110 Top Baby Boy Names that Start With E, Plus Their Meanings

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Choosing a name for your new baby is a moment that brings a lot of joy to parents, but there's no denying that it can be stressful. After all, this is the first thing you'll be giving your child, and it's something they will carry with them for the rest of their life.

One way to start narrowing down your options is thinking by the letter (like the letter P, for example). If you're here, it's likely because you want to consider some baby boy names that start with E, and luckily, we have more than 100 top monikers to pick from!

These E names hail from all over the world, from Italy to German to Africa. Several of them also work as unisex names, perfect for if you also need to think about baby girl names that begin with E. If you're looking for a baby name that honors your faith, there are plenty of Biblical baby names on this list like Elijah, Ezekiel, and Ephron, for example. But if you decide none of these are quite right, we also have ideas for adorable baby boy names that begin with the letter G.

From traditional to unique names for 2023, these E names will be excellent for your baby boy.

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  • Erick. If you like the name Eric or Erik but want a slightly more unique spelling, consider Erick. It comes from Norse origins and means “ever or eternal ruler.” This name may also be a good compromise if you want to honor a Frederick in your family but don’t think the name is quite right for your baby.

  • Eleazar. If you’re looking for a unique biblical baby name, consider this name. It comes from a priest in the Hebrew Bible. You can also use the nickname “El” if the full name is hard for your child or family to pronounce.

  • Everett. This masculine name has Old English and German roots. It means “brave as a wild boar,” according to Nameberry. According to Social Security data, it's steadily becoming more popular and was the 82nd most popular name for babies born in 2021, up from 89th in 2020.

  • Elwin. This whimsical name has a few sweet meanings, according to The Bump. It means “elf,” “magical being,” and “friend.” Perfect for the baby who’s going to grow up to be everyone’s best friend!

  • Ellery. If you’re looking for a unique and elegant name, consider Ellery. The British name means both “joyful” and “lives by the alder tree,” according to The Bump. This is also a gender-neutral name, so there’s no reason you couldn’t use it for a daughter.

  • Edan. This simple but unique name is perfect for a little boy who’s going to change the world. It means “little fire,” and has Scottish, Irish, and Gaelic roots.

  • Ellington. This name is often associated with the famous musician Duke Ellington, though it’s unlikely any of your son’s classmates will know the reference. It’s a name of English origin that means “Ellis’ town.” It can also be used for a baby girl.

  • Eiji. This Japanese name has several meanings. According to Baby Names, Eiji can mean “excellent,” “to succeed,” “heal,” and “peace.”

  • Efe. This adorable name has both Turkish and Nigerian roots. The Turkish meaning is “older brother.” This name is a shortened variant of the Nigerian boy’s name Efetobore, which means “wealth has now been achieved.”

  • Elias. This strong Greek name shares a meaning with the name Elijah, which means “my God is Yahweh” or “the Lord is my God.”

  • Elijah. According to Behind the Name, this biblical baby name means "My God is Yahweh," a reference to the Hebrew God. In the Old Testament, Elijah was a Hebrew prophet and miracle worker.

  • Edward. If you're looking for a classic English name, look no further. It means "rich guard" and is a popular name in the British Royal family.

  • Ethan. Like Elijah, Ethan is also a name with Hebrew origins, according to the website Baby Names. The name Ethan means "firm" and "strong."

  • Evan. This sturdy, classic name has an especially interesting background: According to Nameberry, it's derived from the name Iefan, a Welsh version of the name John, and reportedly means "the Lord is gracious."

  • Elliott. This modern name is derived from the Hebrew name Elijah. You could consider spelling it "Eliot" for something that reads a bit more snappy.

  • Emerson. Baby Name Wizard notes that this name has German origins and means "brave" and "powerful." Baby Emerson will also have a famous namesake in the American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson.

  • Eli. This compact name has special meanings across Greek and Hebrew culture. In Greek, this name means "defender of man," while the Hebrew meaning for Eli is "high," "ascended," or "my God."

  • Eddie. If the name Edward sounds too posh to your ears and you want a name that's a little more down-to-earth, consider the name Eddie. It has the same meaning as Edward ("rich guard" or "wealthy guardian") but you might find it's a better fit for your baby boy.

  • Esteban. This strong Spanish name means "garland crown" or "crowned in victory," according to Oh Baby! Names. It's not a name you hear too often in the United States, but it is popular in France and Chile.

  • Eric. This classic name has grown in popularity over the last few decades, and it's easy to understand why. Nameberry notes that the name Eric means "eternal ruler" — perfect for the child who's already king of your heart

  • Emmett. Oh Baby! Names notes that the name Emmett evolved from the female name Emma. It means "whole," "universal," and "complete," making it a worthy name for the son who is sure to be the center of your entire universe.

  • Emile. Calling all Francophiles: this elegant name could be a way to honor your family's French heritage. This name reportedly means "to strive" or "to excel."

  • Ezra. This Hebrew name means "help" or "helper," according to Behind the Name. The name has grown significantly in popularity over the last couple of decades, but it's still sure to stand out in a crowd.

  • Ean. This Scottish name (pronounced like Ian) brings to mind images of a warrior on horseback riding along a cliffside. According to Baby Names, it means "God is gracious."

  • Edgar. This old-fashioned name has Anglo-Saxon roots, and means "lucky spearman" and "fortunate and powerful." He'll be in good company alongside 10th-century English king Edgar the Peaceful and the writer Edgar Allen Poe.

  • Ezekiel. The name Ezekiel is a Hebrew name meaning "God will strengthen." According to the website Behind the Name, the biblical Ezekiel was a prophet who lived in Jerusalem.

  • Enrique. This is the Spanish version of the name Henry. It means "ruler of the home," making it perfect for the little boy who's about to rule your household from the comfort of his crib.

  • Easton. If you're looking for a masculine English name, Easton could be the perfect choice. Per the website Baby Names, it's got a pretty straightforward meaning: "from the East Town" In the US, it's been in the top 100 names for boys since 2012.

  • Edison. This name probably brings to mind one of the most famous inventors of all time, Thomas Edison. It could be a great name for your budding scientist. Baby Names notes that this name has a fairly literal meaning: It means "son of Edward."

  • Enzo. According to Nameberry, this melodic Italian name meaning "ruler" developed from the German name Henry. You don't hear it too often in the US, but as of 2019, it's in the top 50 boys names in Spain, France, and Portugal.

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    The name Enzo means ruler.SL Liang - Getty Images
  • Everest. This mighty name is perfect for your soon-to-be adventurer. You've heard of Mount Everest, of course, but this name also means "Dweller on the Eure River," according to Baby Names.

  • Ernest. Ernest is an English name that means "serious" or "resolute," according to Nameberry. It's a fitting meaning for a boy who will share his name with one of the most famous novelists of all time, Ernest Hemingway.

  • Elvis. Any kid named Elvis is sure to have swagger. After all, he's got some big (blue suede) shoes to fill. This name naturally brings to mind 'The King' Elvis Presley, but Baby Names explains that it's also a Scandinavian name meaning "all wise." This name peaked in popularity in the late 1950s, but with the popularity of the 2022 movie Elvis starring Austin Butler, it may be poised for a revival.

  • Ellison. According to The Bump, the name Ellison has a very literal meaning: "son of Ellis." There's a good chance he'll be the only Ellison on the playground. Although this British name has become gradually more popular in the last couple of decades, it still hasn't cracked the top 1000 baby names.

  • Earl. This simple name comes from the aristocratic title earl, meaning "nobleman" or "warrior." For a spelling with a little more flair, you could consider "Earle" or "Erle."

  • Evans. The name Evans means "God is good," according to the website Baby Names. Historically, it has also been used as a surname meaning "son of Evan." The site also notes that this name can be used for a child of any gender, not just boys.

  • Enno. Prepare for a lifetime of backyard sword fights. This Old German name means "hard edge of a sword." We're not sure it gets much cooler than that.

  • Elie. The name Elie means "The Lord is my God." It has French origins, and can be used for a child of any gender. It might also be a good pick if you like the name Elijah, but want something a little shorter.

  • Eugenio. Nameberry explains that the name Eugenio is a Spanish and Italian version of the name "Eugene," which means "well born" or "noble."

  • Espen. This Scandinavian name means "God Bear." It's a fierce and special name for a kid who's sure to be both of those things.

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    The name Espen means God Bear, according to Baby Names.Julia Pavaliuk - Getty Images

  • Enda. For the baby boy who's someday going to grow up and fly free, consider the name Enda. It's an Irish name that means "like a bird." You don't hear it too often in the states, but this name has belonged to several historic Irish kings and heroes.

  • Elmo. You might think this is just the name of the red muppet from Sesame Street, but the name Elmo actually has an interesting story. According to Baby Names, this name means "protector." Behind the Name also notes that Saint Elmo is the patron saint of sailors.

  • Eldridge. This name has similar meanings in English, German, and American culture. The English say this name means "old/wise ruler," while the Germans say it means "wise leader" and the Americans say it means "battle counselor." No matter which definition you like the best, it's certainly a distinguished name.

  • Errol. Get ready to roar. This fierce name means "boar wolf." It peaked in popularity in the early 1940s and has gradually become less and less common since, but who's to say you can't bring it back?

  • Essex. Baby Name Wizard explains that this name draws its lineage back to the English County of Essex, which gets its name from the Old English term for East Saxon (East & Seaxe). Plus, it just sounds plain cool.

  • Evangelo. The name Evangelo is perfect for a new arrival in your family. It means "good news," and nothing could be more fitting than that.

  • Ephron. This sweet name means "fawn-like." There are also some Biblical references affiliated with this name. In the Old Testament, Ephron was a man who sold his field and cave to Abraham. It was also the name of a a mountain range north of the land of Judea.

  • Elex. This unique name comes from Greece, and it means "man's defender or warrior." It's also a great choice if you like the name "Alex," but want something that's a little more unusual.

  • Essi. This Finnish name means "star." Although it's often used as a girl's name, it could also be a charming name choice for a little boy.

  • Eaden. The name Eaden has Hebrew roots. It reportedly means "delight," which is perfect for the little guy who's about to light up your life.

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    The name Eaden means delight.FG Trade - Getty Images

  • Eagle. You can't go wrong with this bold, nature-inspired name. Among other things, eagles are said to symbolize creativity, strength, courage, hope, and resilience.

  • Earlham. This refined Old English name means "earl's village," according to Think Baby Names. It's yet to crack the top 1000 names for boys in the United States, so it's a great choice if you want to ensure your baby boy has a name that's as unique as he is.

  • Early. This name might be unusual, but it also rolls off the tongue nicely. Baby Names notes that Early is an Old English/Puritan name, but we say there's no time like the present to bring this name back into style.

  • Elia. The name Elia has an especially precious meaning: "God has answered." If you've been praying for a baby, this name could be a special way to honor that experience.

  • Emmanuel. This elegant Hebrew name means "God is with us" and was the name of the prophesied name of the Messiah in the Old Testament. Historically, it's been more popular in France and Italy than in the United States.

  • Emiliano. This musical name comes from Spain and has dual meanings — while it can mean "eager," it can also mean "rival." So get ready, this kid is definitely going to be spirited.

  • Elisha. The name Elisha is Hebrew and means "God is my salvation," the website Baby Names notes. The pronunciation can be similar to "Elijah," but the spelling of this name makes it especially unique.

  • Ephraim. This masculine name comes from the Bible. Ephraim is a son of Joseph and the founder of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. The name itself means "fruitful."

  • Evander. This rugged Scottish name means "bow warrior" or "strong man," according to Nameberry. It also has connections to Greek and Roman mythology, but you may also associate it with the famous boxing champion Evander Holyfield.

  • Emery. The name Emery means "work ruler." This English name has historically been used for both boys and girls, so it could be a good choice if you're looking for a unisex name that stands out.

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    The name Emery means work ruler and can be used for a boy or a girlAnastasiia Krivenok - Getty Images

  • Edmar. This graceful name means "wealthy sea." He'll likely be the only Edmar in his class, since this name hasn't cracked the top 1000 names in the US at any point in recent history.

  • Eero. This uncommon name is of Finnish origin and means "eternal ruler." Though it begins with an "E," it's pronounced just like "arrow," which you have to admit is pretty cool.

  • Egypt. This striking name brings to mind images of pyramids and the Great Sphinx. Baby Names says that the name Egypt means "temple of the soul of Ptah." Ptah is the creative god associated with Memphis, an ancient capital in Lower Egypt.

  • Eden. The name Eden is a Hebrew name meaning "paradise." You probably associate it with the garden of Eden that God planted for Adam and Eve in the Bible. Though it's slightly more popular as a girls' name, there's no reason you can't give it to a baby boy.

  • Eugene. This reliable name comes from Greece, and means "wellborn" or "noble." It was especially popular in the early 1900s, but has fallen out of fashion over the last couple of decades. Maybe it's time for you to bring this name back into style.

  • Eron. Eron is pronounced like "Aaron," but has a unique spelling that's sure to stand out. This Hebrew name means "peace" or "enlightened," perfect for your gentle little boy.

  • Endre. A Greek and Hungarian name that means "manly." It's a great choice for the little man in your life who's going to grow up big and strong.

  • Eragon. This name comes from the Inheritance Cycle books by Christopher Paolini, in which the main character is a dragon-owning boy named Eragon. Every kid's dream! This name also has the built-in nickname of "Eri," which is pretty cute.

  • Euan. The name Euan means "Born of yew" and "youth." It's a unique name choice that has connections to both Scottish and Gaelic culture.

  • Euclid. The name Euclid comes from Greece and means "very glorious." It's perfect for your budding mathematician: Euclid was the name of a 3rd-century mathematician who made significant contributions to geometry.

    boy names that start with e, e names for boys, best baby names 2020
    The name Euclid, which means "very glorious," was also the name of a famous mathematician.Westend61 - Getty Images

  • Evangel. This Greek name means "good news." We think it sounds positively angelic.

  • Erik. The name Erik means "always ruler." It comes from Scandinavia, and can be short for the name Frederick.

  • Elison. This special name has connections to Greek, Hebrew, and English cultures. Across all three cultures, it means "My God is the Lord."

  • Ezio. If the name "Eagle" is a bit too bold for your taste, consider the name Ezio. It's a Greek name that means "eagle." Though you don't encounter it too often in the United States, it's a popular choice in Italy and France.

  • Erasmus. This muscular name has some interesting history associated with it. It's derived from a Greek word meaning "beloved." The patron saint of sailors is said to be Saint Erasmus (though he's also referred to as Saint Elmo). Lastly, Erasmus is also the name of a famous Dutch scholar from the Renaissance period.

  • Ensley. The name Ensley has Scottish origins. It means "solitary clearing." This serene name has traditionally been a girl's name, but it could be an elegant choice for a child of any gender.

  • Enoch. The name Enoch has Hebrew origins and means "dedicated." In the Book of Genesis, Enoch is the name of Cain's son. This solid name is sure to stand out: as of 2019, it was number #777 on the list of boys names in the United States.

  • Ennis. This spunky Irish name means "from the island," according to Nameberry. The site also notes that Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons chose this name for their son in 2018, so there's a chance it could become more popular over the next few years.

  • Enej. This distinctive name is the Slovenian version of the name "Aeneas," which means "praise." Enej is an undeniably fun name that's sure to make him stand out.

  • Eppa. It doesn't get more adorable than Eppa. BabyNamesPedia notes that this Greek name means "charming," which is perfect for the little boy who's already captured your heart.

  • Erikson. Nameberry says that this name (which could also be spelled "Ericson") can trace its way back to roots in Scandinavia. It has a mighty meaning: "son of the eternal ruler."

  • Ethanial. A Ethanial is a combination of the names "Ethan" and "Nathaniel," which mean "strong" and "gift of God," respectively. It's a whimsical yet grounded choice that's full of meaning.

  • Ellwood. This strong and sturdy name has a earthy meaning, meaning "from the old forest."

  • Evangelin. Similar to Evangel and Evangelo, the name Evangelin comes from Greece and means "good news." It might be a good choice if you like the name Evangeline but want something that sounds slightly more masculine.

  • Erie. It's hard not to love names that are based on special places. The name Erie means "from Ireland," but you might also associate it with Lake Erie. Erie is the name of a Native American people, so it may be a significant way to honor any Native ancestry you have.

  • Efran. This sweet Spanish name rolls right off the tongue. It comes from the Spanish and Hebrew name Efrain, and means "fruitful."

  • Ekkehardt. This uncommon name is an Old German name for boys. It means "brave edge or point." It's safe to say he'll be the only Ekkehardt in his class, since this name has never been recorded in the top 2000 names for boys in the US.

  • Enam. This strong name has African and biblical meanings. The Biblical meaning of this name is "fountain" or "open place," while the African meaning is "gift from God."

  • Elisei. This cheerful Russian name has an interesting meaning. The name Elisei means "he who bites." But don't worry, at the end of the day, we think he'll be more of a snuggler.

  • Ekon. This short-and-sweet name comes from Nigeria. It means "strong."

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    The name Ekon comes from Nigeria and means "strong"Mike Kemp - Getty Images

  • Enos. This Hebrew name means "mankind." In the Bible, this was the name of one of Adam and Eve's grandsons.

  • Epic. With this bold name, he's sure to grow up to be an adventurous, spirited boy. Epics are long poems that often tell the story of legendary or heroic figures. Today, you hear it more often as a slang term meaning "awesome" or "extremely."

  • Eubank. This name is mostly used as an English last name meaning "dweller by the yew-bank." That said, it sounds undeniably stylish, so there's no reason you couldn't use this as a first name.

  • Eldorado. The Spanish name Eldorado means "the golden man," and it can also refer to a mythical South American country. With a name like this, he really will be your golden boy.

  • Ellingwood. This name sounds like it could come straight out of Old Hollywood. Like Eubank, Ellingwood has a history primarily as a last name in England. It means "Eli's farm."

  • Elston. The name Elston means "Elli's town." It's a great choice if you're in search of a name that stands out without being too flashy. It doesn't appear to have ever cracked the top 1000 names for boys in the United States.

  • Emmons. This rare name is believed to be a version of the Irish and Gaelic name Eamon, which means "wealthy protector." Although it's not a name you hear too often, it still has a naturally modern feel to it.

  • Earnhardt. You might have a speed racer on your hands with this name, which is associated with NASCAR race car drivers Dale Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt Jr. It's originally a German name composed of two words meaning honor and bravery. Plus, it has the built-in nickname of Ernie, which is just so cute.

  • Ernst. According to Behind the Name, Ernst is the German, Dutch, and Scandinavian form of the name Ernest, which means "serious" or "resolute." It's definitely a name that he can grow into.

  • Elon. The name Elon has precious meanings in both Hebrew and African culture. The Hebrew meaning is "oak tree," while the African meaning is "God loves me." Of course, many people also associate this unique name with tech entrepreneur Elon Musk.

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    The name "Elon" can mean "oak tree" and "God loves me."Tetra Images - Getty Images

  • Ewan. This Scottish name (pronounced "YOO-un,") means "born of the yew tree." It peaked in popularity around 2013, but it still feels like a trendy choice.

  • Emilio. This Italian name is very similar to the French "Emile" or Spanish "Emiliano." Like those names, the name Emilio means "to strive or excel" or "rival." This is a name that continues to grow in popularity, but don't worry, it's still pretty unique. According to Baby Names, it's #219 for boy names in 2021.

  • Ennio. If you're a big believer in fate, this might be the name for your new addition. This name means "pre-destined." Plus, it's just plain cute.

  • Evergreen. This modern, masculine name isn't at the top of the baby name charts just yet, but it's easy to see it becoming popular in the future.

  • Exton. This dynamic name means "town on the River Exe" in Old English. It's a name choice that feels both fashionable and timeless. Plus, it's the name of Robert Downey Jr.'s son.

  • Ekene. This name is of African Igbo origin. It can be used for a child of any gender, and it has a sweet meaning: "praise." What's not to love?

  • Erling. This distinctive name is used in Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish cultures. It means "descendent of the jarl." The website explains that "jarl" is an Old Norse word meaning "chieftain, nobleman, earl."

  • Edgard. This Old English name is a variation on the more-common Edgar. It means "wealthy spear."

  • Edem. The name Edem is a name with African roots. It has a poignant meaning: "God has chosen or delivered me."

  • Elton. The name Elton means "from the old town." Of course, the inescapable association with the singer Elton John adds a little bit of zest to this English name.

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