11 Fascinating Royal Wikipedia Pages To Peruse Once You've Finished Reading (Or Reading About) Prince Harry's Memoir

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Prince Harry's memoir Spare has been making headlines for a few weeks now, and whether you're invested in the modern British royal family or not, one thing is clear: Monarchies, no matter their nation of origin or amount of power, have the capacity to be absolutely bizarre.

Old painting of a king
Duncan1890 / Getty Images

Is it the wealth? Is it the rituals? Is it the belief that someone is suited for leadership solely because of the identity of their parents? All of the above? (Yes.) As a weird information enthusiast and a Wikipedia aficionado, I've found 11 fascinating royal articles for you to peruse the next time you need to scratch that strange history itch.

And now, I will do for you what every teacher I ever had did for me: remind you that Wikipedia, while a useful starting point and excellent source of entertainment, is not a wholly reliable source of information. 

1.Killing House

Princess Diana and Prince Charles

2.Groom of the Stool

"Groom of the Stool"

3.Substitute king ritual

"Time for a blood sacrifice."
"Time for a blood sacrifice."

HBO / Giphy / Via giphy.com

What's it about?

A ancient Mesopotamian ritual wherein the real king would attempt to escape bad omens by leaving the throne for a brief period of time and getting symbolically replaced by a substitute, who didn't have any power but got all the cool stuff and treatment that a king gets. And then, that substitute was put to death, which was thought to save the king (and known to kill the substitute).

Crowning quote: 

"Generally, this [substitute] was a condemned criminal, a prisoner of war, a political adversary, or a menial laborer. An ideal substitute was someone whose death would not cause a great deal of unrest amongst the people."

Feels kind of harsh, but hey, that's human sacrifice.

4.Armand Gagné

Marie Antoinette

5.Nils Olav

A penguin

6.William Windsor

A goat with the military

7.Royal fish

Royal fish

8.Wedding of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, and Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly and Rainier

9.Royal corgis

Queen Elizabeth II and a corgi

10.Bertoleoni family

Charles Albert

11.I Wanna Marry "Harry"

Matthew Hicks

What fascinating Wikipedia pages do you want to share? Tell us about them in the comments!