10 Scarily Cute Tees For Lazy Halloween Moms

Katharine Stahl

If you're not a Halloween person, the holiday can be a real struggle once you become a mom . . . mostly because it's pretty much guaranteed your kids are going to be totally into it (hello, free candy!). Their dedication to the spookiest day of the year means you're basically forced to buy into it, too. But if donning your own costume is just one step too far down the Halloween rabbit hole, don't worry. Rock one of the following 10 Halloween-themed tees and maintain your dignity while still showing your trick-or-treat-loving kids that you are supportive of the one day of the year they're allowed to take candy from strangers.

From sweet to subversive, cheap to expensively chic, keep reading to find the Halloween tee that will speak to the witch, ghoul, or ghost inside of you.

Additional reporting by Rebecca Brown


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