11 "just because" gifts to give your BFF on National Friendship Day

Stephanie Hallett

There may be way too many random, fictional holidays on the calendar these days (I’m looking at you, Single Working Women’s Day), but if there’s one special day we can get behind, it’s National Friendship Day. Celebrated on the first Sunday in August—that’s August 5th this year—National Friendship Day celebrates the love between besties, and we can’t really think of anything better than that.

Want to get your BFF a gift that says, “I love you, I know you, and I’m thinking of you even if we haven’t seen each other in two months”? Browse the list below and shop with ease.

1I Miss You, Barack Obama postcard book

Does you best friend miss President Barack Obama like whoa? Then she’ll love laugh-crying over this book of postcards that perfectly sums up her feelings.

2Saje “Goddess” Euphoric Body Lotion

This lotion is soothing and smoothing, and its name will remind your friend that to you, she’s a goddess.

3A bottle of Viva XXXII tequila

This tequila is not only probiotic, gluten-free, and unbelievably sip-able, 10% of its proceeds go to support animal abuse prevention charities. So you can tell your bestie she’s helping puppies every time she gets lit.

4Glossier You perfume

I know, I know, it’s hard to buy perfume for another person. But Glossier You is both subtle and fresh, and it changes its scent depending on who’s wearing it, so you really can’t go wrong.

5The Shift by Komus?

Does your BFF need a little help calming her nerves? Believe it or not, this pretty piece of jewelry can help. Every time she’s feeling stressed, she’ll take a deep breath in, then breathe out through The Shift. A couple of breaths later, her nerves will be feeling substantially less fried. HelloGiggles tested, HelloGiggles approved.

6Nodpod weighted sleep mask

You know those weighted anti-anxiety blankets that are super trendy right now? This is basically that, except for your face. The right amount of pressure is proven to reduce anxious feelings, and the design of this mask will help your friend have a great snooze whether she’s tucked into bed or crammed onto an airplane.

7Extract Labs CBD Muscle Cream

If your BFF’s been dying to try one of those new cannabis-derived CBD products that’s all the rage, start her off with this soothing muscle cream. If she works out, this product will be a godsend.

8A dozen bottles of USUAL Rosé from Standard Wines

If your BFF likes to unwind in style—or you want to hint to her that you’re overdue for a girls’ night—splurge on a dozen bottles of this adorable and delicious rosé.

9A subscription to Naturally Sassy

Naturally Sassy is an online, ballet-inspired workout portal created by dancer and author Saskia Gregson-Williams. Sassy’s workouts are fun and intense, and if your BFF wants to get more exercise without leaving her living room, a subscription to this service is just what she needs.

10Kypris Deep Forest clay mask

This mask is not cheap, but it’s the skin care equivalent of forest bathing, so it’s worth it on many levels.

11Make a donation in her name

Skip the material gifts and do something super meaningful for your best friend—make a donation in her name to the organization or cause she cares about most. Whether it’s reuniting immigrant families or ending white supremacy, there are a ton of great groups that need our support right now.

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