10 spooky recipes for your Halloween baking

Celebrate Halloween with these fun spooky recipes.
Celebrate Halloween with these fun spooky recipes. | Unplash

Halloween is just around the corner, and there are so many fun ways to celebrate the holiday. You can carve pumpkins, dress in costume, go trick-or-treating or watch scary movies, but my personal favorite way to commemorate Halloween is by baking up a storm.


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Whether you’re a seasoned baker or a novice, here are 10 treats to make this Halloween to get you into the spooky spirit.

1. No-bake Oreo truffle eyeballs

Starting off with a treat that’s easy to make yet really packs a visual punch, these truffles require no bake time or fancy tools. Simply combine crushed Oreos and cream cheese to make the truffle filling and dip them in white chocolate to form the base of these “eyeballs.” With colored icing and M&Ms, these transform into a delicious snack that will make you feel like someone’s watching you.

2. Candy corn Rice Krispie treats

This is another simple recipe with an impressive payoff. You make one batch of Rice Krispie treats with orange food coloring, cut or shape them into triangles and dip the ends in chocolate. This is a fun treat to make with kids, or you can eat them all yourself.

3. Spider web cookies

This recipe is made simple by using a cake mix to form the base of the cookies. You can really use any cookie you’d like, whether that’s a homemade version or a store-bought sugar cookie dough, because it’s the icing design that really makes these exciting. Just frost your cookies with a dark color and pipe white frosting in concentric circles on top before dragging a toothpick outward from the center to marble the design into a spiderweb.

4. ‘Poison’ toffee apples

Okay, these ones might win the award for presentation. Black food coloring transforms the crackly toffee layer on these apples into a sinister-looking delight, but they won’t actually hurt you (unless you have braces).

5. Skeleton gingerbread men

Who says gingerbread men are a Christmas-only treat? Pull out your holiday cookie cutters, because this ingenious recipe uses a classic Christmas shape to make a spooky Halloween treat. This recipe calls for black treacle, which can be substituted with molasses, although you can use any gingerbread cookie recipe you prefer. The important thing here is to pipe frosting bones and skulls onto the cookies to give them a skeletal makeover.

6. Jack-o’-lantern pumpkin pies

These hand pies are perfect because you don’t have to slice them and you don’t really need utensils. They’re also a delightful way to make a delicious fall favorite appear more festive for Halloween — you can carve any shapes you want into the puff pastry that decorates the tops, or you can use cookie cutters to make life easier.

This recipe calls for mini tart pans, although you can use muffin tins — just be aware that the baking time may vary.

7. Dark chocolate Halloween chip cookies

I love a good inside-out chocolate chip cookie (white chocolate chips, chocolate-flavored dough), and this recipe puts a Halloween spin on things with an extra dark dough and white and orange chips. These chips are peanut butter-flavored, so if you’d like to make them more allergy-friendly, swap them out with butterscotch chips or pieces of candy corn.

8. Spooky s’mores bars

S’mores cookie bars are one of my favorite easy desserts to make for a crowd. You line a baking tray with graham crackers, slap chocolate-chip cookie dough on there, add marshmallows and chocolate bars, and bake to perfection. This recipe dresses the treat up for Halloween with ghost-shaped marshmallows, which you should be able to find at your local grocery store. It also replaces the graham crackers and chocolate-chip cookie dough with a graham cracker oat cookie recipe.

9. BOO! Chocolate peanut butter bars

These no-bake treats require just seven ingredients and are incredibly simple to make. They’re essentially sweetened cereal bars with a chocolate topping, and white chocolate swirls on top leave a ghostly impression.

10. Graveyard cake

This is a treat I grew up making, and it never fails to impress. Make any cake you like — this recipe actually uses a delicious homemade pudding — and top it with crushed Oreos for “dirt,” candy pumpkins, gummy worms and cookies painted like tombstones to make a cemetery you’ll be dying to eat.