20 Websites That Make It Easy to Order Thanksgiving Dinner To Go

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Oh, you don’t want to spend two days prepping Thanksgiving dinner and another whole day cooking it...followed by another 24 hours of cleaning? To be honest, we get it and we can think of many things we’d rather do—like saving our energy for Black Friday shopping.

Last year you managed to avoid doing any cooking because Thanksgiving was limited to just you and your immediate family, but this year, everyone is coming over and expectations are super high. But don’t worry, you can mitigate some of that imminent Thanksgiving anxiety by getting delicious holiday food delivered straight to your doorstep. We’re not talking about the greasy takeout you order on a typical Friday night, but rather a full Thanksgiving spread that tastes like you made it yourself.

Below, 20 top-rated Thanksgiving meal-delivery options. From a complete menu (turkey included) to just the sides, plus a few vegan alternatives as well as alcohol options, these websites make it easy to order a Thanksgiving dinner that requires practically no effort on your behalf (and might even score you some points from hard-to-please Aunt Sally).

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1. Martha and Marley Spoon

Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving meal delivery kit comes with a 12- to 14- pound turkey, ingredients to make gravy, four side dishes, and one dessert. Zero menu planning, zero shopping and you still get to serve up cheesy sausage stuffing, roasted root vegetables with brown butter, herbs and almonds, and spiced apple oat crisp for just $50 to $120, depending on what you order. Sounds divine—we mean she is Martha Stewart, after all.

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2. Fresh Direct

So, you want full control over your Thanksgiving menu, even if you’re not actually cooking it? We totally get it—and so does this food delivery service. We use Fresh Direct weekly for our produce fix, but we’ll also be ordering our whole Thanksgiving dinner from their site. Choose everything from appetizers and sides to mains and dessert (yes, including kid-friendly chicken fingers), all completely prepared. Just heat and serve. (Psst: This one only delivers in select areas of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware and D.C., find more info here).

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3. Whole Foods and Amazon

Even the most prepared chefs can miss a few ingredients in the shuffle. If you prefer to make your holiday dinner at home, but accidentally forgot the bacon for that Brussels sprouts side, just order it via Whole Foods on Amazon and it could be at your doorstep in two hours flat. Actually, just order everything on Amazon and save yourself the grocery store rush while you’re at it.

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4. Home Chef

Love a home-cooked meal but hate standing over a hot stove all day? Last Thanksgiving, Home Chef made all of its sides available as express meals, so they only take a few minutes to put together. As for the menu? It consisted of an oven-ready Thanksgiving turkey breast roast, and three optional sides: mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, classic stuffing and mac and cheese and sweet potato casserole with creamed corn, which fed up to six people (with enough for leftovers).

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5. Butcher Box

While it may be hard to imagine, turkey isn’t the number one meat choice for everyone on Thanksgiving. And when you sign up for Butcher Box, you get a choice of three different meats, plus a free 10- to 14- pound turkey in your first box. Not going to cook it all right away? Freeze it to use for the upcoming holiday season.

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6. Harry & David

Enjoy all the delicious home-cooked food with none of the stress thanks to Harry & David’s gourmet turkey feast. And feast you will, thanks to the massive menu of mains, sides and dessert. You can get everything from a 10-pound ready-to-heat oven-roasted turkey, apple sausage stuffing, Parmesan creamed spinach, brown sugar sweet potatoes, New York-style pumpkin layered cheesecake, classic turkey gravy and cranberry relish with orange zest. OK, we’re already hungry.

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7. Omaha Steaks

That’s right—Omaha Steaks doesn’t just serve steaks. Turkeys are fair game, too (sorry, had to). If you’re responsible for multiple people with differing tastes, opt for this meat delivery service, which offers several poultry options and even ham. Last year, the retailer added sides to its selection like roasted garlic mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie.

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8. Williams Sonoma

If you’re a purist who loves nothing more than a classic spread, Williams Sonoma’s assortment—turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie—is the way to go. Bonus: Its turkeys are free-range. Double bonus: Grab some serving ware for an IG-worthy presentation.

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9. Goldbelly

From Cajun fried whole turkeys to a whole smoked turkey breast with all the fixings, this site delivers quality, just-like-home-cooked food without the guesswork. Just heat the turkey in the oven for 60 to 75 minutes before serving and everyone will think you tediously tended to the bird all morning.

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10. Purple Carrot

Calling all vegans: You don't have to restrict yourself to a few lame side dishes this Thanksgiving. Dig into some ultra delish roasted brussels sprouts with oyster mushrooms and garlic kimchi butter, rustic ciabatta stuffing with root vegetables and herb sausage or quinoa stuffed delicata squash with garlicky kale and golden raisins. It’s only $75 for a plant-based feast that serves four people and will be delivered the week of November 22. Win-win.

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11. HelloFresh

This year, HelloFresh’s Thanksgiving box once again brings the full monty. We’re talking a roast turkey with a garlic herb butter rub, ciabatta stuffing with chicken sausage and cranberries, classic gravy, creamy mashed potatoes with garlic and sour cream and so much more. The best part for those of us with a vicious sweet tooth is the apple ginger crisp with cinnamon pecan crumble. Oh, and there is roast beef option for those who can’t get down with turkey.

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12. Instacart

We're all pros at using Instacart at this point, so it's a no-brainer to also place an order for Thanksgiving dinner, if you insist on cooking your own spread (hey, more power to ya). Haven't tried the grocery delivery service yet? Go to the website, enter your zip code and it will automatically populate with grocery stores closest to you. Just choose your go-to spot, select all your necessary ingredients and set a delivery window (usually within two hours).

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13. Sun Basket

Looking for variety? The company added three festive vegetable dishes to its menu for Thanksgiving, with the option to choose one, two or three sides as part of your order.

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14. Blue Apron

Subscribers can get a slew of family favorites with this holiday meal kit that feeds up to eight people. You can choose between a full turkey dinner or the mix-and-match option, which allows you to select each dish.

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15. Dinnerly

Dinnerly’s Thanksgiving dishes currently feature both side options (herbed sausage stuffing anyone?) and desserts (spiced apple oat crisp FTW), but it’s worth noting that they may change before the big day.

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16. Green Chef

For those who have switched diets to cleaner eating and are not about to derail 11 months of hard work in one night, Green Chef’s got your back. This healthy meal kit delivery service offers delicious options for people on paleo, keto and plant-based diets so you don’t have to graze on just sauteed spinach and quinoa while everyone gobbles their turkey.

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17. Drizly

Let’s be honest, Thanksgiving is not complete unless Uncle Harry is a little tipsy and telling embellished stories about how he was quite the Casanova back in the day. That’s why it’s important to have a solid selection of wine ready to go for Turkey Day and that’s where Drizly comes in. The service delivers beer, wine and liquor right to your doorsteps and even has a special selection for Thanksgiving. Let the party begin!

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18. Bob Evans Restaurant

Thanksgiving is all about having the classics at your table and that’s what Bob Evans is all about. Choose one of their boxes—opt for turkey and ham as the main stars, just turkey or just ham. All three offer popular sides such as green beans with ham, corn, mashed potatoes with gravy and some delicious cherry pie.

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19. Cracker Barrel

So, you weren’t going to do anything for Thanksgiving, but the spirit of the season hit you at the last minute and now Friendsgiving’s at your house. Don’t panic, Cracker Barrel’s got you covered. Choose one of their delicious meals and you’ll have a full spread ready in no time. Their Heat n' Serve Feast feeds eight to 10 people, while their Family Dinner serves four to six. Just be sure you order 24-hours ahead since they won’t be doing same-day delivery.

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20. Denny's

For the non-celebrators out there who feel like Thanksgiving is just another Thursday in the month, but are bummed because most restaurants are closed, you can turn to Denny's. The chain restaurant prides itself for being open 24/7 all year round and Thanksgiving is no exception. They'll have their regular takeout menu available, but should you have a hankering for turkey, they'll also have some special to-go options for Thanksgiving." Last year's dinner pack consisted of carved turkey breast, bread stuffing, red-skinned mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce and your choice of broccoli or corn. (We strongly advise you to place your order in advance since they're likely to be super busy).

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