There’s a 12,000-Person Waitlist for This Non-Damaging Hair Dye — And It’s Finally Here

Healthy hair dye company, oVertone, just released its most anticipated line of the year — Purple for Brown Hair, made for brunettes, without bleaching.

When it comes to carefree hair, I’ll reluctantly admit that blondes do have more fun. As a natural-born brunette, I’ve done the bleaching thing a number of times and the damage can become enough to give up on colorful, dyed hair altogether.

I went blonde initially because I wanted a base for other tones that wouldn’t stick to my dark hair. If I could have skipped the stinging, follicle-harming double process that many shades require dark hair to go through, well, I’d kiss those foil-haired salon selfies goodbye.

I’m not alone in this sentiment. In fact, over 12,000 people have already signed up for a new product that lets you skip the peroxide dip altogether. Healthy hair dye company, oVertone, has just released its most anticipated line of the year — Purple for Brown Hair.

The two-item collection consists of a Deep Treatment ($29; and a Daily Conditioner ($18;, which can be used separately or together ($47; for maximum effect. They go a step beyond temporary hair dye, too, and are categorized as semi-permanent dyes. This means they can last up to a month with just one treatment (but way longer with continued help).

This product range is the coloring shakeup us brown-haired, would-be dyers have been waiting on for years. Instead of wreaking havoc on our delicate tresses, we can simply swap out our regular conditioners for this highly pigmented duo that moisturizes as it deposits a rich, purple tint evenly across hair.

No matter how loyal you are to your colorist, this set is so effective and easy to use, you’ll find yourself skipping salon appointments (and saving money!) with an already-perfect purple coif.

Shop the vegan, cruelty-free dye that thousands of brunettes have been waiting to get ahold of at