The 11 Best Compact Luxury Sedans to Buy Right Now

There was a time in automotive history when compact luxury sedans rained from the heavens and things were good. Drivers were out terrorizing beltways and byways in BMW E30s and Mercedes 190e 2.3-16s while many of us looked on in admiration. Those days are gone and now the compact crossover has largely replaced luxury compact sedans, but there are some few compact sedans still soldiering on, for the betterment of the motoring public. Let’s look at the best of them. 

Our Best Compact Luxury Sedan Picks

Best Overall: Mercedes C-Class
Best for Bad Weather: Audi A4
Best Looking: Alfa Romeo Giulia
Best for on a Budget: Cadillac CT4
Best for Comfort: Genesis G70
Best Value: Lexus IS
Best Entry-Level Luxury: Acura Integra
Best Sound: Acura TLX
Best for Sporty Driving: BMW 3 Series
Best Hybrid: Volvo S60

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