The 11 Best Water Toys for the High Seas, From Electric Surfboards to Personal Subs

To paraphrase a familiar saying, as we grow older we don’t outgrow our desire for toys—they just get bigger, more expensive and way, way cooler. That’s particularly true of waterborne toys that let you dive, fly, fish, explore, slide, sail and surf the waves.

The good news is that these toys are getting ever-more sophisticated, whether it’s speeding along at 35 mph on the world’s fastest electric surfboard, dropping 300 feet under the surface in a two-person submersible, or diving and then breaching the water’s surface like a Great White going after a seal.

We looked at multiple categories and chose our favorite toy in each one, focusing on the design, technology and ergonomics.

Here are 11 of our wet-and-wild favorites.

Our Best Water Toy Picks

Best Electric Surfboard: Awake Ravik S
Best Craft for Pretending You’re a Dolphin: Jet Shark
Best Submersible for Couples: U-Boat Worx Nemo2
Best Entry-Level Foiler: F.101
Best Pontoon Boat That Doubles as a Waterpark: Premier 330
Best Exercise Bike for the Water: Schiller S1-C
Best Water Slide: FreeStyle Cruiser NLS Inflatable Yacht Slide
Best Watercraft for Families: Yamaha FX Limited SVHO
Best for One-Person Underwater Adventures: Seabob F5 SR
Best All-Purpose Inflatable: Rover Aero Bug Slinger Micro Skiff
Best e-Foil Board: Fliteboard MN60



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