11-Year-Old Launches Lemonade Stand To Buy Diapers For Single Parents

Julie Scagell

11-year-old Cartier Carey uses 100% of his profits to buy diapers and baby essentials for single parents

One 11-year-old in Virginia is doing his part to help families during the pandemic. Cartier Carey set up a lemonade stand and uses 100 percent of the proceeds to buy diapers and baby wipes at local grocery stores and give them to single moms and dads in need.

Carey started a youth organization he called “Kids 4 Change 757” about a year ago to help the homeless by handing out “Carti packs,” filled with deodorant, toothbrushes, and hand warmers (via Food And Wine). When the pandemic hit, he said he realized the strain it was putting on families — many of which lost their jobs or childcare as a result. He saw the shortage of diapers and baby wipes in stores and decided he wanted to try to help those in need by raising money.

“I just wanted to raise money and spread awareness about single mothers that are struggling during this pandemic. They’re doing everything on their own so I decided to help,” Carey told Live with Kelly and Ryan. He set up a lemonade stand in his community and has been raising money and giving away diapers ever since.

The family also started a GoFundMe page to help raise money so they can begin delivering to families outside his area. “Due to the large news coverage we have received a lot more request for diapers from parents in need outside of Virginia,” Carey said on his GoFundMe page.

As the pandemic continued, the stand had to be taken down as a safety precaution but that didn’t stop Carey and his family at all. “Sad news! Because of the rising numbers in Virginia from the ‘Covid 19’ Virus we are forced to shut down our lemonade stand outside,” he said on Instagram. “We want you all as safe as possible. But hey, we do have some good news!! We aren’t closing for good. We found a way to continue the marathon!! We are going Virtual!!! That’s right a virtual lemonade stand & snack Bar.” The virtual “lemonade stand” will be run from the organization’s Facebook (Kids4Change757) and Instagram page (Kids4Change757).

If you want to help Carey reach his goal of helping families, he recently posted a video with a giant empty truck he plans to fill up with baby items by August 6, 2020. Locals can drop diapers or wipes off to the truck directly, or people can purchase items from their Amazon wish list. If you aren’t local to Virginia, you can make donations through PayPal, Venmo (@Kids4Change757), or on his GoFundMe page.

What an incredible kid.

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