11 Spider-Themed Treats for a Fun and Creepy Halloween Party

Every Halloween party needs at least a few creepy-crawly treats, right? That's why we caught you in our web and want you to check out these 11 easy spider-themed recipes for the ultimate Halloween fun. They're delicious, they're easy to make, they're fun for the whole family, and most of all—they're not too scary to eat. If you're looking for ways to elevate your Halloween party food spread, these recipes won't let you down.

Best Halloween Spider-Themed Treats

<p>Heluva Good!</p>

Heluva Good!

This Halloween taco dip is so festive that it will only add to the fun when served on your table this year.

Get the recipe: Melissa Joan Hart's Spider Web Taco Dip

<p>Martha Stewart</p>

Martha Stewart

This Halloween-worthy dessert is really just a super easy cheesecake with a deep, dark cookie crust.

Get the recipe: Martha Stewart's No-Bake Spiderweb Cheesecake

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<p>Rita Maas</p>

Rita Maas

What’s Halloween without creepy cookies? Spookify a pack of Oreos by turning them into a crunchy, critter treat.

Get the recipe: Spooky Spiders

<p>Shannon McCook</p>

Shannon McCook

In a perfect world, all spiders would be this adorable.

Get the recipe: 5-Minute Cute and Crawly Spiders

<p>Bake at 350</p>

Bake at 350

Here's a step-by-step guide for making gorgeous spider cookies using royal icing.

Get the recipe: Spiderweb Cookies

<p>Lauren's Latest</p>

Lauren's Latest

This treat is just plain cute (if spiders can be cute).

Get the recipe: Oreo Spiderweb Cookie Pizza

<p>Texan Erin</p>

Texan Erin

These charming spider cupcakes would be fun for a kid's Halloween party.

Get the recipe: Oreo Spider Cupcakes

<p>Gimme Some Oven</p>

Gimme Some Oven

Chow Mein Noodles make for the tastiest squiggly spider legs in this treat.

Get the recipe: Halloween Brownie Spiders

<p>Inside BruCrew Life</p>

Inside BruCrew Life

We're calling it: these are the most adorable, spidery Halloween breakfast treat we ever did see.

Get the recipe: Chocolate-Pumpkin Spider Doughnuts

<p>Recipe Girl</p>

Recipe Girl

A simple process for how to make spider eggs for Halloween on hard-boiled eggs.

Get the recipe: Scary Spiderweb Eggs

<p>Stefani Pollack</p>

Stefani Pollack

These simple homemade gummy spiders made with real fruit juice are a fun, spooky Halloween snack. Bonus: You can make them in any flavor that you like.

Get the recipe: Homemade Gummy Spiders

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