10 Ways to Treat Yourself This Holiday Season

This article was produced in partnership with Woodford Reserve

The only way to guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want for the holidays is to get it yourself. And while you can treat yourself anytime of year, the holidays lend themselves to splurging. It’s the perfect reason to get something you wouldn’t typically buy on any given day. The art of self-gifting doesn’t concern itself with needs—the important thing is to reward yourself with something truly special (and perhaps a little indulgent). Here, 10 of our top picks.

A bottle of Woodford Reserve Bourbon
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1. Woodford Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Distilled at a 200-plus-year-old facility in Versailles, KY, with limestone-filtered water and authentic copper pot and column stills, Woodford Reserve’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey is the epitome of American whiskey heritage. The thoughtful recipe and aging process, which happens in new charred oak barrels made at Woodford’s own cooperage, results in a perfectly balanced spirit that contains over 200 flavors from rye and oak to honeysuckle and marzipan, among others. It’s luxury in a bottle—the kind you can commemorate with a custom personalized label—so you can thank yourself every time you have a drink (until it’s all gone.)

[Suggested retail price starting around $30; woodfordreserve.com]

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Woodford Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey
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2. Woodford Reserve Bitters and Cocktail Mixers

Complement your bottle of bourbon with Woodford Reserve’s accompanying bitters and cocktail mixers to ensure that your cocktail is up to par from start to finish. Made in collaboration with Bourbon Barrel Foods, Woodford Reserve bitters are distiller-approved and come in unique flavors like chocolate, sassafras, and sorghum. Meanwhile, Woodford tapped Williams Sonoma to create cocktail mixes like this eight-day Advent calendar kit that blend perfectly with its bourbon to make mixing an old fashioned or spiced apple punch easy.

[Bitters from $64, cocktail mixes from $23; woodfordreserve.com]

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Allied Cycle Works BC40 Mountain Bike
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3. Allied Cycle Works BC40 Mountain Bike

Let’s be real: Unless you’ve been really, really good this year, Santa isn’t leaving a mountain bike under the tree. You’re on your own there. But that’s alright, because there are so many excellent bikes out there, and the easiest way to get exactly the right one is to get it yourself. Allied’s new BC40, the company’s first mountain bike, is a safe bet for any cyclist—seasoned, amateur, or somewhere in between. Made in Arkansas, it brings the bike maker’s primary concern—speed—to the trails in a low-travel build that’s ideal for going uphill and down as fast as you possibly can.

[starting at $7,360; alliedcycleworks.com]

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Quoddy Custom Grizzly Boot
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4. Quoddy Custom Grizzly Boot

When it comes to footwear, it’s hard to beat a pair of lifetime-lasting leather boots, like the kind from a company that’s been making them for more than seven decades. Enter Maine-based Quoddy. You can customize your new pair of moc-style Grizzly ankle boots so they’re one-of-a-kind. Select colors and materials for everything from the upper to the outsole to get a truly unique boot (that nobody else could’ve purchased for you).

[$400; quoddy.com]

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Franklin Barbecue Whole Brisket
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5. Franklin Barbecue Whole Brisket

Sure, you could gift yourself a plane ticket to Austin and a few nights at a hotel to get your hands on some of America’s best barbecue, but you’ll still have to wait in line for hours before you get in the door. Thanks to Goldbelly, you can skip all that and have Franklin Barbecue’s world-class brisket, sausage, and BBQ sauce delivered direct to your doorstep. Then, all you have to decide is who to invite over to share in the spoils.

[$310; goldbelly.com]

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Yellow candlesticks in box
Yellow candlesticks in box

6. Takazawa Nanohana Candles

Treating yourself doesn’t always have to involve spending big. It might mean paying some extra attention to what’s often overlooked in the day to day, like the ambiance of your home. With a hollow washi paper core to help them burn brighter, these simple, scentless Japanese candles should do the trick.

[$30; shopgenara.com]

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Apple Watch Ultra

7. Apple Watch Ultra

For the first time in a while, Apple’s buzziest new product isn’t a phone or computer—but it does have a big screen. The Apple Watch Ultra is the company’s largest watch yet, but with a few extra millimeters come some serious functionality gains, including a new button, a longer-lasting battery, and increased water resistance. The combination makes it suitable for running, scuba diving, and mountaineering, putting it on par with the best sport watches around.

[$799; apple.com]

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Pair of blue jeans laid out
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8. Imperfects Courier Pant

You don’t have to surf to appreciate a chore pant imagined for surfboard shapers. Made with the same long-lasting, wax-impregnated fabric used by the British military in WWI, the Imperfects Courier Pant features double-knee panels, brass hardware, and a unique pocket for your phone. They’re guaranteed to look good for years to come, so if you’re searching for a way to rationalize buying a pair for yourself, just think of them as an investment instead of an indulgence.

[$250; imperfects.co]

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White, yellow, and floral bags of coffee on tan backdrop
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9. Trade Coffee Subscription

Of all the subscriptions your credit card is linked to, chances are none balance enjoyment and productivity as well as Trade. With over 450 ethically sourced coffees and a handy quiz to help you pick the ones most suitable for your tastebuds, Trade keeps you fueled and functioning at optimal levels through the holidays, the new year, and beyond.

[starting at $40; drinktrade.com]

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Acetate sunglasses with blue-gray lenses
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10. Article One Moon Sunglasses

Though the combination is rare, performance and looks don’t have to be mutually exclusive when it comes to eyewear. Article One achieves both in these frames by using a lightweight, patented acrylic resin with extra flexibility, adjustable nose pads, and rubberized temples so you don't have to choose between sharp styling and sportswear.

[$199; articleoneeyewear.com]

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