourage was a big show on HBO back in the 2000s led by executive producer, Mark Wahlberg.

Hart tells the story of how he thought he killed an audition just to lose the part to Bow Wow, and it's amazing!

Hart and Wahlberg showed that they had great chemistry.

Robin L Marshall / WireImage

4.Miley Cyrus On Being Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus

I love Miley Cyrus' interviews because she speaks with a certain validity that makes you think that each time she sits down is a therapy session between the audience and her.

She tells Hart that on the 15th anniversary of Hannah Montana's debut, she wrote a letter to that character to embrace her journey as Miley Cyrus in the next 15 years of life.

Truly a strong moment from Cyrus and a wonderful insight into what the show is going to be like from its first episode.

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5.Saweetie's Recipes


Saweetie was showing her Cancer ways this entire interview. She demonstrated how tremendous her personality is, all while rocking a beautiful low and pink haircut.

Something that stood out in the interview was her recipes.

This led to Kevin Hart asking the question we all wanted to know... If she "had crazy gas?" Look, I know I'm not the only one who wanted to know because the concoctions Saweetie makes are ridiculous. Otherwise, this might be my favorite episode so far. Very well-spoken interview from both parties.

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6.Jimmy Kimmel Tells The Story Of His Son And Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson and Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel's episode was very insightful of his career and shows how interesting of a guest he can be. He's usually in the host spot, but him telling stories about Matt Damon, and how low-tier some of his late-night guests were in the beginning, was hilarious.

Randy Holmes / ABC via Getty Images

7.Shushing Kelly Clarkson

Kevin Hart and Kelly Clarkson

Whether for good or bad, one moment that had tons of people curious was when Kelly Clarkson mentioned how "people have thrown millions of dollars" in her face to do stuff "she doesn't want to do." Kevin responds with very stern fingers over his lips hinting to shush.

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8.John Travolta Opens Up

close up of John

John Travolta speaks about how he navigated being an actor in the '70s, which was home to many great actors, and how Richard Gere got a lot of spots that he didn't.

Travolta's genuineness and transparency really hit home when he tells Hart about the conversation he had with his then 10-year-old son about the death of his wife of 29 years, Kelly Preston, after his son also lost his brother due to a seizure. The moment was so powerful and I encourage everyone reading to watch this. Travolta gave his son a good message about living his life to the fullest.

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9.Taraji P. Henson Talks About Her Oscar Nomination


In 2015, Viola Davis and Taraji P. Henson made the Emmy list in the same year, an award Davis would end up winning. The win would be historic, as it was the first time a Black woman won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama (for Davis' role in How to Get Away With Murder).Henson recalled how in 2009, when both were nominated for an Academy Award, the imagery of both of them being nominated at the same time was a moment for her and something she can't wait for future generations to see.Henson talked about mental health as well, and recently opened a program offering free therapy for the Black community.

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10.Jay-Z Confirming He's Not Retired

Jay Z and kevin Hart

Jay-Z retired once already but, obviously, we see that it was more of a pause.

He told Hart how he just needed a break and the work he was putting in from the Reasonable Doubt era to The Black Album era burned him out. Seeing HOV in so many different spaces now is so inspiring and the entire interview was 50 minutes of gems.

Andrew D. Bernstein / NBAE via Getty Images

11.Simu Liu Downplaying His Martial Arts Ability

Simu Liu

Stereotypes in the acting world have been apparent since the beginning of time.

Liu was often asked about any martial arts training he had prior to Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. He said he had to downplay how much martial arts he knew so he wouldn't be type cast in the past. Liu stuck with his principle, and I'm happy for him.

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12.Tyler Perry And Oprah's Relationship

Tyler Perry

On Tyler Perry's episode, he opened up about how he can reach out to Oprah for any advice, and she will give it to him due to her already experiencing what he's going through.

It's very dope to see such a mentorship between two of the best ever.

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Do you have any favorite moments from Hart To Heart? Let me know in the comments section below!