These Are 100 Of The Funniest Celebrity Tweets Ever, And I'll Be Devastated If They're Ever Deleted

Twitter appears to be pretty messy right now.

  View Press / Corbis via Getty Images
View Press / Corbis via Getty Images

Like, people think it might actually not be around for much longer.

  Nurphoto / NurPhoto via Getty Images
Nurphoto / NurPhoto via Getty Images

So, before it could be gone, let's remember 100 of the best celebrity tweets of all time

1.Post Malone's deep thought:

2.James Blunt continuously roasting himself:

3.Kelly Clarkson talking about election night:

4.Kylie Jenner having cereal with milk for the first time:

5.Ryan Reynolds calling out Hugh Jackman:

6.Nicki Minaj asking about ball size:

7.Sean Paul's pandemic tweet:

8.Martha Stewart tweeting the letter "L" and a picture of a cow:

9.Cher's most iconic tweet ever:

10.Dionne Warwick's feud with mayo:

11.Mariah Carey's kale chip confession:

12.Kris Jenner calling out People for not knowing how rich her daughter is:

13.Ryan Reynolds trolling Blake Lively on her birthday:

14.Cher yelling at someone who told her to sit on their face:

15.Rupert Murdoch saying "Po":

16.Kevin Durant's late night History Channel thoughts:

17.Dolly Parton's red flags tweet:

18.Kim Kardashian discovering what a pickle is:

19.James Blunt laughing at someone who thinks he's broke:

20.Cole and Dylan Sprouse getting in this little tussle:

21.Lady Gaga getting aggro about coupons:

22.Penn Badgley responding to people who love Joe on You:

23.Justin Bieber's arm tweet:

24.Carrie Fisher's statement on homosexuality:

25.James Blunt explaining how relevant he is:

26.Mindy Kaling's three favorite words:

27.Paris Hilton tweeting about losing her Blackberry a decade after they were popular:

28.Someone not knowing who Troye Sivan is:

29.Conan O'Brien's Black Friday tweet:

30.Kat McPhee's paparazzi distraction:

31.Ashanti's fart tweet:

32.Josh Groban's edamame tweet:

33.Dan Levy responding to his dad:

34.con shaqt lenses:

35.Britney Spears' legendary global warming tweet:

36.Martha Stewart saying "Oil":

37.Kylie Jenner discovering the meaning of "YOLO":

38.Whatever Liam Payne was trying to say here:

39.Whatever Harry Styles was trying to say here:

40.Cole Sprouse's "Before He Cheats" moment:

41.Ryan Reynolds' "Baby Shark" tweet:

42.Monica Lewinsky's worst career advice:

43.Macaulay Culkin showing what a modern day Home Alone would look like:

44.Seth Rogen's awkward mom tweet:

45.Seth Rogen's other awkward mom tweet:

46.Paris Hilton's life motto:

47.Seth Rogen's Paul Rudd massage tweet:

48.Frankie Muniz's sausage confession:

49.Lady Gaga inexplicably tweeting her next album would be called "ADELE":

50.Just, like, this Chris Evans tweet of him and his dog:

51.Ludacris's penetration question:

52.Kim Kardashian's "kowabunga" tweet:

53.Cher blocking someone's dad:

54.Cole Sprouse's flame shirt tweet:

55.Oprah saying "He":

56.Cardi B asking this important question about ants:

57.Kourtney Kardashion asking this other important question about ants:

58.Justin Bieber's chicken compassion:

59.Harry Styles pee pee problem:

60.James Blunt sparing us all during lockdown:

61.James Blunt again responding to some random hater:

62.Ryan Reynolds getting real with his daughter:

63.Kumail Nanjiani's quarantine tweet:

64.David Schwimmer proving he didn't rob a store:

65.Cher wondering what is going on with her career:

66.Dean Norris tweeting "Sex gifs":

67.Martha Stewart having no idea who Jonathan Cheban is:

68.Katy Perry's "Hello" tweet:

69.Justin Bieber's Rhode Island question:

70.Cardi B causing a scene at her niece's school:

71.The giant meatloaf inside of Kris Jenner:

72.Kris Jenner iconic shart tweet:

73.Ryan Reynolds learning a secret about Blake Lively:

74.Lil Jon really, really, really having to poop:

75.Seth Rogen watching Cats:

76.Ryan Reynolds' LA observation:

77.Al Roker calling out some person for being poor:

78.Ed Balls' Ed Balls:

79.Jessica Simpson's extremely bloated foot:

80.Kim Kardashian using Britney Spears lyrics to describe her love for Kris Humphries:

81.Kirstie Alley's listening to Skrillex:

82.Billy Eichner's Spotify confession:

83.Hulk Hogan's first tweet of his life:

84.Larry King's love of clocks:

85.Conan O'Brien's response to "where do babies come from?":

86.Ryan Reynolds' tweet about airplane toilets:

87.Macaulay Culkin making everyone feel old:

88.Shaq being stuck in a seat:

89.Frankie Muniz getting real about his career:

90.Lewis Capaldi's doppelgängers tweet:

91.Vanessa Carlton's advice at the beginning of the pandemic:

92.Bob Saget tweeting about turning into Danny Tanner:

93.Kacey Musgraves with how we all felt in March 2020:

94.Seth Rogen AGAIN being embarrassed by his mom:

95.Billy Eichner wishing Paul Rudd a happy birthday:

96.Lil Nas X's tweet about his dating life:

97.Camila Mendes telling us what it's like being named Camila Mendes:

98.Leslie Jones explaining why she exercises:

99.Shaq's urgent need to go to Walmart:

100.And last but not least, Reba locking her stylist out of her house so he had to sleep under the pool house: