11 Nude Nail Polish Shades for Every Skin Tone

There is no such thing as one universal nude color, and nail polish is no exception. Treating a peachy hue as a "classic nude" denies the fact that skin tones come in an array of shades and as such, the polishes that complement them should vary as well. Fortunately, there are a variety of nail polish brands that realize "nude" doesn't have one singular meaning, and instead offer more diverse neutral color options. If you've ever wanted something subtle for your nails but aren't sure which color matches your skin tone, fear not: we got you covered.

HelloGiggles talked to several nail experts to get their recommendations on nude polishes that complement skin tones across the spectrum. For reference, we've noted celeb with similar skin tones to give you a better feel of how each polish will match your own skin.

Dark skin tones

Skin tone: Dark with red undertones

Nail Polish: Tom Ford Bitter Bitch

Stefanie Keenan / Contributor/Getty Images & Tom Ford

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"This compliments darker tones with red undertones," celebrity nail stylist and expert Gina Edwards says. "This color is super rich and luxurious!"

Skin tone: Dark with neutral undertones

Nail Polish: ORLY Coffee Break

Steve Granitz / Contributor/Getty Images & ORLY

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"This nude has more of a neutral undertone and looks great on someone like Kerry Washington," Brittney Boyce, consulting nail artist for ORLY, tells HelloGiggles.

Skin tone: Caramel with warm undertones

Nail Polish: Morgan Taylor Neutral by Nature

Emma McIntyre / Staff/Getty Images & Morgan Taylor

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"I've used this color on Tiffany and it looks beautiful," Edwards says. "She has a warm caramel skin tone. The perfect tone on tone neutral."

Skin tone: Medium-dark

Nail Polish: Chanel Organdi

Kevin Winter / Staff/Getty Images & Chanel

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"Organdi is more of a pinkish beige that's very soft and pretty," Boyce says. "It's actually quote versatile and look great if your skin tone is like Beyoncé's."

Skin tone: Medium-dark with cool undertones

Nail Polish: OPI Do You Take Lei Away?

Aaron J. Thornton / Contributor/Getty Images & OPI

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"It’s a creamy, sandy, light brown nude shade that goes great with medium to dark skin tones like Chloe Bailey," OPI’s North America education manager Sigourney Nunez tells HelloGiggles.

Medium skin tones

Skin tone: Medium with warm undertones

Nail Polish: ORLY First Kiss

Jason Merritt/TERM / Staff/Getty Images & ORLY

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"If you have a warmer skin tone like Chrissy Teigen, First Kiss is a fantastic coral-ish nude," Boyce says.

Skin tone: Medium with olive undertones

Nail Polish: LeChat Dare to Wear Mi Amour

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According to celebrity nail artist Elle, those with olive skin tones should avoid nudes that are sheer or beige because they might look yellow. "This shade has enough opacity and pink so it will always read as a perfect, classic nude on olive skin tones," she advises.

Skin tone: Medium with olive undertones

Nail Polish: ZOYA in Farah

Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images & ZOYA

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“A beige nude shade like Zoya in Farah works nicely with medium and olive skin tones since it’s a neutral base and not too yellow," Rebecca Isa, creative director of ZOYA, tells HelloGiggles. "This color would be a great match for Eva Mendes as it compliments her golden, tan complexion.”

Light skin tones

Skin tone: Light to medium

Nail Polish: OPI Bubble Bath

John Shearer / Contributor / Getty Images & OPI

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"This classic cool pink nude complements light to medium skin tones like Camila Cabello," Nunez says.

Skin tone: Light with pink undertones

Nail Polish: LeChat Dare to Wear Beauty Bride to Be

Neilson Barnard / Staff / Getty Images & LeChat

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"This color has some peachy tones to it," Elle says. She adds that for those who don't have fair or olive skin, but have more of a peach/pink tone, this shade will not look muted.

Skin tone: fair with cool undertones

Nail Polish: ORLY Kiss Me, I'm Kind

Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images & ORLY

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"Kiss Me, I'm Kind is a sheer, pastel peach that works for paler skin tones with a colder, more pink undertone," Boyce says.