10 TikTok moms who made us laugh in 2021

Being a parent can be challenging, rewarding, and, frequently, extremely funny! That’s why some of the funniest people on TikTok are moms.

TikTok moms are experts at finding humor in the ups and downs of parenthood. Whether they’re impersonating their kids or joking about the exhausting, chaotic, and totally magical experience of looking after their tiny humans, TikTok moms are some of the funniest people out there.

Here are 10 TikTok moms who made us laugh in 2021.

1. This mom who dared her son to embarrass her in public

When this mom challenged her son to embarrass her in public, she couldn’t have imagined the outcome! When her son fails to embarrass her by doing silly dances and running around the store, he takes things to the next level by telling store security she kidnapped him!

2. This mom who takes “death naps”

What’s the difference between a regular nap and a “death nap?” This mom hilariously explains the distinction! If you find yourself unexpectedly snoozing and then wake up surprised, you might just have experienced a “death nap.”

3. This mom who needs to work on her math skills

This mom was excited to help her son with his Zoom math lesson—until she got the answer wrong! Not only did the mom fail to answer a simple subtraction problem correctly, but she convinced her son to give the teacher the wrong answer. Fortunately, everyone had a great sense of humor about the situation, even if the mom realized she’s not, in fact, “smarter than a first grader.”

4. This mom who sees the silver lining in getting kidnapped

Getting kidnapped is terrible, but this hilarious TikTok mom points out that there’s a serious silver lining if you’re an exhausted parent. In her impersonation of a kidnapped person, she initially acts scared, until she realizes she’s being provided with a bed and food—two things any tired mom craves.

5. This mom who perfectly impersonates her middle school-aged son

This mom’s impression of her middle school-aged son is so relatable! The mom acts out a skit in which her son asks her to visit a friend’s house. Acting as her son, she argues about cleaning up, then attempts to sneak an entire flatscreen TV into the car!

6. This mom who thought her daughter was saying “duck”

This mom was recording an adorable video of her daughter saying the word “duck,” but realizes belatedly that the tiny toddler is actually saying, “stuck.” After repeatedly encouraging her daughter to quack like a duck, the mom discovers her daughter’s finger is actually stuck in a chair.

7. This mom who impersonates how parents behave before leaving for vacation

In her hilariously relatable video, this mom shows how many moms act before leaving for a trip with their kids. She repeatedly asks her kids if they have packed, goes over their packing lists, then insists that the house is spotless before they leave.

8. This mom who wants her kids to make their own breakfast

This mom’s brilliant plan to make it easier for her kids to make their own breakfast hilariously backfired! After spending plenty of time and effort filling dispensers with cereal and teaching her kids how to use them, her kids still asked her to make them cereal for breakfast.

9. This mom who doesn’t know what to do when her baby naps

Nap time can be a great opportunity for busy moms to take some time for themselves. Unfortunately this mom discovered that she’s been spending so much time with her child, she can’t figure out what to do when she finally has a bit of free time!

10. This mom who found a creative way to rest


How to lie down while watching a 2 year old …. Be their patient. 😂 #toddler #funny #doctor #parentsoftiktok #fyp

♬ original sound – The Pior Fam

This mom’s clever parenting hack also happens to be quite funny. When she’s feeling tired and wants to lie down, she simply tells her daughter to play doctor. That way, she can lie on the couch and let her daughter pretend to “cure” her!

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