11 Extremely Unsettling Facts About Jellyfish That Just Might Mess You Up

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Hello, good people of the internet. Do you know what the most terrifying sea creature is?


"A shark*," you confidently answer with a light chuckle.

Great White Shark

*Despite their reputation, most sharks are actually not a danger to humans!

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box jellyfish
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"But...that's just a jellyfish," you whimper, confused.

Miles from "Degrassi" looking confused

Yes, jellyfish are beautiful! But they're also SCARY AS HELL. Allow me to explain:

1.First of all, they literally do not have brains. They're just out here swimming around with ZERO brain cells.

jellyfish captioned "no thoughts head empty"
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2.They don't have hearts either.

jellyfish captioned: "just really not ready for anything serious right now sorry"
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3.They are literally just 95 fucking percent water!!!

"corporate needs you to find the differences, they're the same picture" meme from "The Office" using a picture of a jellyfish and a picture of a hydro flask with water
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4.They can still sting you even after they're DEAD.

scary looking bright jellyfish
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5.Some jellyfish have teeth!!!

comb jellyfish

Beroid comb jellyfish have hundreds of small rows of cilia in their mouths that act as teeth and help them chew their prey.

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6.One type of jellyfish can actually reverse age.

immortal jellyfish

Turritopsis nutricula, better known as the "immortal jellyfish," can alter and transform its cells to go from adult to baby and back again. Because jellyfish just HAVE to live forever, don't they?!

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7.Know what the most venomous marine animal is? Surprise — it's a type of JELLYFISH!

Australian box jellyfish swimming

More specifically, it's the Australian Box Jellyfish. According to the National Ocean Service: "Box jellyfish, named for their body shape, have tentacles covered in biological booby traps known as nematocysts — tiny darts loaded with poison. People and animals unfortunate enough to be injected with this poison may experience paralysis, cardiac arrest, and even death, all within a few minutes of being stung." Holy. CRAP.

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8.In fact, box jellyfish have tentacles than reach up to 10 freakin' feet long. Scared yet?


Yes, I know Squidward is an octopus. Hush.

9.But that's not the biggest jellyfish — that's actually the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, which has been recorded to reach 120 feet long.

huge jellyfish

This is fine. I'm fine.

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10.Still not freaked out? What if I told you that a group of jellyfish is powerful enough to take down an entire 10-ton fishing boat?


Yes, that really happened.

11.And finally, jellyfish sometimes just casually eat each other.


They're heartless, remember?

Jellyfish, you absolute MONSTERS.

King Jellyfish from SpongeBob

That being said, they're still very important to our ecosystem! To learn more, click here.