10 Refreshingly Honest Fitness Stars You Can Actually Relate To

From Dr. Oz The Good Life

Even if your favorite Instagram stars seem like they have it together with perfectly-plated healthy meals and impossibly voluminous, sweat-free hair after intense workouts, rest assured: looks can be deceiving. Which is why we're loving the fitness enthusiasts who are keeping it real and breaking the mold.

Whether they're being open about belly bloat or embracing their bodies exactly as they are, these ladies are definitely worth following.

1. Anna Victoria, creator of the Fit Body Guide

Even the fittest of fitness fanatics have their "bad angles" and "loose skin" when they're not flexing, just like everyone else.

2. Joanna Ecarnacion, fitness Instagrammer behind @GoFitJo

Stretch marks aren't something you should be ashamed of, and Joanna is proof. The super-fit Instagrammer dubs her post-pregnancy lines as "strength marks," wearing them with pride as she continues her fitness journey.

3. Lita Lewis, fitness Instagrammer and personal trainer

Why be stick thin when you can be strong and curvy? Lita constantly challenges fitness stereotypes, proving health and beauty have so much more to do with confidence than body shape or size.

4. Chinae Alexander, fitness Instagrammer behind @GetFitBrooklyn

Think every Instagram fitness star gets a perfect picture on the first try? Think again. Chinae's #SelfieOuttake series will make you feel a whole lot better about your phone gallery full of funny attempts to get a usable shot.

5. Katherine Kerrick, fitness Instagrammer behind @FitNuzz and instructor at SLT

Yes, fitness instructors eat ice cream, too. Everybody needs a little treat-yo-self moment now and again!

6. Emily Schromm, Denver-based personal trainer and nutritionist

No weights? No problem. Emily's human, and just like us, she doesn't always have time for the gym. So she makes do with what's lying around instead.

7. Jessamyn Stanley, fitness Instagrammer behind @MyNameIsJessamyn

Got armpit hair and/or love handles? So does Jessamyn, who is a wonderful example of how your physical and emotional wellbeing has nothing to do with image and everything to do with self love.

8. Tiffany Brien, U.K.-based fitness blogger

Bloated? That's totally normal, as this fitness blogger proved when she went viral for showing the world what a difference a good night's sleep can have on a full tummy.

9. Jennifer Gelman, trainer and owner of BWMC Fitness

Free time can be hard to come by - for fitness gurus and lay-people alike. When it's hard to find time to squeeze in a workout, multitasking can help. This mom has it down.

10. Elisabeth Akinwale, CrossFit athlete

If you think you're the only one with aches and pains after a workout, think again. No body is perfect, and everyone faces limitations at some point.