10 Things You Didn’t Know About Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat, Choupette

Karl Lagerfeld certainly doesn’t believe print is dead. He just published an entire newspaper, “The Karl Daily,” which can be found in his Karl Lagerfeld stores worldwide.The 20-page broad sheet features ‘news’ stories about his favorite topic, the world of Karl, with splashy headlines like “Fashion King Takes International News by Storm” and “Behind the Seams: A Tour of Karl Lagerfeld’s Studio” (which is an “exclusive”). And, of course, he has an investigative piece about his favorite feline: “Mademoiselle Choupette: Ten Fantastic Facts About Your Favorite Feline.” We thought we’d share this one with you…

  1. Wakes Karl promptly at 7am each morning, sits at a table to eat fresh croquettes and pâté from Goyard dishes

  2. Has an attitude “like a princess” and is a “kept woman” according to Karl

  3. Has two beloved maids, Françoise and Marjorie, who brush her fur at least twice daily, and keep a diary documenting her every mood and movement

  4. Knows how to use an iPad

  5. Favourite toys are paper shopping bags

  6. Has an on-call doctor for manicures among other emergencies

  7. Doesn’t meow or purr; “everything is done with her eyes,” according to Karl

  8. “She knows exactly what she wants, at all times, ” says Karl

  9. Loves to watch Karl sketch, but refuses to let him write letters

  10. Absolutely hates perfume