11 Must-Visit Cat-Friendly Hotels in the U.S.

cat sitting in window sill looking out at the city from the 21c Museum Hotel Nashville
cat sitting in window sill looking out at the city from the 21c Museum Hotel Nashville

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While on the road with my two cats, I've learned that pet-friendly doesn't always mean cat-friendly. Dog lovers tend to get the most attention on the pet travel front, and there are many dog-friendly hotels that welcome our canine friends with open arms. Finding places where you can bring your cat along are not quite as obvious, but not to worry. We've done the hard work for you, scouring the U.S. to find the best cat-friendly hotels where you can bring your BFF (Best Feline Friend) along for the fun. From the east coast to the west coast, and everywhere in between—these cat-friendly hotels are sure to make your kitty purr.

Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling with Your Cat

While traveling is always more fun with a floof to cuddle, there are a lot of things to consider when thinking about traveling with your cat. Like many pet parents, the hardest part of traveling for Shannen McNee, a certified cat behavior consultant at the Toronto Humane Society, is leaving her feline companions at home. But McNee knows her two blind cats are most comfortable right where they are—at home.

"If your cat experiences high levels of stress in times of change, has a medical condition that is exacerbated by stress, is prone to hiding, is not well socialized, or has a history of out-of-box elimination, she may not be a good candidate for a hotel stay," McNee says.

Other cats pounce at a chance for a hotel stay. McNee says to look for these behavior cues that might tell you your feline is a born jet setter.

  • Cats that easily adjust to new environments

  • Cats that are curious and friendly when meeting new people

  • Cats that enjoy car rides

  • Cats that are trained adventure cats

If this sounds like your cat, or an at-home pet sitter just isn't an option, McNee has a few tips for making your cat-friendly hotel stay fun for all. "When traveling with your cat, making their new environment as familiar as possible can help them feel more at home. To do this, bring as many comforts of home as you reasonably can," McNee says.

In addition to her food, treats, food dishes, and water dishes, McNee reminds pet parents to pack their cat's regular litter and litter box. Packing your kitty's favorite blanket and toys is a great way to make her feel at home, too. When it comes to keeping your traveling feline happy and healthy, medications and other emergency supplies are always a must.

Put up your out-of-office, grab your feline, and get ready for a cozy cat nap at these cat-friendly hotels!

Four Seasons, Las Vegas, Nev.

While there are a handful of dog-friendly hotels on the Las Vegas strip, Four Seasons Hotel stands out for welcoming both cats and dogs. Cat-friendly Four Seasons Hotels can be found across the U.S. and you can bet that your stay will always be luxurious. It's best to call ahead to ask about amenities and fees, which vary by location.

Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, Universal Orlando, Orlando, Fla.

With cat-friendly in-room dining crafted by Loews' Executive Chef, this hotel brand may have you wondering who this luxury stay was really designed for. This cat-friendly hotel encourages you to pack light by providing your cat with litter and a litter box, bed, leash, and more! While a thoughtful perk, McNee recommends packing your cat's usual litter and litter box. "Cats can be particular about changes to their litter box so a vacation probably isn't the best time to switch things up," McNee says.

The Oxford Hotel, Bend, Ore.

Located in the heart of Oregon's outdoor and urban playground, this cat-friendly Bend hotel will treat your feline like the queen she is. With a two pet per room restriction and a $59 per pet, per stay fee, look forward to a bountiful greeting of cat bowls, toys, a bed, and treats. And for the human adventurers, don't miss peddling around Bend on a complimentary Oxford Hotel cruiser!

The Williamsburg Hotel, Brooklyn, N.Y.

If it's the bustle of the city that your traveling feline loves, look no further than the boutique Williamsburg Hotel. Take a pro-tip from Rajah the Vacation Cat and ask for a pet-friendly room with a balcony. This cat-approved NYC hotel charges a $100 pet fee per stay.

The Colony Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Fla.

Claimed to be Palm Beach's pinkest hotel, we think your kitty will be tickled pink to stay at this chic beach getaway. For a flat pet fee of $150, your cat can be paws away from the biggest litter box they've seen—or, um from the beach. (Just make sure to pack the sunscreen and umbrella if you have a hairless cat like Smeags here.)

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Rivertide Suites, Seaside, Ore.

If your cat loves feeling the ocean breeze in her whiskers, then this cat-friendly seaside hotel is another great place to stay! For $30 per pet, per night, your clowder will have a full kitchen, gas fireplace, patio, and one or two bedrooms to pounce around in.

The Maxwell House, Seattle, Wash.

Part of the StayPineapple Hotels nationwide, this cat-friendly Seattle hotel has all the comforts you and your feline friend need for a cozy cat nap, including food bowls and a pet bed. Bring the whole litter on this trip! The Maxwell Hotel allows up to four cats per room for a $25 nightly fee.

Kimpton La Peer Hotel, West Hollywood, Calif.

This pet-friendly hotel's Director of Pet Relations, an adorable pooch named Marvin, will go above and beyond to sure your cat feels like a movie star at Kimpton's La Peer Hotel located just outside Beverly Hills. Luckily for your kitty, she can feel like a star at any Kimpton Hotel nationwide. This cat-friendly chain welcomes almost any pet no matter their size, weight, or breed for absolutely no extra cost.

Virgin Hotel Chicago, Chicago, Ill.

If it's Instagram-worthy décor and a place with no pet fees you're on the prowl for, look no further than Virgin Hotel Chicago and their cat-friendly locations across the country. Your cat is sure to love the swag too—from bowls, to a bed, and even a stylish bandana.

21c Museum Hotel Nashville, Nashville, Tenn.

This collection of midwestern hotels is as unique as your traveling feline. At each cat-friendly hotel (which has locations stretching from Louisville and Cincinnati all the way to Bentonville, and Oklahoma City) you and your furry friend will be awed by rotating contemporary art exhibits, installations, and cultural programs. You can book this stay for a pet fee of $175 per stay no matter the number of pets.

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The Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, Penn.

Located just footsteps from the historic Rittenhouse Square, this sleek hotel is the perfect place to stay with your cat. If you're on the prowl, ask their concierge for pet-friendly activities nearby. Or if your cat prefers to chill in the room rather than venture out with the rest of the fam, the concierge can also help make arrangements for a pet sitter while the humans explore all Philly has to offer.