5 Snapchat Accounts Sure To Inspire Your Wanderlust

Jo Piazza
·Managing Editor

Come wander with us. (Photo: Thinkstock)

This week Yahoo Travel is debuting our new and improved Snapchat. We can’t wait for our editors and writers to share their adventures all over the world with you. Follow us for the unscripted version of what it is really like to be a travel editor


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We don’t just like to share our own stories though. We want to see what other travelers are doing around the world. That’s why we’ve been seeking out ace travel SnapChat accounts to inspire our own wanderlust.

Whether you’re new to snap chat or you were around before “stories” were even a thing, we promise that these are the accounts that will truly inspire you to hop on a plane.

1. @AdventurousKate

Last we checked Kate McCulley, the founder of the Adventurous Kate travel blog, was being robbed by a monkey in Thailand. That monkey stole her chips and her Oreos and he showed absolutely no remorse. She was able to salvage the day by tucking into a couple of $1.50 beers and delicious Thai food. Kate’s warm personality actually made us feel like we were right there alongside her.

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2. @ExpatEdna

Originally from Pennsylvania, Edna left home at 18 to work her way around the world. Her snap chat account is raw, funny and informative. She’s currently in Paris and if you have any questions about whether the city is safe to visit right now you should follow her daily updates.

3. @drewbinsky​

In the past three years Drew has been to 53 countries and counting. His Snapchat can teach you everything from how to say hello in Korean in the hopes of becoming a hit at all the bars in Seoul, to how to cure a wicked hangover the next day.

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4. @gettingstamped​

We just took a road trip through Vegas and Utah with Hannah and Adam and we didn’t have to leave our couch. This Wisconsin couple left behind their lives in the Midwest to get their passports stamped all over the world. Now they’re documenting it across all of their social networks. Their Snapchat is our favorite because it puts us right beside them.

5. @theblondeabroad​

Fashion, festivals and food! Yes please. Kiersten Rich abandoned her career in corporate finance to travel around the globe and her Snapchat might just inspire you to do the same. This girl is crazy passionate about all things travel related and it shows.

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