12 Best Hiking Backpacks for Every Outdoor Adventure

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Every hiker knows that in planning any outdoor adventure, strategizing on gear can be half the battle. Sure, you have that pre-trip run-through down pat: water bottle, check; sun protection, check; bug spray, check. But the perfect bag to carry it all in? Getting that right can take a little more perfecting over time. To help you find the best backpack for your next hiking trip—whether you're headed on a half-day excursion in a nearby state park, or a two-week trek through the Andes—we looked to some of our tried-and-true outdoor brands, and tapped the outdoorsy folks in our world to tell us which bags they love most.

If you're stocking up for a one-off adventure or want to start slow by comparison shopping our picks, there's a cost-conscious option for you, too. Insta-famous drag queen and outdoors advocate Pattie Gonia suggests going for a rental. “Instead of buying new, there are so many ways to be an environmental queen by thrifting a bag or renting one. REI offers so many fantastic rental options, for day backpacks and bigger backpacking options, and will help fit you to one, just like a ski boot, for the perfect match.”

If you're ready to gear up, find the best hiking backpacks out there for every level of hiker, from day bags and parent-friendly packs to multi-day workhorses, below. (And if you’re looking for one specifically designed for a woman’s frame, we have more recommendations here.)

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Gregory Jade Pack, 28-liter

$150.00, Gregory Packs

REI Co-Op Flash, 18-liter

$40.00, Rei

Cotopaxi Luzon del Dia, 18-liter

$55.00, Amazon

Deuter Speedlite, 22-liter

$115.00, Amazon

Gregory Packs Katmai Men’s Plus Size, 60-liter

$280.00, Gregory Packs

Arc'teryx Brize Backpack, 25-liter

$130.00, Arc'teryx

F-Stop Lotus Backpack, 32-liter

$280.00, BH Photo Video

Osprey Packs Aether Plus Backpack, 70-liter

$360.00, Backcountry

The North Face Terra Backpack, 55-liter

$169.00, The North Face

Patagonia Black Hole MLC, 45-liter

$199.00, Backcountry

Deuter Futura Hiking Backpack, 32-liter

$170.00, Deuter

Granite Gear Blaze, 60-liter

$189.00, Granite Gear

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